The CIA -- 9/11 executor or just conspirator??

Cheney to Daschle: do not investigate! .. Of course Bush claims "higher interest" (national security). ***

In any case, Daschle now is a secret-bearer... Secret Weapons, Secret Plan, National Security. Daschle says: it is for that reason that the Intelligence Committee
is going to begin this effort, trying to limit the scope and the overall review of what happened,

I see! The Intelligence Committee ... i.e. Bob Graham and Porter Goss... the people's representative for CIA OVERSIGHT ....are assigned to prevent an investigation. But hello!

In August 2001 Goss, Senator Bob Graham (D-Fl.), and Senator Jon Kyl visited Islamabad, Pakistan. Meetings were held with President Pervez Musharraf and with Pakistan's military and intelligence officials including the head of Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) General Mahmoud Ahmad,......... On the morning 11 September, 2001, Goss and Graham were having breakfast with General Ahmad ....

Hello? Did they know what was coming?

Is Porter Goss just a small number?

MAIN ISSUE (please weigh pros and cons properly):
What is your opinion? Did George Tenet and his team plan and execute 9/11?
Or was it a military operation after all?

SIDE ISSUE (please comment briefly)
*** (I bet it *is indeed* a state secret ;-) New high-tech explosives? Have we gotten nearer what exactly brought the towers down? Yes, I agree, we may not need to go there. But maybe we do.

black ops. Tenet was

black ops. Tenet was involved in the cover-up but not the execution in my opinion. plausible deniability. but the appointment of Porter Goss to head the CIA is obviously a "thank you" of sorts for his work on 9/11.

What is Goss's role supposed to have been?

Assuming that this breakfast was somehow tied to the conspiracy, I'd like to ask a few questions...

If these folks were directly involved in the plan, why on earth would they be having breakfast together that morning? Is this some weird Masonic ritual? Wouldn't they have wanted to be as far away from each other as possible?

Other than this one wire transfer on which the entire connection hinges, what connection is there to the events of 9/11, i.e. the destruction of the twin towers and building 7, that would lead one to believe that anything more nefarious than a meeting to prepare the ground for Pakistani cooperation with the invasion of Afghanistan was taking place?

Were they using their scrambled eggs to detonate explosives in the basement?


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yeah, i guess its just a big

yeah, i guess its just a big coincidence that the man who met with general ahmad on 9/11 just happened to be named the head of the CIA shortly after. i dont believe in coincidence. not when it comes to 9/11 anyway. im with you in regards to Pakistan, i think they are mainly just a fall guy for when the official story finally falls, but Goss is obviously connected in some way.(to the patsy hijackers) if i remember correctly, you dont think ANY muslim hijackers were involved, not even as patsies correct? thats where i disagree. it wasnt an al-qaeda plot, dont get me wrong, but patsy "hijackers" were involved to some degree, even if there wasnt 19 of them. Goss is not innocent, sorry.

I didn't say he was innocent!

But just to be clear, I don't think that planes were actually hijacked by the patsies. Sure they were set up to be blamed for everything but they never got on any planes (except maybe in Portland Maine!)

But I'm curious--what leads you to believe the planes were hijacked? I mean, what piece of evidence do you think clinches it? I myself am only 95% sure. I think it's unlikely but possible that somehow someone did hijack a plane (i.e. in person, not by remote, which I think is 20% likely. 75% says just empty drones. Did you know that the 9/11 commission claims one of the hijackers paid $4500 for a business class seat? On a plane that we know was nowhere near full? Does THAT make sense???


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$4500 ticket.... if the counter can see how much a person paid for their ticket.... a ticket that expensive would garner a triple take..... the reason that the patsies would have done this would have purpose... from a patsie perspective.....

RECOGNIZABILITY..... the clounter person would see this and remember this person.... not vaguely remember them.... but remember the details of this person.... right down to the color of his shoes.

If these guys were as sophisticated as they were supposed to be they would have gone to all lengths to stay under the radar.

I think they were in the airport that day but they walked right out the back door.... and no one would have seen them leave.

you don't have to go through security to leave the airport.... they did everything they were supposed to do.... go in and be seen.... take your money and disappear.... nobody is going to be looking for a dead man.

they could have gotten on any plane and flown to Canada or overseas and been gone.... $100,000 buys you one hell of a retirement in the Middle East.... for all we know that was just the final payment

none of it makes sense. and

none of it makes sense. and i personally dont think they hijacked the planes, i think a small number of middle eastern men boarded planes that morning and didnt know fully what they were doing. i hate to speculate about specific theories though, but i'll say i lean toward the drone theory. Boeing is a very compliant company, its very possible in my opinion. i think most of the stories of the "hijackers" are a fabrication and a series of fairy tales. some of them may have had connections with "al qaeda" at some point, but that means just about nothing considering the origins of "al qaeda". i pretty much agree with you when it comes to muslims involvement in 9/11 from what ive seen from you, but i do believe at least some of the patsies boarded planes, if only to cement the muslim hijacker myth. so basically, i think its likely the planes were NOT hijacked,but some patsies boarded the planes. again, i hate to speculate, but the colossal lack of evidence forces me to.

I don't think the evidence

I don't think the evidence is lacking.... simply our access to much of the evidence is a hinderance which leads us to speculate.....

I can not understand why these names are not on the flight manifests..... seriously....

these guys were allegedly flying first class..... If you have ever flown in first class you would know that your name would have to reside on more than one record.

When the stewardess in first class greets you she knows your name before you get your little white face towel and your mamosa.

The whole thing stinks

Passenger manifests

Bear in mind that the actual "manifests" are MIA -- and what we have seen are "victim lists." If you go to whatever news outlet still has them posted, you'll notice that the file name is something like "United 93 victims." Supposedly, the names of the hijackers were left off of these lists "out of respect for the families." Umm, okay, but it is not possible to see the actual manifests -- the airlines refer researchers to the lists available in the media. The victim lists. Not the manifests. And that, in itself, is obviously full of sh*t.

Passenger List? Try

Passenger List?

Try this:

But here is an enigma:

search google for this:


and tell me why there are ONLY GERMAN PAGES?

(have the english ones been deleted?)

Germans enjoy a good protection from the techno-spies... The german supreme court has now ordered the biggest ISP to DELETE ALL CONNECTION DATA!!!

I learn a lot from
its my DAILY reading... cumbersome, but, hey, its worth it. These germans... ts ts.. make 115billion/yr. USA looses 829billion/yr
The world is gving generously to the USA:
(911 is the USA-way of saying: Dont' stop now ;-)

I feel that what happened to Flight 11... will lead to the perps. NoPlane/RemotePlane/WhateverPlane/767...
we need to find that out, whether Albanese and Jon like it or not.

PS: If you haven't seen my witty cartoons:

you act like the fact that

you act like the fact that Goss met with ahmad on 9/11 would be roundly reported in the MSM. it clearly hasnt been. it didnt matter that they were involved in the plan and meeting together on 9/11, they know, like i assume you do that our media is nothing but an organ of the state and they would have nothing to worry about from them.

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> If these folks were directly involved in the plan,
> why on earth would they be having breakfast together

exactly. It can safely be assumed that these guys were
out of the loop.

> Other than this one wire transfer on which the
> entire connection hinges,

it does!

> what connection is there to the events of 9/11,
> i.e. the destruction of the twin towers and building 7,

correct. Its a different compartment.

911 execution is one thing, taking advantage of 9/11
(i.e. get the bases and pipelines) is another.

The ACTUAL EXECUTORS of 911 are a secret.

But the question was:

  • Has the CIA a role as EXECUTOR?
  • Did the top echelon (Tenet) not necessarily HAVE TO KNOW
    the whole story?
  • If so, how much arm-twisting was needed?
  • By whom?

> that would lead one to believe that anything more nefarious
> than a meeting to prepare the ground for Pakistani cooperation
> with the invasion of Afghanistan was taking place?

I think it was also preparing to trick them into something.

Re: non-obedient foreign states/populaces
("Stroppy" countries can be dealt with.)

By placing the patsy arabs in all kinds of foreign countries
every one of these countries could be accused of helping 911,
and come under the "just wrath" of the US military.

The obvious defence for these countries would be to expose 911
as the inside job that it was. Which TO US VERDADEROS SEEMS EASY.
But did we see Saddam do it? It could have saved his neck.
Well, Chavez and Iran HAVE INDEED accused the CIA/US-military/NSA
of doing 911. And Mahatir (Malaysia) ... watch this space.

> What is Goss's role supposed to have been?

exactly.. he was just a cover-up AFTER THE FACT.
But he is a murderer .. and sworn to secrecy despite
ANY bloodbath of innocents. Maybe these BONES yale cults
are underestimated. Check my links, above, for some interesting
background info on that.

Again, here the question:

Is it believable that the CIA did not plan and help execute 911?

PS: I just remember THE MOTIVE!

"..the taxpayers got an epic fleecing..."