Video of David Shayler & Annie Machon at Leeds

David Shayler and Annie Machon at the Unspinning the Truth event organised by The West Yorkshire Truth Campaign Tues 17th October 2006

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I don't trust Shayler

I don't trust Shayler anymore, first he was talking about "no planes/tv fakery" to a newspaper not that long ago, now in this video he mixes up credible points with "the cctv still of the alleged 7/7 bombers was photoshoped" "a car with a demolition company’s logo on it close to the 7/7 bus is suspicious" and to cap it of "the Sumerian Tablets say mankind was created by aliens". How is that kind of wild kooky sounding shit ever going to appeal to a mainstream audience? It's as if Shayler never left the services in my opinion, because that's exactly what a classical disinformation mole does, to try and steer a movement into obscurity and ridicule by deliberately mixing the absurd with the credible.

Not to get off subject but

Not to get off subject but have you read anything about the Summerian Tablets?

the information they contain will definitely not appeal to the masses.... but there is definitely a basis for his beliefs.....

I have

Studied the Sumerian Tablets in depth for many years along with Babylonian & Kemetic religious text.

Granted the Sumerian Tablets do state something to that effect,(depending on interpretation) however Greek religious text talks of Zeus, Hercules & Achilles with all their exploits, the Aztecs speak of various Sun gods etc.
Ancient Egyptian text speaks of various gods and equally wild and unbelievable tales.

That is what religious text are, incredible fairytales and nothing more.

BTW the Sumerian Tablets are where Judaism & Christianity steal their "Genesis fable" from, written at least several hundred to over a thousand years prior to the Jewish Torah (Old Testament).
The Kemetic "42 Admonitions of Ma'at" are where the so called 10 Commandments were derived from, also written hundreds of years prior to the Jewish version.

There are still tell tale signs in the old testament Genesis of the links between the Enuma Elish and the Jewish/Christian Genesis.
There are clear references to TWO gODS in Genesis and those were "Enki (Lord of the Earth and Waters) & Enlil (Lord of the Air and Lord of the Command ) " of the Enuma Elish.

Here is just a couple:
"And God said, Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness..." "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." -- Genesis 1: 26-27
"And the Lord God said, Behold the man is become as one of US, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever;" -- Genesis 3: 22

These are clearly referring to TWO gods and the context is almost Identical to the Sumerian Tablets story line. Enki & Enlil are the Gods/Aliens referenced in the Sumerian Genesis they are of the race of "Sky People" known as "Anunnaki" and what they were talking about were them mating with what they called the "local beast" which was primitive man. This was to make them better slaves in order to mine gold faster.
"Nin-Ti" was Enkis half sister and was the creator of this Hybrid, Nin-Ti in Sumerian means "Lady of the Rib" sound familiar? Yep she is "Eve".

This is no secret but with so many insane Christians roaming the planet you really cant say much about it without making yourself a target of some nutbag.
All you can do is smile and nod and set back and watch Billions of stark raving lunatics thinking these ancient fairytales are factual reality.
Kinda scary.

and if anything those artifacts were stolen to keep the clear connection between them and Judaism/Christianity hidden, either that or just pure greed to sell on the black market.

exactly--i've heard the same things

This is very illuminating. Shayler is very obviously disinfo, and this case should be studied as an example of how they operate--Dem Bruce hit it on the head earlier.

Claiming that the SUmerian tablets are proof of alien origins of human life is the perfect way of discrediting the evidence that the Torah was, ummm, NOT handed to Moses from God, but in fact just adapted from earlier mythology.

Interestingly, the person who clued me into the sumerian origins also wanted me to believe that the world was ruled by very tall very white aliens. And this kid was black, and a harvard student. My lord they have a lot of people on the payroll!!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


the cctv still of the alleged 7/7 bombers was photoshoped

this is a fact, you know....
the question is... why, who, what for?

stop being paranoic ("disinformation mole" thing - don't be ridiculous, watch the video "Peak Oil"),
You're correct not to raise some issues, but some have to be raised. Just do your job exposing the truth.

" to try and steer a

" to try and steer a movement into obscurity and ridicule by deliberately mixing the absurd with the credible."

You'd think he'd know better, wouldn't you?

I have some personal beliefs others might think are strange, but if they're not releveant and could be a liability I keep them to myself.

I hear you. Frankly we shouldn't trust anyone blindly anyway. But I still think Shayler is worth listening to for pure intel op info, but bring a bucket of salt.

Actually, I could see biblical era archeological evidence that contradicts Christian Fundamentalism being destroyed as a personal favor behind the scenes. That's where I was expecting that to go. The Neo-con war mongers have done worse in the cause of religion.

No Planers should be banned from 911 blogger

Too bad Dr Griffin allowed himself to be associated with David Shayler. We don't need the no planers making public acceptance of 911 truth much more difficult.

Show " bruceleestyles exposes" by Anonymous (not verified)

LOL, care to elaborate? What

LOL, care to elaborate? What makes me "full of shit"?

yeh i was with him up until

yeh i was with him up until he started talking about evolution, it's a bit like David Icke, yeh he makes some valid points about everybody being to concerned about what others think of them, and that were all to quick to conform to what is "normal" etc then BANG The world is ruled by 7ft lizards ? eh?, we don't need this type of shit, it just puts people off when they take it to far and then discredits all the other stuff.You ultimatly just become a laughing stock and nobody will take you serious.


He sounded fine all the way until just 3-4 mins at the end then he completely lost his mind.

THIS is why Religious nutbags should not be listened to EVER.
There are 1000s of Transitional Fossils btw clearly proving "Macro Evolution" so that was an out right lie or he is indeed so phucked up on Religion that his cognitive dissonance just blocks out those facts.

and I agree, people talking about 9/11 truth need to STFU about some religious mumbo jumbo, or especially something as overwhelmingly proven as Evolutionary Theory.

It's a pity really.

Would be the same if David Ray Griffin all of sudden started coming out with equally as ridiculous statements, saying something that obviously absurd would taint all the good work he has done.

Would be like making a fantastic USDA Prime aged Fillet dinner with a Maine Lobster on the side with all the trimmings then right before you serve it you shyte right in the middle of it.

Wow. David Shayler is

Wow. David Shayler is fucking crazy. I just lost all my previous respect for him as he started to compare 9/11 to the theory of evolution. Shocking.


Very sad isn't it?

Shame how someone can talk for 1hr 16 min and make good points and perfect sense for 1hr 13 min then he jumps off a cliff in a clown suit.

Just shows what religion can do to the mind.

haha, aint that the truth?

haha, aint that the truth? not to bash religion, but one of my best friends doesnt talk to me anymore because he "found god" and i didnt. that doesnt sound too christian of him does it? its funny, because he was basically pretty liberal in most of his beliefs and now he couldnt be further to the right, because he thinks thats what hes supposed to be. the religous right could care less about all the dead iraqis and american soldiers, they could care less about our constitution, they could care less about global warming, they could care less about anything but abortion and gay marriage. the average "godless" liberal has more compassion and heart than the average evangelical. what does that say about our society? or should i ask, what does it say about the evangelical movement today?

My guess is he's just

My guess is he's just found something spiritually/ intellectually meaningful and he's in the romance stage where he feels he has to tell EVERYONE, even panhandlers, the GOOD NEWS.

We can all thank political Christianity for this meme.

Someone needs to sit down with the man and explain what's important(murdering people) and what's not(whether we were genetically engineered, even if it is true), point out how it hurts the 911Truth movement and stay on message in future.

But he really should know better.

"The Holocaust"

[Shayler repeats the usual cold war propaganda about "the Holocaust", probably out of ignorance, or convenience, nevertheless the truth will set us free. ]

Lectures on the Holocaust: Controversial Issues Cross-Examined
Germar Rudolf

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Compiled by German scientist and publisher Germar Rudolf (currently in prison in Germany for writing this book and his scientific report), the book comes to grips frankly and thoughtfully with every significant aspect of the Holocaust issue. A vast amount of information is presented here in the form of an exchange between knowledgeable but open-minded lecturers, and skeptical audience members who ask probing questions and make challenging remarks. This “Frequently Asked Questions” handbook forthrightly addresses the most familiar and pertinent arguments against the revisionist view.

With many photos, hundreds of source references and a large bibliography.

To order this classic go to this LINK:

"Someone needs to sit down

"Someone needs to sit down with the man and explain what's important(murdering people) and what's not(whether we were genetically engineered, even if it is true [or Holocaust revision,even if it's true] ), point out how it hurts the 911Truth movement and stay on message in future."


Please explain to me how the

Please explain to me how the 911 TRUTH movement is hurt for the search for TRUTH? Why is it important to allow people to propagate cold war propaganda versus standing up for the TRUTH? And how does allowing people to continue to propagate lies help the TRUTH?

if by "truth"

You mean the holocaust did not happen even though it is one of best recorded in extreme well documented detail genocides in history?

Then that is NOT the truth as there is overwhelming evidence to the contrary thats why.


Nunyabiz is a typical non response to the devastating critique laid out by Germar Rudolph in his edited tomes Dissecting the Holocaust and Lectures on the Holocaust. What specifically was "recorded" about the "holocaust", and what is the "holcaust" to you? As I understand it, the typical cold war propaganda is 6 million Jews were exterminated with homocidal gas chambers according to a secret plan of Adolf Hitler's. All of these assertions are at best unproven and at worst brazen lies. As for this having no relevance to 911, it has much relevance, how can one Big Lie in history go unquestioned but then we are suddenly supposed to jump on board when another Big Lie comes along that should be exposed. Funny logic.

JewState, Jew Fifth Column, or Jew Holocaust?
by Patrick H. McNally,
The Judaic-Zionist-Semitist attack on humanity has recently achieved shocking successes in its multi-pronged and decades [centuries?] old assault on various Gentile peoples, religions, and institutions. Jewry`s elite misleaders must feel like Napoleon in 1812 about to enter abandoned Moscow and enjoy the culmination of his continental imperial ambitions. The main fronts on which Jewry rapes the world are: 1. Aliyah Zionism and the false tin God of the apart-hate racist JewState [Judenstaat = Teddy Herzl`s term meaning the state of the Jews, by the Jews, and for the Jews], 2. the non-aliyah fifth columns of Jew traitors ensconsed high in the governments, media, and universities of virtually all Euro-American states, and 3. the hoaxoco$t, world history`s filthiest blood libel, a now UN-sponsored poison polluting the atmosphere of public discourse throughout the world. Even Japan now has a Holyhoax Museum. For some reason many sincere opponents of Jewish terrorism [both state-sponsored and private] argue that the hoaxoco$t is a side issue and, therefore, recommend against attacking it head on. Instead they want attention focused on the Zionist racism of the apart-hate JewState of Izrealhell. In opposition to all “holocaust avoidance,” the main idea advanced in this paper is that the hoaxoco$t is the very foundation and Achilles Heel of elite Jewry`s power over the Jewish sheeple and the world`s cattle-goyim. A good indication that Zionist Israel is not crucially important to elite Jewry is that some top-level establishment propagandists with jewsnews access severely criticize the JewState. Richard Cohen even described Izzie as a mistake and a failed experiment. And Tony Judt entitled an article, “Why Israel Cannot Grow Up!” Other elite Jews, e.g. Judith Butler, magnanimously concede that “It is not anti-Semitic to criticize Israel!” Finally, a 100-year old Jewish joke shows the unimportance of the JewState to most Jews: “What is a Zionist? A Jew who wants to send stupider Jews to Palestine.” [NB: At that time Jews were honest enough to admit that Palestine existed.] None of the top fifty of so American billionaire Jews who run the JewAssA dumbmocracy would ever consider actually doing aliyah, i.e. living in the racist hellhole of the JewState. So forget Zionism and the JewState! Elite Jewry is much more sensitive about any critical inquiry into its numerous domestic fifth columns of traitors and the hoaxoco$t than it is about anyone ragging on Izzie. Can you even imagine any Jew magnanimously conceding, “It is not anti-Semitic to criticize the Israeli Lobby? Or the holocaust?” Even when the more accurate term “Jew fifth column” is replaced by the limp euphemism of “Israeli Lobby,” elite Jewry goes ballistic at the sight of mere cattle-goyim investigating the power of the Jew juggernaut. Witness the hysterical foaming at the mouth over the recent Walt-Meirsheimer paper. Numerous elite Jew ideologues attacked the paper for its lack of scholarship. But there was no need whatsoever for any scholarship in the paper. Its merit was that the two tenured professors were simply putting in print what everyone had been saying in private for years. It does not require scholarship to write, “Tel Aviv is the Israeli capitol.” The entire Walt-Meirsheimer paper is on that level of basic information and the whole controversy was a storm in a teacup. The secret of Jew political power is that it must not be discussed but heeded. Nevertheless, elite Jewry has never tried to criminalize analysis of elite Jewry`s raw political power. In fact, it often seems that elite Jewry enjoys flexing its muscles and intimidating the cattle goyim. The recent political history of America reveals the power and control elite Jewry has over its top stooge, the JewAssA president. 1. JFK; assassinated for opposing donating nukes to Israel, 2. Johnson; trashed after the USS Liberty and Vietnam fiascos, 3. Nixon; spied on and impeached, 4. Ford; too dumb to be a threat and unable to simultaneously walk and chew gum, 5. Carter; dumped after one term for ragging at Izzie about human rights, 6. Ronny Raygun, learning impaired stick puppet so kept for two terms, 7. Papa Bush; got the Carter treatment, 8. Pinus Bill; crippled by Mossad sex scandal for pushing Izzie to limit its genocide, 9. Baby Bush; severely learning impaired sock puppet with speech defects. Moreover, the Jewish fifth columns have layers and layers of replaceable “showcase Gentiles” [paradie goyim] to front for them. So forget the Jew fifth columns and their traitors! 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One crucial point is that everyone [Gentile and Jew] knows that the Hoaxoco$t is 100% a Jew issue, i.e. promoted BY and FOR Jews. All attempts to fob off this or that Holyhoax exhibit as a lesson in universal human tolerance by throwing a few crumbs to Gypsies, Armenians, or whomever come off as pathetic, phony and ineffective. Moreover, with the hoaxoco$t there are no “showcase Gentiles” to hide behind. Thus, elite Jewry has made itself vulnerable by allowing its own scum of the earth to surface and function as free lance moral masturbators, schmaltzy hand-wringing hate mongers, and tinsel town snake oil salesmen. Clearly a case of the cesspool theory according to which the larger chunks float to the top, e.g. Alley the Weasel, Sly Weaselthal, and numerous fraudulent hoaxohucksters who were publicly exposed and ridiculed to the embarrassment of the holocaustomaniac jet set plutocrats. 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The UAssA truly seems to have become the Land of the Freak and the Home of the Knave. A fourth argument used to advocate avoiding the third rail of the holocaust is that holocaust deniers are Nazis, racists, skinheads, right wingers, pedophiles, fudge packers, auntie-Semites, anti-Semenists, whatever. Such stupid argumenta ad hominem are so nonsensical that its advocates are certainly guilty of culpable ignorance if not downright intellectual dishonesty. In fact, one of the earliest holocaust deniers was a Jew who had been an Auschwitz inmate. Another was a French socialist who had been imprisoned in several camps. Another important Jewish anti-holocaust witness had worked in the Auschwitz Labor and Recreation Camp as secretary to one of the German head honchos. She testified at the Great Awshucks Trial in Frankfurt in the late 60s that there were no homicidal gas ovens. A fourth important witness is David Cole who made a video [now available as a DVD] about Auschwitz in the early 1990s. In the DVD, Cole wore a skullcap and emphasized that he is an Orthodox Judaist, but that did not cut any ice with America`s self-appointed Hoaxoco$t Grand Inquisitors and free speech blowhards. The DVD was made after the holocaust gate-keeping Polish Communist government got thrown out onto the trash heap of history and researchers from the so-called free world could take a real look around the phony death camps. At any rate, David was rewarded for his efforts with death threats from the JDL [Jew Death League] and realizing that discretion is the better part of valor, he distanced himself from his DVD and his erstwhile revisionist colleagues. Check out Germar Rudolf`s scholarly and fascinating Lectures on the Holocaust for the details on the above revisionists and many others! A fifth argument –utterly bogus- advanced by advocates of “holocaust avoidance” is that attacking the holocaust is an attempt to make Hitler look good. If one argues that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings were war crimes, is one trying to make the Japanese Imperial Army look good? The “revisionists try to make Hitler look good” is a ridiculous non-starter. Let us get beyond the childish notion that wars are conflicts between good and evil! America`s wars are mostly aggressive massacres and killings involving massive stupidity and diabolical evil. Basically all the arguments of the “holocaust avoiders” boil down to this: “Elite Jews control public and private discourse and it really pisses them off if any cattle goyim or even one of their own self-chosen get uppity and start to wander too far off the kosher mandated politically correct path. If we do that, we will not be respected and Mr. Elite Jew will really get angry at us. Therefore, just focus in on the safe topic of Zionism`s blatant racism and puke your guts out about the JewState`s genocide on the installment plan against the Palestinians because no American really gives a damn about it. “The English language Internet edition of Haaretz will give you enough safe material that you can use to pass yourself off as a dangerous but socially acceptable non-anti-Semitic radical and cutting edge skeptic to your American friends. But still be careful! Do not forget that Israeli Jews have much more freedumb than American Jews who in turn have much more than American cattle goyim. At the bottom of the cattle goyim heap are the Germans who have been reduced to a sub-human catatonic state equivalent to a Pavlovian dog, i.e. when the “hoaxoco$t bell” rings, they have to grovel and wet their pants.” From holocaust revision to hoaxoco$t urination!


Did not bother to read your cut & paste diatribe as it is senseless garbage.

Fact is the Nazis themselves kept such excellent records that they are the best evidence against themselves.

You are not worth the effort it took to write these few words.

BS in a bucket

If you did not bother to read it, how do you know it is senseless garbage? Amazing powers of the brain you have. If you have not studied the revisionists in scrupulous detail, how do you know anything whatsoever about the Hoaxafraud other than what you have been spoon fed by the cold war propaganda and jewish deciet industustry (ie., Hollyweird, the TV , Tallmud Vision), and so on? In the meantime, the Zionists control the US congress and the Hoaxacrap is their lynchpin to power. Even questioning it in some countries can land you in prison for thought crimes. Orwell would be proud of you sir/maam. Clearly "911 Truth" thrives on suppressing truth and propagating lies, which is what much of comes out of the libertarian garbled think tanks of such fillms as Terror Storm and From Freedom to Fattism.


I have read that authors manure before, it is worthless.

I dont recall

anyone ever saying every single thing attributed to the Nazi's was 100% true.

However to try and deny that the holocaust happened at all is utterly absurd and easily disproven.