New Video Uploads from William Rodriguez (Spanish)

The first interview features Felipe David who was burned after the basement explosion descibed so many times by Rodriguez;

The second interview features an "Emotional televised reunion between Port Authority Police Officer David Lim and William Rodriguez 3 months after 9/11, 2001.";

Yumi Kikuchi is gving Rodriguez's website coverage in Japanese;

(English blog - the latest entry on Rodriguez not translated yet.)

This burn victim....

He needs to give his side of the story. I don't speak Spanish that well, but I'm good at converting text through google translate ! ;-)

I'd like to know more about these explosions.

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yep, he should be part of

yep, he should be part of any 9/11 documentary. They like to discredit people as "crazy", but if he can confirm Rodriquez, then they're out of luck.

a few notes on Felipe David video

The beginning is cut off as the news reader is saying how long ago 9/11 was at the time of the report. Weird. Nonetheless, we can tell from Felipe's bandages and the fact that it was X-mas time that this was three months after 9/11.

While you see images of the south tower collapsing, the voice over says roughly this: "When AA flight 11 hit tower 1, Felipe ended up burned." Never mind that Felipe was nowhere near the impact zone, that wasn't important to report. And why show the plane impacting tower 1 when you can show tower 2 collapsing instead, right?

The other notable thing is that the reporter then says that it is especially painful given that bin Laden just released a video (presumably the one where he denies responsibility). Asked to comment, Willie says that he was deeply hurt on the release of the video, and Felipe says it would seem Osama is barely human--that these are more the actions of an animal.

Basically, anyone who sees this video, especially spanish speakers, should understand that this was taped 3 months after 9/11, when very little was known about what really happened. The fact that this news crew used these two victims to spread the lies about Osama's involvement is simply too despicable for words.


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Flight 175 'victim' family promotes govt. version

Wife of Flight 175 Victim Won't Talk About Government Involvement in 9/11
Julie Sweeney said this week she'll talk about her husband, Brian, a former Navy veteran who made one of the two cell phone calls, but "nothing about the government."
Joseph and Samia Iskandar believe the government version of 9/11. Linda Gay stands behind the Bush administration hook, line and sinker.

the "desperate" areal cell phone call

"Hey Jules, it's Brian. I'm on a plane and it's hijacked and it doesn't look good. I just wanted to let you know that I love you, and I hope to see you again. If I don't, please have fun in life, and live your life the best you can. Know that I love you, and no matter what I'll see you again."

he "just" wanted

"...and it doesn't look good. I just wanted to let...".

So he "apologized" for calling - after all, it was "just" the (alleged) end of his life.
Remember Stevie Wonder? "I just called, to say, i love you....."

Wow, that is a great story!

Check it out people--apparently, as I've long suspected, the flight families are almost completely unanimously behind the official account, as opposed to the family of victims on the ground who are neatly divided on the subject of government misconduct (of one kind or another). So, all the flight families are happily spending their 1.5 million from the victims compensation fund. And they also all have mysterious new friends who visit on weekends, after dark, wearing hats and trenchcoats no doubt. Yeah the story is falling apart alright.


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The end of FTW....

Mike Ruppert may be dying. A lecture by him was my first intro to 9/11 Truth. No matter what became of FTW views on 9/11 Truth, he'll be missed by me.

No Habla


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Madcow Morning News being sued.... "a unique opportunity"

Now that we’ve been sued by Makram Chams, we need big-time support if we’re going to fight his lawsuit, and gain the ability to question him under oath. We need your help, and we need it now, within the next week.

If we are unable to raise $5000. to pay an attorney to represent us, we will be forced to settle, or risk being silenced altogether. But this is not about you supporting us…

The lawsuit filed against us by Makram Chams presents a unique opportunity to learn more about the intrigue swirling around Mohamed Atta and his fellow terrorists while they lived in this country. And if, for lack of resources, we’re forced to settle, and the name “Makram Chams” is forever banished from our lips and from our website, life will most assuredly go on.

Chams' Background

"The FBI's testimony before the 9/11 Commission revealed that the largest overseas money transfer the terrorists received had come from the UAE, for $70,000.

A copy of the money transfer was projected overhead.

What the FBI didn't point out to the Commission was the significance of the address where the money was wired to: 201 Nokomis in Venice, the address of the Kwik-Check owned by Makram Chams, the Lebanese man who shortly thereafter would be in Saudi Arabia procuring multi-million dollar contracts from the Saudi Bin Laden Group."

After 9/11.....

"we learned that Chams had been working as a contractor in Saudi Arabia for controversial San Diego defense firm Titan Corp a 23-year old company which sells information and communication services to military and spy agencies, and has about 12,000 employees and revenues of about $2 billion a year.

An SEC filing last year Titan reported that Makram Chams had filed a $21 million lawsuit against them in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

How did a Lebanese convenience store owner with unexplained links to Abramoff-style gambling boat interests connected with organized crime, and unexplained links with the terrorists in Venice, end up working for a well-connected defense contractor embroiled in numerous major controversies?"

donating money to Hopsicker...?

If Hopsicker has reversed his views on "inside jobbers" and stops calling controlled demolition theorists the "disinformation movement", then maybe we can talk about it. If not, i say sanction him totally. He just wants to pin 9/11 on anything else than an inside job, always just LIHOP and the Arabs, to distract from the real scale of the whole fraud.

If he has the goods on Chams...

Why doesn't he just represent himself, whip out the evidence and Kazaa!

So he doesn't have $5000... and yet...

He could "settle" with Chams?

If I was Chams I'd be asking for a hell of a lot more than 5k after all the crap Hopsicker put on his site about him.

Somethin' don't smell right.

I don't think Hopsicker would want any dirty "Khashoggi Money" anyways.

Jim Marrs interview

Tuesday 11-7-06

Jim Marrs,, Researcher and Author of the new book, "The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty", will join us for a talk about why the official version of 9/11 is a lie using mainstream media and government reports as proof.

Guys, I'm sorry if I'm being

Guys, I'm sorry if I'm being unfair or in some way seed doubt on William Rodrigues, and thus helping the enemy, but this guy look fake to me, man, how come a janitor is so intelligent, so outspoken, basically changed his whole life due to 9/11. And the story he tells is so convenient in any way. Could anyone get the proof that he was the janitor to 9/11?

Again sorry if I'm wrong, just had to share this gut feeling I've been having for some time.