Nancy Pelosi could be President tomorrow.

Rumsfeld resigns... If Bush and Cheney resign, Nancy Pelosi will become president.

the mood swang

Now ANYTHING is possible. (I have a hot flash ;-)

Remember that it will take only a SMALL POKE into the dung-heap of 911, and it will stink so bad, that people WILL START RUNNING.

Our big worry is that the THEOCRATS who do not care for REASON will, according to their master plan, continue with the destruction of our planet and the dismantling of our system.. TO HASTEN THE ADVENT OF JUDGEMENT DAY.

We have to fight for the original ideals of this nation, ENLIGHTENMENT, because we live in a reason-based universe ... or we will all be serfs.

This is no joke! The USA is full of evangelicals! And many have been placed into power. Remember Boykin who showed slides of Mogadishu and pointing to black clouds and calling them THE EVIL?
On You can find a link to CRSIPIN MILLER talk (mp3 download) that you will HAVE TO HEAR. It is a very very good talk.

Jewish evangelical = Zionist

not literally but you get my drift. Will Pelosi stand up to ALL KINDS of zealots? Hmmmm... I doubt it!


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Nancy Pelosi Speech to American Israel Public Affairs Committee

President Pelosi? Asking tough questions about the dancing Israelis? I think not!

Text of Remarks

5/24/2005 12:11:00 PM

WASHINGTON, May 24 /U.S. Newswire/ -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee at their 2005 Policy Conference last night. Pelosi discussed the relationship between the United States and Israel and the continued effort for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Below are her remarks:

"Thank you, Amy Friedkin, my dear friend for so many years. Californians, North and South, are proud of your great leadership at AIPAC. And to Bernice Manocherian, President of AIPAC, thank you. All who care about peace in the Middle East are grateful for your strength and wisdom in guiding AIPAC. As a native of Baltimore, I take special pride of your incoming President, Howard Friedman, who will continue in the tradition of outstanding leadership at AIPAC.

"I also want to acknowledge all of the students who are here. It is great to see so many young people taking such an interest in public affairs, especially on one of the critical issues of our time: peace in the Middle East. This spring, I was in Israel as part of a congressional trip that also took us to Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. One of the most powerful experiences was taking a helicopter toward Gaza, over the path of the security fence. We set down in a field that belonged to a local kibbutz. It was a cool but sunny day, and the field was starting to bloom with mustard. Mustard is a crop that grows in California, and it felt at that moment as if I were home.

"And then we were told that the reason we had to land in that field, as opposed to our actual destination, was because there had been an infiltration that morning, and they weren't sure how secure the area was. And that point alone brought us back to the daily reality of Israel: even moments of peace and beauty are haunted by the specter of violence.

"While in Israel, we met with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Vice Premier Shimon Perez. From them and from other leaders, we heard something I had not heard in a long time: cautious optimism. This was an attitude quite different from the one that confronted us when I spoke to AIPAC two years ago.

"One thing, however is unchanged: America's commitment to the safety and security of the State of Israel is unwavering. America and Israel share an unbreakable bond: in peace and war; and in prosperity and in hardship.

“Prime Minister Sharon's leadership of Israel at this crucial time has been remarkable. He has brought Israel through an extremely challenging period, and now he has made the difficult decision that it is in Israel's national security interest to disengage from Gaza.

"In the next few months, Israeli settlers will be evacuated entirely from Gaza and from four settlements in the northern West Bank. This courageous decision is gut-wrenching for Israel.

"Israel's decision can be a decisive milestone on the road to peace. If the Palestinians agree to coordinate with Israel on the evacuation, establish the rule of law, and demonstrate a capacity to govern, the world may be convinced that finally there is a real partner for peace.

"Any progress on the Roadmap for Peace must be based on real change on the ground, as evidenced by the establishment of an accountable, and reconstituted Palestinian security force that prevents terrorism, not promotes it.

"Fortunately, Palestinian Authority President Abbas is no Yasir Arafat. He has condemned terrorism in Arabic, stating that it prolongs the day that the Palestinian goal of statehood can be achieved, and, at least as significant, stating that terrorism is immoral. He has begun to restructure the security services. All that is commendable.

"But he has not removed Arafat's corrupt cronies from positions of power, nor has he moved to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure. That is, I am sorry to say, cause for concern. President Abbas has said his goal is to establish the rule of law, but he has done nowhere near enough to realize that vision, and now he is confronted with a huge challenge: by the end of summer, Israel will be out of Gaza.

"Can Gaza become a pilot case for self-government for a Palestinian state? Or will it become a terrorist haven, a launching pad for rockets into Israel? President Abbas must act, for his own good, against those he must know are his enemies and are the enemies of the aspirations of the Palestinian people.

"The United States, just as Israel, wants to see him succeed. That is why I was so pleased when President Bush dispatched Jim Wolfensohn to help with the Gaza withdrawal. It is why I supported additional aid to the Palestinians in the Emergency Supplemental bill that recently passed Congress.

"There are those who contend that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is all about Israel's occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. This is absolute nonsense. In truth, the history of the conflict is not over occupation, and never has been: it is over the fundamental right of Israel to exist.

"The greatest threat to Israel's right to exist, with the prospect of devastating violence, now comes from Iran. For too long, leaders of both political parties in the United States have not done nearly enough to confront the Russians and the Chinese, who have supplied Iran as it has plowed ahead with its nuclear and missile technology.

"Proliferation represents a clear threat to Israel and to America. It must be confronted by an international coalition against proliferation, with a commitment and a coalition every bit as strong as our commitment to the war against terror.

"The people of Israel long for peace and are willing to make the sacrifices to achieve it. We hope that peace and security come soon - and that this moment of opportunity is not lost. As Israel continues to take risks for peace, she will have no friend more steadfast that the United States.

"In the words of Isaiah, we will make ourselves to Israel 'as hiding places from the winds and shelters from the tempests; as rivers of water in dry places; as shadows of a great rock in a weary land.'

"The United States will stand with Israel now and forever. Now and forever."


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Israel, our 51st State that keeps us in endless war!

Sharon: "We own the U.S."

Sharon: "We own the U.S."

I be damned... Damn! I

I be damned...

Damn! I didn't know that. Thats serious indeed.

Muslims aren't that bad, comaparatively:

Here is a good article that explains a lot.

(but now you got me worried about Pelosi)

that's a good essay by Uri Avnery

who is about as far left as Zionists are willing to tolerate (moderate Zionists of course) I think he's probably on 's SHIT list (self-hating israel threatening)


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Read the Constitution

Dude, try reading the constitution sometime. The only way this could happen would be if both Bush and Cheney left office at the exact same time, like if a meteor hit the whitehouse or something. If they were to resign for some personal or legal reason, all they would have to do would be to have Cheney resign, have Bush appoint a new Vice President of his choice, and then he would become President upon Bush's resignation. The new President would then appoint another vice-president.

It is not like this is some obscure legal theory, it has happened before. Look up the names Spiro Agnew and Gerald Ford sometime.

James, we should rightly be impeaching both VP and P at once

so actually it has no precedent.


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Irrelevent, even if you were able to, if they thought there was even the slightest chance they would be convicted, all one of them would have to do would be to resign before the vote was taken.

Dream all you want about impeachment, but Nancy Pelosi would not take over.

ok james, sounds good

not that I thought it was likely, but it does seem like there are many weasel sized holes in the impeachment trap...


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Why the hell does Pelosi keep volunteering that there will be NO

impeachment of the Smirking Chimp???

No impeachment

Because the Democraps are just as much in the pocket of the corporations and the international financiers as the Rethuglicans. As we are about to have demonstrated.

Seriously, nothing earthshaking is going to happen as a result of this election. 911, impeachment, even war profiteering will all stay exactly as they are now. Just watch. The Democraps are all for going after bin Laden (some one should hand out a few shovels, maybe they'll find his body).

Is it a victory when the evil Rumsfeld is replaced by another George HW Bush protege and Iran Contra criminal?

She looks like Nancy Reagan

She looks like Nancy Reagan drank a vial of LSD

I thought more like Joan Rivers

No LSD necessary...


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