Parts of Upcoming Event 'Lifting the Fog' to be Available via Webcast

Just got word that the Steven Jones section of this Saturday's event on Berkeley campus entitled 'Lifting the Fog' will be available via a live webcast. This portion of the program should run from 1:30pm to 3:00pm PST.

Check out for more details, and expect more details on the webcast in the coming days.

Thanks to the guys from for the heads up!

I didn't know...

Jenna is going to be speaking. Good. I think it's been a while.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Ruppert states that 40 members of Congress read FTW...

Doesn't this imply that at least 40 members of Congress have gotten a Strong dose of 9/11 truth? Were they all willing to overlook the 9/11 inside job because it was supposedly the only way we could be saved from the much worse cataclysm of "Peak Oil"?

Come on, how could 40 members of Congress read FTW, and

not have serious questions about 9/11 being an inside job?

and why is Ruppert in so much trouble if 40 congressmen

subscribed to his newsletter?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Very good video compilation on evil Bush, his cronies, and

FREEDOM! (warning: a number of strong images show wounded soldiers & tortured prisoners.)

This is my first comment

This is my first comment since the Navy Seal bar owner kicked my ass. First they laugh, then they get violent. The reason they get violent is you dislodge their beliefs. The Navy Seal killed 3 what he said to me. That's why he had to kick my ass.

I don't owe you shit


please....can someone pleeeeaaaasssseeee video tape this!!!!!! Espeically Jim Hoffman! If you need tapes i will send some in the mail. but just please record it!!!!

wow go alex jones

This is alex giving an intro at some commedy event. He takes a different tone with his audience and makes a 'nice' transition to talking to presenting some of these issiues. Alex has dome some great work and research and and makes a powerful point despite that on his usual show he tends to be going off about nothing a lot of the time. I like it when he goes off like this and is screaming the truth which underneath his words is screaming fuck this status quo, this goverment and it's abuses of power, If you don't listen to me then you are a slave. We need change. I like how he doesn't back down from his message.

And more so than thet, the fact that he is willing to to put himself and all of it out on the line and bring his message. He is right and more people need to listen to his ideas. Why whould we back down on the truth and what a scam all this is. We eacha nd everyone of us should go raving mad screaming this truth. And everyone get's together and scrams and takes action and says no more! I will not tolerate this! When that happens the people will have their power back. Hearing him up there yelling makes me want to become an activist and have an army of the yelling that won't stop until people wake up.

Screamers Unite!

i'd like to enlist in the army of the screamers. I'm tired of being nice to people who can't get outta their dreamland fantasy world.

Taping "Lifting the Fog" Conference

It will be video and auditotaped. Guns & Butter will do the audio, and Ken Jenkins and his video crew will do the videography. Also TUC radio will be there audiotaping, and videotaping. All of these recordings should be available in the near future


Looks like an excellent set of speakers, I hope it gets taped and put on the internet for those of us that can't attend.

Cheers, B

Downloadable files in multiple formats

I hope that they provide downloadable quicktime files that play using iTunes so that we can pass the video around. A WMV (unlocked), a Google and a YouTube version would round out the choices

Streams are transitory and need to be converted to have maximum effect.