Vote for Impeachment, Vote for 9-11 Truth

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Grassroots activist, Congressional candidate, sets out to vote, and reflects on her campaign.
I will bicycle to Juana Briones Elementary School to cast my vote in my first Congressional Race this morning. The Green Party and the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance encouraged me to run for office, my platform includes peace, 9-11 truth, impeachment, repeal of the Patriot Act, and ecological wisdom. The Green Party does not accept donations from corporations and, without a big money war chest, generally gets little attention from the press. The Palo Alto Daily and the Mercury News ignored the 14th Congressional District race completely, until yesterday when the Mercury News endorsed the incumbent.

I am not shocked by the media silence, having championed taboo topics such as 9-11 Truth and impeachment for many years. I have tried to go around the “gatekeepers of conventional wisdom” via the Internet, direct action, rallies, marches, educational events, art, films, and a weekly “listening project” in Downtown Palo Alto during the last five years. I produced two benefits and a film entitled “Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush,” and organized the first San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11, and have published and distributed over 6,000,000 Deception Dollars featuring websites that challenge the official narrative of 9-11. I also published an Election Deception Dollar whose websites question the 2004 presidential election and a Media Deception Dollar which includes the following quote by William Randolph Hearst:

“News is something that somebody wants suppressed. All the rest is advertising.”

My campaign faltered when my campaign manager suddenly quit last April. I suspect that he quit partially because of what happened when he organized a speaking engagement for me to speak at his old dorm at Stanford. Only two students came, and one, who asked permission to record me, interrupted my talk when I complained of Eshoo’s role in beefing up the Intelligence agencies and seeing John Negroponte, infamous for his role in developing Death Squads, take the helm of the new national agency. “Oh John would never do anything like that,” the student said. “He’s a nice guy, a good friend of mine.”

I have spent most of my time championing the 9-11 Truth movement, even helping to organize a conference and rally in Chicago, which broke the topic in the New York Times, which even published a photo of me in a subsequent article. Last month I organized a screening of the film 9-11 Press for Truth at Gunn High School with Paul Thompson and Peter Dale Scott, in hopes of exposing the 9/11 “Cover-Up Commission” and how top Al Qaeda operatives were working for the FBI, CIA, and the military and were assisted, trained and protected by the US government for well over a decade. The Stanford Daily did a cover story, but the rest of the press ignored the event.

I feels the race will reflect how well informed or uninformed the public is on 9/11 Truth and the need for impeachment. I believe “Impeachment is the best hope for the country. We have a responsibility to hold our government accountable for its crimes and to change its policies. Eshoo won’t touch impeachment and wants to expand Homeland Security. I think the 'war on terrorism' is a 'war of terrorism' against Americans and the world. Our best hope of putting an end to 'terrorism' is to stop funding, training, and assisting terrorists, and to stop waging illegal, immoral wars against other nations. I'd like to redirect humanity's resources towards healing, nurturing a peaceful world, where all people and life are respected."

I believe the truth will emerge, and that we will organize resistance to this government, before they can completely organize the repression of all dissent. I just wish we could raise consciousness more quickly, but it is happening organically, slowly and each of our actions, however small, will determine our future.

Latest Keith Olbermann commentary re: Bush!

Olbermann is the best of the mainstream media:

Bowman 43% Weldon 57%

as of 7:09


U.S. House - District 15

46 Bob Bowman (D)

54 Rep. Dave Weldon (R)

28 percent of precincts reporting.

8:59 p.m. EST


I congratulated Dr. Bowman for losing with 46% of the vote. If you look above that, it says 92% percent... I read it wrong. Duh...

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Curt Weldon lost

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Is that good or bad for Truth

Weldon appears to be corrupt by mainstream news reporting. I keep getting mixed feeds with my own research. He was a loud voice for th Able Danger FBI unit. What's up with guy?

Bowman did well, but he lost to Weldon

Republican Weldon
117,023 56% 97% of precincts reporting 11:46 pm

Democratic Bowman
90,755 44%

Why are you twoofers having

Why are you twoofers having so much trouble getting votes? According to Alex Jones you have something like 84% support. Pretty pathetic showing. But hilarous!

CHF nedds his head screwed on

Hey guy, do you realize Doctor Bowman recieved 46% of the vote against Weldon. Weldon's campaign spent 30 times the amount of Bowman's campaign. Are you that naive to not know that Bowman pulled off a major victory even with his close loss. Also, don't you at all feel odd that the GOP had invested that much money into the Weldon campaign in order to prevent a 911 Truth canidate from getting the power to investigate. The GOP spent more on the Weldon campaign for a small Representitive seat than they spent on some Senate seats. Individuals like yourself are frightening with your ignorance. Let me ask you a question and I dare you to answer it: Would you stand in the way of investigating the mass murder of 3000 US citizens killed on 911? Yes or No will do.

oh please

How many voters were actually aware of what a nut Bowman is and how many just went for the Party? Face it - your movement has not and will not amount to anything.

Would I stand in the way of investigating the mass murder of 3000 US citizens? Depends who is doing the investigation. Is the investigation done by qualified engineers and experts in related fields or is it conducted by philosophy "scholars" and Judy the-tree-lady Wood?

please, indeed - enough propeller-head nonsense

forget your engineers - pointless, as the entire narrative is so obviously fabricated, only the boob-tubed buy it; e.g:

1. The documented patsies (protected within the Able Danger program) could not possibly execute 9/11; i.e could not manually fly sophisticated jumbo jets like fighter pilots.

2. Pentagon defense failure was a blatant stand down. No aircraft lacking a military transponder gets past the Pentagon missile shield.

3. The morning of 9/11, with the nation "under attack," the POTUS was not protected as per SS SOP. Cheney was physically dragged to the bunker. Bush was left exposed for half an hour in a publicized location. Air Force One went into the air and got no fighter support for 45 min.

Insightful analysis clearly points to a coup by a rogue network from within. The US government leadership survived this putsch by capitulating to the coup plotters demand: The War of Civilizations starts now! This is understood by the cowed media elite whose reports echo the "official" story. The rogue network though does not exercise complete control. A disgruntled faction of oligarchs are agitating to pull back from the brink, understanding the Strange Love insanity behind the folly and the generals are now with them.

We're seeing this in numerous limited hangouts; e.g. Woodward's "State of Denial" and Thomas E. Ricks' "FIASCO: The American Military Adventure in Iraq," to name but two: then on Monday the Army Times, Navy Times, Air Force Times and Marine Corps Times will ran a joint editorial calling for the resignation or removal of the defense secretary Rumsfeld, and voi-la. Again, this is all "limited hangout," indeed, pressure relief as well against the burgeoning 911Truth movement.

In conclusion, forget, for the time being at least, the physics of civil engineering. Since nearly all the evidence at Ground Zero was hastily destroyed in the most blatantly illegal violation of CSI protocol in the history of criminology, such propeller-head arguments are little more than noisy distractions -- crude disinfo if you will. The truth of the 9/11 coup is what must come out if there's any hope of stopping the madmen before they start WWIII.

yeah lets forget about engineers

and anyone else who knows things about buildings. Let's listen instead to a bunch of space cadets watching YouTube.

1. The hijackers had enough training to fly jumbo jets.

2. The Pentagon HAS NO MISSILE SHIELD. It's next to an airport for crying out loud. It has in the past had mobile launchers on site but no "missile shield."

3. What you call planning I call utter incompetence. The guv's confused 9/11 performance was right in line with what i've come to expect from them. Weird how you kooks can't decide whether Bush is a moron or a genius. He can stage 9/11 and keep everyone involved quite for 5+ years, and yet he can't plant WMD in Iraq or cover up NSA wiretapping.

Here's an idea: why don't one of you put together a FULL 9/11 narrative of what you think happened. Not just questions, or "holes" in the official story. A full A-Z account.

Another oddity about you people: YOU CAN'T DECIDE ON A STORY! Flight 93 was shot down or landed in Cleveland. The Pentagon was hit by a 757, A3, or missile. It was pulled off by the CIA, ROP, Mossad, Al Qaeda (LIHOP).

Why all the theories if the avidence is so strong? Shouldn't you all be able to agree on a story?

Here's how strong your movement is: the 9/11/06 ground zero rally that was planned and hyped up for months and 800-1000 nutbars and teenage stoners showed up. ALL twoofer-endorsed candidates LOST badly on Tues.

Yeah I'm sure the powers that be are shaking in their boots. That must be why they're always trying to assasinate truth leaders like Avery, Bowman, Fetzer and Jones right?

Get over yourselves!

Dems take control of house!

A new opportunity for oversight that may expose 9/11 Truth?

Investigate, investigate,

Investigate, investigate, investigate.

Final results - Bowman

Final results - Bowman lost..

Now, look at this WP site these shills pluged website link for Weldon but not for Bowman..

Btw. Weldon is born in Amityville - this guy is a satanist anyway..

With everyone one of thier

With everyone one of thier strokes, they paint themselves ever more guilty of the cover-up of the mass murder of 3000 US citizens. By everyone I mean individuals with recognizable faces. Just think about this, the editor of the Washington Post, Leonard Downie jr., is undeniably aware that his decisions and orders dictate how and what information the reader will get. He sets the limits of knowledge for a tremendous mass of people. And he's a guy you or I could see walking down the street, and no doubt he puts his pants on a leg at a time and brushes his teeth. Yet unlike you and I, he's reptilian. Reptilian in the sense that his thought process is driven from the brain stem, like all of us, yet with reptilians and unlike you and I, rarely do they reach the etheral regions of thought and experience. Rarely do reptilians make use of the region with fullest capacity and most potential. Reptilians are not suited for many things and definately not suited to run the world. They simply don't have it in them to think of others, or much beyond satisfying thier urges for sex, food, and viscious greed. And now we know as a fact that everytime we see an act like the Washington Post intentionally not including Dr. Bowman's website while they listed his opponents, which undeniably deters the public from getting information about 911, with every stroke these reptiles take, thier guilt gets painted on their face. Soon there will be a catalogue of the reptiles the country will know well, and soon the ultra smal number of reptiles amongst us will be clear, and soon we'll all know them as remnants of early man/ape which is no longer the driving force for those who will lead the world. Might is not right and soon enough the reptiles will be sent off to the swamp.

who really trusts the

who really trusts the outcomes of these elections. haven't we all said there is hardly a difference between the dems and republicans. this is all nonsense. 911 truth is doomed to a pathetic existence for the forseeabe future.

Nazi Lieberman made it!

Wtf? You americans reelected the major nazis, good luck!

Joe Lieberman * (I) 466,173 50%
Ned Lamont (D) 369,523 39%

Joe the whore infecting all corners of the Senate

Lieberman is a stooge kept in power by any means neccasary. His sole purpose is to be the casting vote splitting a possibly 51 - 49 Democratically controlled senate. He'll be the extra vote needed to keep the Administration out of jail.

Bowman is still a Winner

Maybe he didn't get the seat but he did DAMN GOOD! I am Super proud of how well he did!!!! This shows that people are tired of this government that they can't trust. Hell, I don't even trust that this particular race wasn't screwed with to make sure Bowman didn't win. But either way, Bob is freakin awesome and he got through to a lot of people with his campaign. I am thouroughly impressed with how well he did. He has done a lot for Truth. Thanks Bob!!!! You are the man!!!!

I spoke to Doctor Bowman

Bowman is a champ with what he accomplished. His opponent spent over 30 times more on his campaign - 30% more! - and it was still close. This is great news for the future of the Truth Movement. After we get a 911 Truth caucus together we can truly get canidates into office and do what we must. It's simple, we just keep forging forward and building momentum and the House of Cards will fall. Way to go Bowman!

30 times more

I mistakely wrote 30% more when it was actually 30 times more.

Most importantly, Dr. Bowman provided excellent publicity for

9/11 truth!!! I'm certain we'll still be seeing/hearing much more from him!!!

Vote for Impeachment, Vote for 9-11 Truth--Better tell that to

Pelosi. She's already promised not to pursue impeaching the criminal Bush!!! WTF???