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I need some help with some research here. I'm trying to locate the video footage of the ABC News Prime Time March 5 2001 episode. This is the episode that a company named Sensory, Inc demonstrated it's Fluent software's ability to replicate somone's voice. I was hoping it would show some doubters that they had the capabilty of faking those Flight 93 phone calls.

Apparently they replicated Diane Sawyer's voice quite impressivley, but I haven't yet seen this for myself so I can't confirm.

Here is their press release.




voice replication? no problem

"Voxonic applies its "Voice Models" to transform speech from one person to another. All we need is a one-time, fifteen-minute sample of your voice. With that we will be able to present you saying what you want in the language of your choice"



Thank you! This is most helpful!!


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these voice replicas are likely very easy to detect

with some analysis, meaning they wouldn't ever hold up in court if their authenticity was challenged. Given the potential for serious fraud, too, you would think the regulators would require such technology to leave some kind of trace to make it even easier.

Baiscally, someone might be able to impersonate you temporarily, but not in any way that would ultimately be very convincing. Be sure to come up with little codes and questions for anyone you want to be able to verify your identity over the phone, if you're concerned.


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Yeah, but it would probably work to fool some ordinary people

getting startling phone calls from planes on 9/11.

Perhaps the bizarre Mark Bingham call that began: "Hi mom, this is Mark Bingham...You believe me, don't you mom"? was worded that way to make certain that Mrs. Bingham was convinced it was "her son" before that call went any further.

"Do you believe me

"Do you believe me Mom?"


"You don't?"



did we ever get the phone records of the alleged cell phone callers?...or the credit card bills of the people using the airphones....

I heard a story a while back about a collector going after people who died on 9/11 whose families hadn't paid their credit card bills for use of the airphones.... it just seemed like such a staged story. Serioulsy, would the airlines or credit card companies really press to collect on these charges unless it was set up to make it appear these calls actually happened

Guessing the cell service over Pennsylvania Dutch Country is pretty darn good.... you know how those Amish love their technology

if you order now we'll also include,,,

“At 8:45, just before the crash, she said "I see the water. I see the buildings. I see buildings," then after a pregnant pause, a quiet "Oh, my God!"

The NTSB places the crash time at 8:46:40”

A bit of a timing problem, no? 40 seconds (minimum) between “oh, my god!” and the ‘crash’. At the alleged speed, she was at least 6-7 MILES away and would only have had a view out of a SIDE window. pathetic.

It is reported that a very experienced stewardess said the words

about seeing "water & buildings", but she certainly would know what the NYC skyline looked like! Why would she not state NYC or Manhattan, instead of water & buildings??? It's absurd.

That would be a realy

That would be a realy chilling scenario for someone who doesn't know much about technology.


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