Vote for 9/11 Truth Candidates Today

Just a reminder that today is the day to cast your vote, especially if you are lucky enough to be able to vote for a 9/11 truth candidate.

You can find out more about such candidates at

In addition to the above listing, you can read about Christopher Garvey, who is running for Attorney General in New York, here.

Remember, if your vote truly didn't matter, they wouldn't have to steal elections.  Democracy, use it or lose it.

Gore Vidal: ‘The Most Important Election in My Lifetime’

Webster Tarpley interviews 9/11 Truth candidates

Thanks Peggy for the suggestion!

9/11 Truth Holds The Key To Shattering ALL The Lies

We must never back down! We can shatter this paradigm of lies and deceit!

I'm no voting.

LIARS across the board.

yayaya, go ahead, mark me down, kosack.


Voting has some meaning, at local levels or based on issues, I would recommend voting for the Socialist Equality Party if you get the chance, they at least have been the only party that I know of to embrace LIHOP, no party has embraced this let alone MIHOP.

Most people do not realize that the Zionist Lobby accounts for 60 percent of the funding of the Democrat Party, which makes the lesser of evils every bit as evil as the Greater Evils, the 35 percent Zionist owned Republicans. Include the media, Hollywood, AIPAC, ADL etc., and you have something that goes way beyond Zionist Occupied Government. When are people going to wake up? See James Petras, The Power of Israel in the United States.

PS: Petras does not have a critique of 911 other than Israel's involvement in letting it happen. Otherwise, he is absolutely one of the most important scholars today.

If the Dems should take control of the House ...

Pelosi and Dean have said that one of the first things they will do is implement the 9/11 Commission's recomendations. We must demand that a real 9/11 investigation be the top priority, rather than rushing down that path, basing all their actions on a LIE. Repeal of the Patriot Act should top the list also. And the "I" word will naturally return to their vocabulary, once the TRUTH is known. Am I dreaming? Or does Deibold win again?

Pelosi: Hard Core Zionist

Of course the Democrats will throw a bone to their "constituency" but any further investigation into 911 or any other serious matter will be a cover up to appease their Zionist masters, the people who donate 60 percent of their campaign funding (according to William Cohen, Washington Post, and JJ Goldberg, writing a few years earlier). One of the fun things about this voting maching scam, and you can see it at the Zionist lite Prison Planet website, is that it reinforces the idea that there is a difference between the Christian Zionist Republicans and the Zionist Democrats. Both are cut from the same cloth, both are complicit in high crimes and the destruction of the Republic, neither will change the present course over a cliff. Who do you think ushered in the era of Bush hard core Zionist takeover of US foreign policy? Bill got caught with his pants down after he tried to tell the Israeli's to take it easy over there. Jimmy Carter writes a book condemning the Jews Only Apartheid State and Nancy Zionist Pelosi strongly distances herself from the last decent president we had, one who was also sabatoged by the Zionist masters. See Paul Findley, They Dare to Speak Out. Great book.

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Elections 2006

Yeah, lookin forward to to the most fraudulent elections in American history... Not only are we now on a majority Diebold machines (60%), for the first time they'll be keeping exit polls 'classified' in some hidden bunker until after the election, purported as an anti- blogger measure. With no paper trail in the machines, and no reliable exit polls to compare the results to, we won't even know to what extent the votes were rigged...

Fraud in a Utah county...4 Times The Population Registered to


In Wahington state at least in my county it's all mail-in or hand in your ballot. At least there is a paper trail. It just felt really stupid using those machines knowing how easily they can be tampered with.
We have to change the system to a proportional type of representation system. This two party thing aint working out at all. What ever percentage of the vote a party gets they get that much representation in government. What do ya think?