Debut of Online 9/11 Truth Activist Networking Site



9/11 Action Net Makes Web Appearance 11/1/06

A new website called 9/11 Action Net, “a 9/11 truth activist networking tool”, debuted this Wednesday, November 1, at for the announcement of 9/11 actions, rallies and demonstrations by activists around the world.

Five years after the attacks of September, America finds itself inundated by a flood of tens of millions of webcasts, DVDs and pamphlets questioning the official story of 9/11 and conclusively proving elements of it to be outright lies. According to an October 2006 poll by Angus Reid Consultants, nearly a hundred million Americans believe that the government is "mostly lying" concerning the events of the day in question. Despite this situation, however, almost nothing thus far in the way of sit-ins, rallies and demonstrations has taken place to mobilize this segments of the population for an insistent press for truth, accountability and justice regarding the attacks and the cover-up which followed.

It's one thing to say, "stop the war" or "bring the troops home," but to expose a massive act of treason like the attacks of September 11th takes well-informed activism, that's where the 9/11 truth movement is singularly effective and that's why the 9/11 Action Net has chosen to rise to the task of helping to bring the truth about terror to the streets, town halls and government offices where it is most desperately needed, and anyone with an idea of how to do that is welcome to make full use of this new online resource for those ends.

On the website may be found “a collection of references to 9/11 Truth-related: protests; rallies; marches; boycotts; internet-, phone- and mail-based activism; and other demonstrations pertaining to the spreading of knowledge about and findings of independent research on the attacks.” E-mail submissions of event details are welcomed from organizers everywhere.

On the day following September 11th, citizens everywhere likely recall the front-page declaration of unity by France's Le Monde saying that "we are all Americans." And despite everything that has been done by unelected U.S. leadership since that day to spit in the faces of would-be friends and allies worldwide, the truth movement keeps the hope alive that in the face of the revelations about 9/11, the world may once again unite to confront the perpetrators of what may have been, by all appearances, multinational government-sponsored terror in the United States.

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For more information on 9/11 Action Net, please visit, e-mail

This is great. I am from

This is great. I am from Arkansas, and believe it or not, alot of us are educated about 9-11. Of course, there are many more who need to know, mostly college students.

Action speaks louder than words

When will we get to see some action on the site?

Me too!

Me too, I'm from Arkansas.

Webster's outlook may be indicative of a positive trend, but today, I am even more convinced that another false-flag will presuppose any real advances we might possibly make against the U.S. dictatorship.

The bible-belt is galvanized with a feeling of hopelessness: "There are no real canidates, so why should I vote?" There will be less integrity to this 'selection,' than ever. Bubba believes 'corporate governance' is somehow akin to their prior trusted motto: "Buy American!"

Long-timers here all know me. I'm just about blue in the face from telling the story of the WTC FBI take-over. When I saw plane #2 hit, I said to myself it won't take 3 weeks for the masses to see this was faked for TV. Knowing the buildings were going to fall, almost made the event anti-climatic, the 3,000 deaths being a 'non-event' in the total scope of things, as I'm sure the first-responders agree. (cough-cough)

It was like awaking to learn that, last night, while you were shi*-faced, you ran-over three Nuns, -two of whom died on the way to the hospital. First, I got a feeling of horror, then a sigh of relief, like when you awake to realize,- It was only a dream.

...And, that's the real story about how this country's hope ended: "It was all just a dream, honey, you can go back to sleep now."

The coming events will doubtless leave all city dwellers under prepared. It will resemble the LA riot, - nearly everywhere. At some point, the electricity will go down, on the basis that it is necessary to reduce the movement of the criminals... But the 'criminals' will be enroute to Geneva, or holed-in on their private islands, from Naushant, to Balboa.

Once I realized that the country's core 'values' have been so cleverly directed toward a steady-state of denial and TV-gluttony, (and that this state has been induced by chemical posions) I began to investigate actual 'healthy living' models. Once I got into it, I started to see that there is no point in being here anyway. There is no locally produced food. Which means, no hope for survival,...

"At some point, the

"At some point, the electricity will go down, on the basis that it is necessary to reduce the movement of the criminals..."

"I began to investigate actual 'healthy living' models. Once I got into it, I started to see that there is no point in being here anyway. There is no locally produced food. Which means, no hope for survival,..."

My, another ray of sunshine.

Just teasing; I agree with most of what you're saying. I'd say "sustainable communities", but the point's the same: if you can't feed yourself, you're dead in the water.

I'm lucky to be in the Pacific Northwest--assuming we aren't directly targetted, we can have a nearly self-sustaining economy. Unfortunately that won't help if the goose-stepping goons come to the door, so my fall back is Canada.

But you're comment about the electricity made me think of how we wonder when they'll shut down the internet. I've said it's too valuable to track dissidents(a big hand for PROMIS software, everyone); I still think that's true. I'm also thinking if they really need to shut us down, they'll just schedule a rolling blackout.

I like your nun metaphor. Mine is its like someone telling a convoluted bad joke, and I'm waiting for the punchline. But it's not a joke and there is no punch-line, but they're still spinning rubbish.

As for a false-flag, they may be losing their touch. Two part liquid explosives? Blowing up the subway to flood New York? There was another one recently but I've forgotten it. But don't these all sound--I dunno-LAME?

Cheer and smiles, that's me.

another metaphor

I sometimes say, it's like a mother struggling to admit that her husband is molesting her daughter.

Another ray of sunshine...

If this keeps up I'll run out of sarcastic sunscreen.

Sadly, your metaphor may be the closest to the facts.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

I was just reminded of something, those Arabs used box cutters!

I was just reminded of something, those Arabs used box cutters and plastic knives! Now, how many of them were there, 19? Well, seven have been found alive and living in the Middle East - There's big lie number one! - so that leaves 12. There were four planes, that means, three hijackers per plane. And how many people were there in those planes, 200? And how long were they in the air (without raising the slightest suspicion with the US Air Force!), half an hour, one hour? So, three Arabs keep 200 people at bay with box cutters and plastic knives while they leisurely fly a plane into the Twin Towers! As the makers of Loose Change put it: "Who writes this stuff!"

Admit it, Johnny Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, and Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Great Britain, and CNN, and NBC, and ABC (America), and ABC (Australia), and all the newspapers in the world ("We are all Americans now!"), and all the governments in the world, and most of the people in the world, you, that is, we, were made big fools of! Hard to admit to oneself, isn't it? Maybe that's part of the reason nobody wants to start discussing in public what is now all over the Internet, namely who were the real terrorists that day!

At the moment what I am most impressed with is the video of part of the steel core of the north tower left standing for 20 seconds, then suddenly collapsing straight down, then suddenly pulverising in front of our very eyes!

Robert Hoogenboom
Sydney, Australia

Show "Another 9/11 Denier believes in fairy tales" by Anonymous (not verified)

They matched the hijackers DNA according to Davin Coburn

Charles Goyette
I want to know where if if even if we presume you're correct that the recovered the DNA from the 19 hijackers from the rubble . . where did they get their original DNA against which to match it.

Davin Coburn My point . . . (laughs) Charles Goyette No don't go to your point . . go to my point . . . where did they get the orginal DNA of a bunch of middle eastern . . Islamic madman . . where did they get the DNA . . . had they submitted the DNA before they uh . . . I mean where in the hell did they get it? . . . you're not even talking sensibly with me.

Davin Coburn
Off the top of my head I don't know the answer . .

Charles Goyette
Of course you don't!

Davin Coburn
I'll get back to you with it.

Hear excerpt at and keep in mind that Popular Mechanics is the big cheese when it comes to "debunking" myths.

Press release

I don't think a press release about something that is not together yet deserves the front page space guys. My humble opinion and of course its your call.


I'd have to second that

Announce it when it's actually functional, otherwise its a waste everyone's time.

International Truth Movement

That was a GOOD one!

That was a GOOD one!

Has Davin gotten back to Goyette?

Does Davin realize he's going to jail for a long time if he doesn't fess up soon? Actually if he fesses up he WILL spend a long time in jail. If he doesn't, he'll spend a short time there awaiting, um, well, you know. Sorry Davin! Sucks to be you!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Monday morning rant to this Anon MoFo:

People who maintain the bullshit company-line, and yet can't bring themselves to sign their name... let alone even a made-up name.... are cowardly pieces of shit.

What the f*ck?. Don't you know you have the protection of HomeLand Super Security to keep you safe? What the f*ck fear or concern could a person like you have for signing your name?

That's a rhetorical question.... the real answer is clear enough... you ARE a pathetic COWARD.

YOU go home, catch up.... and stop parroting a myth which has been formed to falsely justify the selfish acts of tyrannical motherf*ckers. There will be no enduring safe-haven for people like you, save for CHANGING YOUR MIND and rediscovering humanity.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

nice language. Too bad you

nice language. Too bad you don't have the intellectual capital to argue a point. very sad.

So answer me this....

... you intellectual giant, you: Show me proof of 19 hijackers boarding those planes, and then you and I can have an erudite debate about whether or not they're dead.

P.S., coward: Come up with a name, or our flack session colloquy will be done, right quick.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Show "Erin believes in magic" by Anonymous (not verified)


So where is the video Erin asked for? There is a video of every person entering an airport and boarding a plane (in this country anyway, not sure about Zimbabwe). Just show me the video. I would really like to see it, so send that link please.

Ooh! A kicking!

I was getting bored.

You're a nasty piece of work, you are, Mr. or Ms.?????

Oh! Right! You're too lazy to think of a name. Well, let me help you--which do you want, Bert or Ernie? Let's go with Bert for now.

Well, 'Bert', I'm going to restrict my query to one simple tiny point Goyette brought up:

How did they get the DNA evidence of the highjackers on file so they could make a match, however improbably, at the scene(s) of the crime?

Very simple, 'Bert', should be a very simple expanation. Some one like you who values intellectual whatsit should see the neccessity of nailing this pronto. So, if you please, 'Bert', give us a link to clear this up---or admit it is one of the biggest holes in the official theory and stop taking the piss.

Your mission, if you decide to accept it, 'Bert', -----

---and for the love of fuck, stop being a wanker.

It's one thing to say, "stop the war" or "bring the troops home"

Yes, 9/11 truth will do both of these things & a lot more!!!

Watch The Simpsons Iraq War

Watch The Simpsons Iraq War Satire: "Operation Enduring Occupation"..."We Had To Invade, They Were Working On Weapons Of Mass Disintegration"...

Kang and Kodos make life worth living.

The best part of that sketch, besides the "Operation Enduring Occupation" line, was the way the "camera" lingered uncomfortably on the totally devastated Springfield town square, with things just blowing up from time to time. That visual was as harsh and blackly comic as the dialogue.

yeah, it was kind of out of

yeah, it was kind of out of character for the Simpsons. i really liked it. word is though, they originally had an anti-war one liner at the end with it, but they decided to cut it out. i forget what the line was.

Pardon my suspicion but, ?????

Virtually no content.

"On the website may be found “a collection of references to 9/11 Truth-related: protests; rallies; marches; boycotts; internet-, phone- and mail-based activism; and other demonstrations pertaining to the spreading of knowledge about and findings of independent research on the attacks."

I must be blind. I see nothing, ...nothing.

Asks for you to email info on your planned 9/11 activism. Yet, the site lists nothing about any upcoming events. Why?

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The true threat to liberty comes not from terrorists but from our political leaders whose natural inclination is to seize upon any excuse to diminish them.
~~ Walter Williams, Nightly Business Report, September 2001

The site seems like

The site seems like something thrown together in 2 minutes. Why release a site with no content?

"Hello and welcome to the 9/11 Action Net at" ... You only need to say "Welcome to 9/" -without any links.

I'd also work on the logo. It's quite confusing with all those colors, which don't follow any pattern. Colors are used to group things visually together to help the viewer see it all easier and faster. Make "911" one color, "action" one color and "net" one color, ...if you need those colors.

Just a quick comment from a webdesign point of view.

Good idea, questionable execution, in my opinion.

Just to fill you in on why some people in here would be skeptical about your project. First of all, people in the movement are generally skeptical of those who jump in out of nowhere, don't tell you their name or have an established public reputation, and offer something that doesn't appear to demonstrate any awareness of the movement. It just won't fly. This movement is too prone to infiltration for that. Now I'm not saying that your intentions are negative. It is a good idea. An idea that others are currently developing. Do you know about other similar projects? And what would make people want to work with you instead?

There is nothing about your words or presentation that gives anyone a reason to participate. This is not a casual effort for our researchers and activists. People have spent years of their life, all their extra money, lost relationships, become alienated from their family and community, received death threats, and been generally depressed about the whole thing. What do you know about that? Why do you care? What are you offering? We need more. Take it back to the drawing board for a couple of months, talk to a lot of people, and then try again.

O.K., that was pretty cocky. But the stakes are really high. I do wish you luck assuming your intentions are genuine. I hope you listen to all of the criticism you receive.

International Truth Movement