You Say Want an Investigation? Better free your mind instead

Do you believe the government lied about the events of 9/11? Do you think a new investigation by congress would expose the lies? If such an investigation took place, would we learn the truth? Many concerned activist seem to view “a new investigation” as the brass ring of ‘the truth movement’. One little problem. The media. For five long years they have remained strangely unable to relay any significant information regarding the truth of events of 9/11 to the public. Do you think they are not aware of the information? Do you think they have not been inundated with emails, faxes and letters presenting extensive evidence of an inside job? If you know the media has intentionally, willfully and quite effectively suppressed the information for the last five years, what would lead you to believe anything would change were “a new investigation” to be launched?

Please don’t mistake my intentions. I have a strong desire to see the truth regarding the events of 9/11 be known to all and support any investigation able to assemble the facts and disseminate the truth to all. A congressional investigation, at this time, however attractive it may seem, is not the answer.

While such investigation could well be used to ‘bring down’ Bush and thereby prepare the way for the kindler, gentler dictator, Hillary, the “facts” would be carefully controlled. A bit of limited hangout concerning prior knowledge, perhaps a “revelation” that Flight 93 was shot down by the military and no more. Videos will miraculously appear showing Flight 77 hitting the pentagon. The parts from Flight 175 and Flight 11 will miraculously appear (now that they finally retired the actual jets, the parts are “available”). The hijacker fairytale will be polished up and retold to firmly implant it in the collective conscious of the American people. Little, if any, damaging evidence will be presented and any that might slip in will never be reported. Any congressional investigation will only be used to retell the Big Lie. Gotcha.

The truth of the events of 9/11 is that the major networks actively participated in deceiving and lying to the people. Until the media embargo on this truth is lifted, no investigation is going anywhere. Fortunately, the clear evidence of media complicity is readily available to anyone. Unfortunately, this (the obvious and damning nature of the evidence and its widespread availability) is also reason why so many “concerned parties” attack even the discussion of this evidence so viciously and consistently. They are well placed gatekeepers, there to instill confusion and doubt and to divert attention to more benign areas of inquiry, far away from the simple truth of media complicity. No classified documents, insider reports, records, notes, memos, experts or witnesses are needed to prove the major networks were complicit and actively participated in the crimes of 9/11. DVD’s and transcripts blow the cover. A careful examination will reveal much.

Anyone proposing a “solution” which does not include the exposure of media complicity in the events of 9/11 is peddling snake oil. Until this fact is revealed to the people, until they understand that the media is but Orwell’s Ministry of Information, a tool of the corporate interest that own and control it and, of the government, there will be no meaningful change forthcoming.

So dance around the hard issues, rally in the street, demand investigations (be careful for what you wish, grasshopper), but nothing will come of it, nothing will change, except the face on the TV, telling you everything will be okay.

When and if you are ready to confront that “one little problem”, the evidence of media complicity is out there for all to see. The war on terror is a war for your mind. TV, lies and disinformation are the weapons of choice. Free your mind and see the truth.

What do you mean?

While bashing the idea of a new investigation - you cleverly include the comment: "The parts from Flight 175 and Flight 11 will miraculously appear"

Nice try - but parts from these flights were photographed on the streets on Manhattan where they landed among the thousands of witnesses who saw the planes hit.

Implying that there is no evidence of planes at the WTC is disinformation - and no coincidence that you have bashed the idea of a new investigation.

Anything to styme this movement - eh Gault?



“A bit of limited hangout concerning prior knowledge, perhaps a “revelation” that Flight 93 was shot down by the military and no more.”

Just suppose, in this hypothetical re-opening of the investigation, it is indeed revealed that Flight 93 was shot down, what do you think the public response would be? What would such an admission entail? A lot of high-placed people have lied to us – it raises too many questions re. the time lines, official notifications, black box recording and so on and so on.

There's a hell of a lot invested in the “Let's Roll” story – not to mention 3 films.

I don't think they'd dare reopen an investigation unless they really had some intention of getting to the truth. Why? Because even an half-hearted attempt would draw far too much attention – public scrutiny – to the many and varied interlocking deficiencies in the official story.

You can look at “prior knowledge” in two ways: (i) they generally were aware that such a scenario was possible (i.e. terrorists using planes to hit targets), yet did not properly prepare for such an eventuality, and (ii) they were specifically aware of some or all of the terrorist intentions leading to 9/11; yet did nothing to stop them.

(i) is a no-brainier, of course terrorists might use plane as missiles – it doesn't take a genius to work that one out. (ii) means they were accessories to the crime.

I 'm not of the view that they “let it happen on purpose” (as someone else pointed out, if you wanted such a plan to succeed, would you leave it to 19 amateurs?); having said that, “let it happen” is no less morally outrageous in its implications than “they made it happen on purpose” (since letting it happen when you have the power (and reponsibility) to stop it is just another way of saying you helped make it happen).


Wrestling Alligators

Just suppose, in this hypothetical re-opening of the investigation, it is indeed revealed that Flight 93 was shot down, what do you think the public response would be?

The public's response would be, predictably, outrage. Bush would be toast. However getting rid of Bush or anyone else is merely wrestling alligators. If you want to fix the problem, you must drain the swamp. The swamp is the blinding control exerted by a controlled media over a severely misinformed population.  The major networks broadcast fake (doctored, altered, modified) videos on 9/11 to an unsuspecting audience. These videos in concert with a carefully scripted audio track, were used by the perps to created the necessary beliefs in our collective conscious: hijacked commercial airliners, flown by crazed Muslim terrorist crashed into and caused the eventual collapse of the Twin Towers. This was and is a lie.

The truth: no big Boeings crashed, there were no hijackers and the towers were pulverized into dust by methods unknown.

If you'd like to learn more: 

Specifically, my point is that any congressional investigation which takes place before the people have a widespread understanding of how and why the major networks actively participated in selling the Big Lie on and after 9/11, will most likely be a trap, cleverly designed to bolster most of the official version, create the appearance of political change and further bury the truth. Study the evidence for yourself. Think for yourself.