`Why I know we're winning...

Others will have no doubt noticed that lately the shills, the anonymous debunkers sent for us to sharpen our teeth on, have been of a lower quality than we're used to. Not that they ever convinced anyone of anything, but they at least made a sporting attempt to address the issues, both circumstancial and scientific, that make 9/11 such an obvious fraud. Now they have apparently abandoned the head-on approach and seem to be going with the "weird things happen all the time, it's nothing out of the ordinary" approach. Basically admitting that yes, it's exceedingly odd that 3 buildings collapsed in a way that only explosives have ever made buildings collapse, but if you think about it, the exceedingly odd is in fact the world's own special way of being monotonous and routine. This represents the high point of Bushthink--if it makes sense to you, then congratulations--you are hereby deemed capable of steering the world's most free and powerful nation straight into the ground in a mere 5 years.

It may well take a village idiot of the kind who trades his family's cow for magic beans, but there it is. Most people are much more like the townspeople who swore the emperor was elegantly attired in his new clothes until the child, the one who didn't know any better, shamed them into dropping the act and telling the truth: the emperor was starkus and not very well-endowed. Until the innocent and therefore truthful child dared to speak out, most people were happy to just go home and snicker amongst themselves about the stupid emperor, while keeping quiet in public lest they be thrown into a nudist dungeon for exposing a sacred public myth.

For a long time, about 5 years, the 9/11 myth has been considered sacred by most people--regardless of where the truth lay, it was unseemly to bring it up when our children, braver and more patriotic (in a way) than we, were being sent to kill and die for it. This myth has lived long enough, and it is now more than kosher to question it--it is downright treasonous to proclaim its truth, and people are catching on. What we are seeing then is the amateur myth defenders dropping out of the game while they can, leaving only the paid professionals to do the dirty work. They too soon will become silent, as if they never existed, or were just part of a bad dream we all lived through. That nightmare is coming to an end, and there is going to be a hard rain falling, that is going to wash away much filth and leave a nation finally awake and awash in a renewed energy. Consider it a baptism into the true faith of reason.

So how do I know we're winning? Maybe it has to do with the young person who asked me for another DVD, since their brother took their copy with them to the army. Maybe it's the fact that everybody who works near me knows exactly what my "mysterious political work" is about and still greets me brightly every morning and wish me luck on my way out in the evening, with my truthing materials very clearly in tow. Maybe it was the number of Harvard students who read my poster about building 7 yesterday as if learning about this most egregious of emperor garments for the first time. Maybe it is the fact that local bloggers are now simply silent when confronted with 9/11 issues they can't address--instead of feigning shock at how silly I must be for even bringing them up. It could be many things--but what matters is that it is happening.

It is really happening, in case anyone had left any doubt. There is no dungeon deep enough, or Gitmo distant enough to send me to make people forget who I was or what I stood for. The reason the road has been so difficult for us is because the destination was worth reaching--easy roads get you nowhere. The road is not going to get too much easier, but that just means we have other challenges ahead. Let's all continue on the difficult path together, joined by the many who are now roused out of their stupors. Let's make history again and again. Let's never accept a compromise on what we know to be true and right. Let's win the whole enchilada for our kids and for children everywhere who can't possibly understand why we adults have allowed things to get so bad.

All of us truthers have great reason to be proud of ourselves, but we can't let that go to our heads--not now, when there's still so much good to accomplish. There will be those, as the truth comes out, who will try to extract more conflict and hatred from the unexpected turn of events that has brought out the ugly facts for their airing in the cleansing light of day. Let us fight those scoundrels at every turn, and ensure a legacy for the movement that is more than justice and retribution. Let us build on this most important historical lesson something to be proud of--something worth the cost that so many have already paid, least of all we who have been blessed with the opportunity to do the right thing. Let's make the world we've dreamed possible, and let's make it now. We've shown we have the power--let's show them we have much more than that--the will to wield it without compromise.

Astoundingly optimistic

and, I hope, accurate. Great blog, RT. Thanks.

thanks cass! never underestimate the power of positivity!

but I assure you, it's not foolosh optimism. I've just been watching the winds blow this way and that way and I know progress when I see it--and I'm definitely seeing it.


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Good stuff, "never

Good stuff, "never underestimate the power of positivity".

Couldn't agree more...

I think you're right about the greater acceptance

I noticed it on the street last Spring.

It's important not to get lulled by the Democrat's victory.

We must reach out our message in spite of the major Media blackout and the hangouter spins.

Thank you for your very important and well-written observations.