Nafeez Ahmed UK Lecture - 11/12/2006


Lecture by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed, author of The London Bombings: An Independent Inquiry (Duckworth, 2006)

Sunday 12th November 2006

Starts at 18:00hr.

Venue: Islamic Centre of England, 140 Maida Vale, London W1 9QB Tel 020 76045500 [Nearest Tube Station, Kilburn on Bakerloo line]

Nafeez will give an introduction into the covert intelligence operations, economic intrigues and rampant political corruption that have dominated Western "national security" policies since the end of the Second World War. Using newly declassified secret government files and other reliable documentation, Nafeez will reveal the official deceit that justified Anglo-American imperial expansion during the Cold War, post-Cold War and post-9/11 periods. He will lay bare the dynamics behind historical and current US and British militarism, its overarching goals, and the escalating political, economic and ecological crises generated by the current global imperial system.

Nafeez teaches International Relations at the University of Sussex, Brighton, where he’s doing his PhD on imperialism and genocide. He’s the author of three other books since the 9/11 attacks tracing the realpolitik beneath the rhetoric of the War on Terror: The War on Freedom, Behind the War on Terror and The War on Truth. He is former senior researcher at the Islamic Human Rights Commission, and is currently director of the Institute for Policy Research & Development, London. In 2005, he testified at a special all-day hearing in US Congress about his research on terrorism.

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Just watched Borat,

Did you pick up on his, I won't fly plane in America because Jews make another 9/11.....


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central asia sos

borat make a nice claim because he see it all first in hand. yes, this is our prophet!

911: who dunnit?

"9/11 provided the right wing Zionist zealots with a unique chance to harness US Middle East policy and military power in Israel's interest and succeeded in getting the United States to apply the doctrine of pre-emptive war to Israel's enemies." Patrick Seale, A Costly Friendship, The Nation, July 21, 2003

The slant of this article

The slant of this article seems to be backwards.

Israel--who is dependent on US aid for it's existance--MADE the US attack its enemies?

Yes, Zionists have influence in the states and lobby for favors, but that's only because the facade of no conflict of interest must be maintained.

"Help! Save me from these nasty arab brutes!"
"Don't worry, little lady; we'll take care of it."

It's a dog and pony show. If Israel for one second defied the States on anything that counted--petro-dollars, alliances with nations-non-grata, refusal to loan out Mossad, or tried to MAKE the US do anything it didn't want to--all the States would have to do is pull the $$$plug and Israel as we know it would cease to exist.

The Neo-cons already had their plans. It's called A Project for a New American Century. They didn't need to get ideas from a handful of wanna be junior imperialists who are dependent on daddy CIA for everything.

The US runs this show. Israel is their MIddle-East pit-bull. Anything else is smoke and mirrors.

Who is US?

Who is it in the U.S. that runs the show? The voters? Not in 2000 or 2004... The US does not use Israel nor does Israel use the US. Individuals with their own agendas use both states to make trouble and make trillions for themselves and their cronies while doing it.

To pretend that the Neocons were not pitching a pro-Israel war is naive and/or intellectually dishonest. The companion piece to the PNAC's Rebuilding America's Defenses was the earlier Securing the Realm, which was a primer for right wing Israeli leaders on how to assert independence from Washington and come into its own as a regional power.

It does not serve US interests to launch a bogus war in response to a bogus threat using a bogus attack to rally people. Oil prices are up, as is hatred of America. Were these actions the result of misguided American patriots who also just happen to be rabidly pro-Israel? And their mistakes hurt the US while helping Israel?

Please. If you can't see a problem with the future speaker of the house of representatives having professed undying loyalty to a foreign country while serving in the US congress as Pelosi did before an AIPAC audience, when AIPAC had been and continues to be the target of an espionage investigation, and that more recently the US director of "Homeland Security" Michael Chertoff and Thug-in-chief Negroponte joined another congresswoman at a love fest fundraiser for that same organization, that also happens to throw cash around to influence American politicians to work on behalf of Israeli interests instead of Americans', then I really have to ask myself whether Zionists DO have mind-control rays.

The corruption and self-interest inherent in the American peoples' forced relationship with this backstabbing little so-called ally is just putrid, and is the number one cause of any ill-will felt by Americans toward Jewish people generally. Naziesque sympathies rank a very distant second.

To play along and pretend like Israel is a VICTIM of US bullying only makes that resentment fester and guess what? The Zionists wouldn't have it any other way. Just like they make people hate Jews so they can sell their protective services, the Neocons are making people hate America for much the same reason.

I could give two flying trucks who thinks I'm an anti-semite for saying this. I know who the real anti-semites are can live perfectly happily being hated and slandered by idiotic murder-defending jackasses. Bring it on!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Lot's of Outrage here...and.... usual, lots of Truth...

Thanks, RT....your posts remain consistently amongst the very best on this blog, IMO.

We have to be able to examine Israeli/Zionist participation in 9/11, if that's where the evidence takes us, without being smeared in an automatic, knee-jerk reaction.

Such unwarranted, diversionary smears only serve to create more suspicion as to the attacking party's guilt. Why so defensive if nothing is there?

Also, there seems to be something of a double standard here....Press for Truth, is, to me, at it's core, ultimately a "blame Pakistan" movie. Yet I haven't heard the filmmakers derided for being racists or anti-Pakistani....I wonder what the reaction would be if that movie had instead focused Israeli complicity to the same extent (which I would personally find almost, but not quite, as misguided)?

thanks altruist, i appreciate that

I do NOT like playing the role of Israel basher, if that's what people see it as, BUT there is an incredible double standard at work that has to end asap before it continues to poison the debate to the point where if you want to be honest you have to live with a taint that of course is going to make you resentful.

I constantly have to remind myself that despite the fact that a significant number, if not a majority of Jewish peoplet will not deign to address the concerns we raise and simply dismiss us as "jew-haters" for even suspecting that Israel might not be a saintly country, this is simply a sign of ignorance and Zionist PR.

The people who don't even listen to what I have to say before asking me "So did the Jews do it? You filthy anti-semite" do not exactly inspire fondness in me for pro-Israel people. Distinguishing between them and your run of the mill jewish person is difficult in an environment contaminated with lies and distrust. The fact that we are pitted against each other thus is shameful, and will, if not addressed, end very badly after the situation escalates and critical but well-meaning voices like mine and others' around here are drowned out by the inevitable and predictable binary arguments framed by Zionist PR forces as you're either with us or with the Neo Nazis.

The Zionists would like nothing more than the world be divided between them and Neo Nazis. The western global elite would like nothing more than to extend this blanket dichotomy to encompass the entire world being with them or with shadowy terrorist groups.

Seeing this quite clearly, I have no choice but to take an unpopular stance at whatever personal cost so that there will at least be a record of dissent on the road to disaster, should future people of conscience have the chance and wish to understand where the world, once again, went wrong.

Knowing that there are many more of us who feel this way gives me the strength to maintain the positivity needed to counteract the deliberate creation of hatred aimed at us. Thanks again, Altruist, and hang in there too!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


I think you missed my entire

I think you missed my entire point, RT, because I actually agree with most of what you say.

I am in no way saying Israel is a "victim". I 'm saying it plays a victim role to keep a facade that is very usful to all interested parties. The reverse assumtion, that Israel is able to control the US, making the US look look like it is haplessly being led around by the nose, is equally dishonest--and this is the apparent slant of the article.

"individuals with their own agendas use both states to make trouble and make trillions for themselves and their cronies while doing it."

Yep, making $$$$, war profiteering, etc. etc.---I entirely agree with you. When one says US or Israel in these contexts one is implying powerful interests in the releveant nation states. Unless otherwise clairified.

"To play along and pretend like Israel is a VICTIM of US bullying"

I never said or suggested this. Again, it is a victim ROLE--and you're right, it does cause uninformed people to feel ill will towards Jews in general.

Reading your post, I see this is one of the rare times I should NOT have edited my original post for brevity as many of the points you bring up were in my original. This also feels like one of those times when two people who basically agree are about to get into an argument--FOR NO GOOD REASON.

So I'm pulling back and giving you a chance to tell me which words I used made you think I was "pretending"...well, anything.

Sorry if I seemed combative

I didn't mean to imply that YOU were pretending in any bad way. But some of the things you said seemed to imply pretty strongly that issues like AIPAC's influence over American foreign policy weren't as real as they actually are. I'm sure we probably agree on most things--if anyone hasn't noticed I'm just hypersensitive to subtle ways in which debates get framed, and if I seem sometimes to come down hard on something someone says it isn't always directed at what the person said so much as it is my frustration over similarities with what I think is bogus or unfair framing. I'll work on being clearer in my replies--definitely happy you're on the team, Col., inspired debate is much better than dogmatic, forced agreement. We keep each other honest and as incisive and accurate as we can be. I'm glad you expressed your concern and gave me a chance to explain--it's late here so I'll make sure to revisit the issue tomorrow with more time and a fresher mind!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


re; The Slant

No! No! No! That is a weak, backwards analysis, with ALL DUE RESPECT. Please read James Petras, The Power of Israel in the United States and throw in Deadly Dogmas by Grant Smith.

Before I continue I need to

Before I continue I need to know you do NOT believe I'm saying Israel is a "victim".

Sorry, but I refuse to get sucked into a crazy argument with an ally when we're basically agreeing with different words or coming from a different direction to the same place.

That is CRAZINESS. I see more craziness, communication will have obviously broken down and I'll be out of here.

But thank you for (so far) not putting words in my mouth.

The slant of this article

The Project for a Nuke American Century was conceived and mainly written by the ZionCons, namely Wolfowitz and Feith, who have been roaming the halls and commiting treason in Washington for years. Their fall boy was Libby a small potatoe in the trash heap. SEE: James Petras, The Power of Israel in the United States. Must reading, very coherent readable style, pack filled and irrefutable. Period. Also, I recommend Paul Findley for deeper history, another very readable book, The Dare to Speak Out.

if u people are going to

if u people are going to reply why not keep it to the subject at hand and not just use the space to catapult ur own ideas on ther topics..... if u want a forum there are plenty out there. this is the first point of call for alot of people curious in such issues and when they come to check the comments, and see that theyre not about the topic they are about teh zionists bla bla bla..... most people wudnt know what a zionist was if u asked my opinion, they certainly aint jewish, because evidence purports them to be assholes, they lie steal etc. and if ur truly religeous u woukd not do that. so can we sod the dumb labels people like brandishing

most importantly stop sounding like fucking bigots some of u.

i want the truth, so do you,

so behave, and think before u act.

Your remarks are foolish...

Not all comments need to be precisely about the header. I don’t find it to be anti-Semitic to point out that Zionists & the Mossad probably played a big part in 9/11.

Why do many people have a huge problem with “words” that Jews

may find “offensive”, but don’t give a damn that 1 million Arabs/Muslims have be murdered in Afghanistan & Iraq, with more continuing everyday???

must be because we bully poor Israel so much already...

and maybe don't send them enough money.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


OKay, point of

OKay, point of order---RT.

Sounds like you're still saying I--yes I'm going to assume your refering to me, unless you state otherwise-said the US was bullying Israel.

I didn't, you know it--and I will bloody thank you for not putting words in my mouth.

You want want to talk about dishonesty? Well, Look in the mirror, mate. Again- I NEVER SAID THAT, as an actuality. I said it was a game-smoke and mirrors-that is very useful to ruling interests.

The next time you have doubts about interpretation, bloody ask before going off. And you had to have had doubts because virtually everything you think I'm thinking is an ASSUMTION.

The True Horrors of Waterboarding:

Warning: If you are at all squeamish, you probably shouldn't read this article that sets the record straight about waterboarding. I particularly found the second-half of the article to be deeply disturbing.

Election Could Have Been Thrown, Says Fraud Expert

Harris considers token victory for Democrats fixed to quell dissent on mass voting fraud, liberal bloggers begin to attack anyone who doesn't jump on the Pelosi bandwagon:

Voting rights activist Bev Harris fears the mid-term elections may have been thrown in order to quell suspicions about vote fraud in anticipation of a major 2008 coup. Liberal blog sites are already naively telling whistleblowers and "conspiracy theorists" to keep quiet now that the left arm of the establishment, the Democrats, have re-emerged...

Elections thrown

Well, I don't know about the election being thrown, maybe. Or maybe they just didn't do the usual fix. Either way no one is getting a free pass with me. I'm still madder than hell about 9/11 and justice being swept under the rug. We got to draw the line right here. The reason they keep doing this stuff is because they are getting away with it.
There is a glimmer of hope that some sort of justice is possible. You have to remember that the government we see { eg. Congress, Senate, and Supreme Court} aren't the power we once thought they were. I wish I were wrong about that, and would like to see some proof to the contrary. I not gonna celebrate anything until there is something to celebrate.

Yeah, first Pelosi, then Dean (on last night's Daily Show)....

....promise no impeachment.

The Democrats continue to reveal themselves as bought-off gutless wonders (not my original, more succinct, description).....(and I say that as one who considers themself a liberal).

and Pelosi and Dean also promise steadfast support of Israel

and by steadfast of course I mean unquestioning...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


The pressure really needs to

The pressure really needs to be turned up on these two, along with the message they CANNOT afford to be complacent. Winning the mid-term is just one battle in the war.

They need to be sent the message loud and clear that, now they have a chance, they have a responsiblity to PROVE to the electorate they are not just Repub-Lite.

Hear that Pelosi? Dean? You don't prove you are a better choice by your ACTIONS--rhetoric is cheap--you can kiss 2008 good-bye.

The pressure cooker

The pressure should be to dismantle the US backed apartheid state, which syphons of billions of dollars, gets the US embroiled in criminally insane adventures of mass murder. The Dumbocrats receive 60 percent of their funding from the Jewish Supremacists masters, pro-Israeli lobby sources. Unless Americans address this issue they will be rowing the Titanic in circles. Pelosi, of course, is nothing but a Zionist Whore and Howard Dean her pool boy.

Family of 18 buried, killed by Gaza shelling mistake!

Oops, we did it again.
Brought to you by our dear friend Israel, the proud sponsor of endless war.

a question

does anyone know if this event is being filmed?


Thursday, November 09, 2006
I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade. There will no doubt be some minor improvements in the lives of average Americans with a Democrat-controlled Congress. The craziest parts of the Bush domestic legislative agenda are dead, and he won’t even bother to propose the most neanderthal of judges. The Democrats felt snake-bit and have shaken the curse of Rove, and it’s good to prove that the United States isn’t doomed to be a one-party state forever, no matter how identical the two parties are (unfortunately, part of what happened is replacing moderate Republicans with conservative Democrats).

On the other hand, that old bugbear of the militia movement from the 90’s, the Zionist Occupation Government, is now in full force and effect. The House is entirely the construction of Israeli military veteran Rahm Emanuel (a man with a family background in terrorist/extremist Zionism who mysteriously and suddenly popped up as a force during the Clinton years, and was rewarded with personal enrichment by the Jewish Billionaires Club), with the new members hand-chosen to ensure full compliance with the Zionist plan for the Middle East. The most striking thing about the Democrat victory is the fact that the Republicans handed the Democrats three winning issues:

prosecution of those responsible for the lies which led to the attack on Iraq,
withdrawal of American troops from Iraq, and
a refusal to become involved in any more wars fought against American interests,
and the Democrats ran from those issues as quickly as they could. The voters wanted to send a clear message to Bush, so held their noses and voted for Democrats who steadfastly refused to run on the issues the voters felt were important. The only possible explanation for the Democrat refusal to run on the winning issues is that the Lobby didn’t want its agents prosecuted, didn’t want American troops out of Iraq, and has some more wars in mind for the sole benefit of Israel.

If Rahm wasn’t bad enough, there’s also Nancy Pelosi.

Despite a possible razor-thin Democrat win in the Senate, the horse-trading necessary to pass bills will mean that the most powerful man in Congress is ultra-Zionist Joe Lieberman (and it is not a coincidence that Democrat leadership did everything it could to undermine the campaign of Ned Lamont).

Despite some talk in Israel that a sane Congress might hurt Israeli interests, Henry Waxman and AIPAC (!) laid such fears to rest:

“‘There will be some Democratic chairmen who may not share all my views or have as clear a perspective on Israel as I do,’ Rep. Henry Waxman (D-California), a Jewish lawmaker, said in a recent on-line chat with Jewish voters, sponsored by the House Democratic caucus. ‘But they will not be chairing committees dealing with Israel and the Middle East.’

The American Israel Public Affairs Committee also weighed in. In a statement last week, it said, ‘Strong bipartisan support for Israel exists in both parties and, regardless of who is in control, that support will remain steadfast.’

‘AIPAC works closely with leaders on both sides of the aisle, each deeply committed to strengthening the bonds between the United States and Israel,’ the statement continued. ‘No matter who wins the upcoming elections, AIPAC is confident that Congress will continue to support a strong Israel and a strong relationship between the United States and its most reliable ally in the Middle East.’”

From an AIPAC briefing:

“AIPAC reached nearly every lawmaker elected in Tuesday’s mid-term congressional elections as part of its effort to educate political candidates on the value of the U.S.-Israel relationship. During the campaign that ended Tuesday, nearly every viable candidate met with AIPAC professional staff members and submitted a position paper summarizing his or her views on U.S. Middle East policy. A non-partisan organization, AIPAC has for decades worked with Republican and Democratic members of Congress to strengthen the ties between the United States and Israel.”

Just to make things crystal clear, the probable new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Jane Harman, is being investigated by the FBI for her relationship to AIPAC, specifically the influence used by big AIPAC donors (aka the Jewish Billionaires Club) to keep her on the Committee in return for running interference for AIPAC in its ongoing espionage case concerning Rosen, Weissman, and Franklin. As we know from the Iraq attack debacle, bad manipulated intelligence leads to war.

Another fake ‘terrorist’ attack, Bush calls for another war for Israel, the Zionist-controlled media lies (again), and Rahm, Nancy, Joe and Jane fall in line. The future of the United States is actually more parlous, and in more danger from another treasonous attack from the Lobby, than it was before the midterm elections.

New Zealand's answer to the Dumbocrats