House AND Senate won by Democrats

The midterm elections have been comprehensively won by the Democrats.

Late at night it became clear that even the "undecided" senate seats in Missouri, Montana and Virginia are also going democrat.

Democrats control both houses, the overdue investigations can begin!

Link to Official Results Web-pages:

The newspapers are AS OF NOW calling all three "undecided" seats as WON BY THE REPUBLICANS, but two official election-result websites tell another story.

(I can't find Montana, official results website ... please refer to Comments or wait, if and when this blog entry is approved, I can edit it and give full details)

UPDATED Official Results (and Montana, when I can find it!)

According to CNN, the battle

According to CNN, the battle for the Senate remains too close to call at this time.......

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." - George Orwell


u2- why do you think congressional investigations, at this time, will produce anything other than another rubber stamping of the OGT? Any historical precedents? Warren commission? Iran-Contra?
I realize the unpopularity of my views on this subject, but I see a clever trap being set.
see my post :
The solution to our present dilemma is the enlightenment of the people. The truth and popularity are often strangers. The latter, as always, a close friend and advisor to all politicians, the former an unwelcome and unwanted guest at their "investigations".
Glad to have you back in the arena,
Best regards-JG

the mood has swung. ANYTHING

the mood has swung.

ANYTHING is possible.

Remember that it will take only a SMALL POKE into the dung-heap of 911, and it will stink so bad, that people WILL START RUNNING.

Thanks for the flowers!


just declared Tester (D) winner in Montana.