Dr. Bob Bowman concedes to Dave Weldon

Unfortunately, Dr. Bob Bowman lost by a relatively small margin (44% or 93,662 votes) to incumbent Dave Weldon (56% or 120,070), even though he'd spent 30 times less on his campaign than Curt.

Although the Demoblicans now have the House majority, I doubt they'll do much with regards to 9/11 Truth or impeaching their criminal peers.

Dr. Bob Bowman also had some of the soundest ideas I've yet to come across. Let us not also forget his powerful speeches to push for another 9/11 investigation.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend candidates like Bob Bowman and Cynthia McKinney for pushing the truth to a new level.


EG, I changed "Curt" to "Dave".

Thanks. Sorry for the typo.

Thanks. Sorry for the typo. I need to change the youtube link under Dave Weldon to http://weldon.org/also.

How can one change a blog entry once it's been submitted? Or is fire-and-forget?

Also, how do people add google and youtube in-line videos to their posts? I tried adding the HTML manually but it removes it.

Great site!

This is disappointing, I

This is disappointing, I hope Dr Bowman runs again. Considering he was out spent so hugely he kicked major ass. Does anyone know how the election was counted, was it on paper ballots or Diebolds etc?

Bowman is one candidate that the 9/11 perps definitely did NOT

want to win! Foul play wouldn't surprise me.

Mr Bowman

You will always be a winner in my book.Thank you!

father bowman

he still got like 44% of the vote, pretty good start.

Any exit polls?

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