9/11 Truth Remains The Critical Issue

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones have another hard-hitting piece on the Democratic sweep and 9/11. They remind us that 9/11 is not a left versus right issue, it is simply the most important issue today:

"9/11 Truth Remains The Critical Issue
Democrat leadership treacherously joins forces with Neo-Cons to take wind out of sails, massive effort to keep 9/11 truth at the forefront of public thinking needs to be re-doubled

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Friday, November 10, 2006

9/11 truth is the make or break issue that will define freedom in America for future generations. The steam-valve effect that the election of the co-opted Democratic leadership which has already capitulated to Bush has had on some areas of the 9/11truth movement is extremely dangerous. We need to re-double our efforts to expose the 9/11 inside job!

Our previous article, 9/11 Truth Is Dying Inside the Liberal and Progressive Movements While Exploding World-Wide, provoked a firestorm of reaction overnight, most of it positive, some negative, and some that completely missed the crux of what we were trying to say.

Unlike the claims of previous 9/11 leaders who declared the movement to be dead and jumped ship, we stress that 9/11 truth remains the central and core issue of our efforts to apply the defibrillator paddles to America and try and shock her back to life.

9/11 is not a dead letter issue, it will never be a dead letter issue and just because the establishment changed its bird cage lining doesn't mean we can switch off, go to sleep, and expect the Democrats to fight our corner for us. It's not going to happen.

9/11 is the issue that will never die but Democrats have already openly announced their intentions to capitulate to Bush and join forces with Bush and the Neo-Cons - out of the gates both Pelosi and Dean have made it clear that no impeachment proceedings will take place. No new 9/11 investigation and no inquiry into Iraq. The majority of Americans want to see impeachment proceedings begin but the Democrat shills have pledged to scupper any efforts to even investigate the high crimes and misdemeanours of the Bush crime syndicate. An MSNBC poll today shows that 86% want impeachment.

It's analogous to a fire starting in our home, we call the fire department (the Democrats), they show up and instead of putting out the fire they start barbecuing hot dogs on skewers. They have already sworn to protect the Bush crime family and its associated gaggle of villains from any form of criminal proceedings. How is this in any form a step forward in getting justice for the victims of 9/11?

9/11 truth has just reached critical mass awakening, the vast majority of Americans don't believe the official story, and it cannot be allowed to die as a result of the naive apathy of trusting the treacherous Democrat leadership.

We simply cannot allow the movement to lose momentum just because the tires have been changed on the juggernaut of the one party system. The fire of 9/11 truth is dying down, we just need to add more wood to the fire!

We cannot let the enemy snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

The dictatorial martial law powers that Bush has put in place must immediately be repealed and the criminals responsible for Iraq and 9/11 investigated for treason, otherwise the same gang of crooks will simply orbit back into power in 15 years like the Iran-Contra crowd, and we'll still be left with the architecture of fascism to be exploited by a Hillary Clinton or a John McCain in 2008.

To put it bluntly, since Tuesday we have noticed the wind being taken out of the sails of 9/11 truth - and we are pissed off about it.

Government sponsored terror is the zeitgeist of how populations are enslaved throughout history and it remains the critical issue.

This is a rallying call to the troops, to not let 9/11 truth wither away on the vine and die just because the establishment decided to play Team B. Furthermore, hold the Democrats responsible in equal measure to the Neo-Cons. If you know a murder has been committed and you give safe passage to the perpetrators are you not also committing a crime?

Here's a sample of the negative comments we received and our response to them.

"I'm sorry, but posting crap NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME is useless. It's the sign of a parasite. No matter what happens it will be torn down. Would they really be happier with a necon win? What would that entail? A bloodbath. Maybe it's time to stop spinning chicken little tales and start looking at reality and what is POSSIBLE. Personally, I've had enough fucking pointing out of the obvious problems and am waiting for some fucking solutions."

This individual has settled for the "lesser of two evils" and attacks us for not offering solutions. We have clearly outlined our solutions - lobby the co-opted Democrat leadership for repeal, investigation and impeachment - or hold them responsible as collaborators. This individual calls for solutions yet their solution is seemingly to let Democrats run defense for the Neo-Con crooks. Will Democrats prevent a "bloodbath"? Nancy Pelosi has vehemently expressed her support for the war on terror and John Kerry based his 2004 election campaign around hyping a war with Iran. Hillary Clinton, who is now likely to be the next President, fully supports the war in Iraq. Do these Democrat kingpins have any motivation to prevent further bloodshed?

"You should be at least grateful the Dems want to implement the suggestions of the 9-11 commission, something the neocons refused to do. Besides, these people haven't even taken office yet. Added to that, do something productive with your 9-11 paranoia."

The 9/11 Commission was staffed by insider apologists Kean, Zelikow, and Hamilton who went to great lengths to cover-up the most important 9/11 issues and refused to include anything in their final report which even hinted at complicity. They also refused to take NORAD to task for lying to them under oath until over a year later. The suggestions of the 9/11 Commission would have beefed up Bush's police state to a whole new level so the fact that "the Dems want to implement the suggestions of the 9-11 commission," is more reason to distance ourselves from the Dems.

"OMG, you people... Leave something to be desired. 2 weeks ago it was all about the neocons and 9-11. Now you have it twisted to the Democrats and 9-11. What is it? Who is it? Who should be resposable? It sounds like your confused about your own theory. So basicly, whoever is in charge, you are going to somehow blame them and expect them to be resposable for 911, even if these people we not even in power on 911. Well, that sounds paranoid. You can only have it one way. What the hell is up with you people. The whole time the Bush regime was in power you begged for change. Now you have it, but your still complaining.

We have change? Pelosi and Dean have totally capitulated and promised to protect Bush from any investigation and you call that change? Pelosi has painstakingly kissed-up to Bush and agreed to work with him on the mass amnesty program for illegal aliens - is that change? It's not about the Neo-Cons and 9/11, it's not about the Democrats and 9/11 - it's about 9/11 - and any individuals that seek to sabotage bringing the perpetrators of 9/11 to justice, whether they be Republican or Democrat, shall be held responsible.

Here are comments from level-headed people who understood the message we were trying to put across.

"I don't think the title of the article should be considered premature melancholy, rather, its Alex's way of slapping our faces and keeping us focused in the wake of a small victory in a huge battle. Keep attacking!"

"It is true, the challenge is greater, the article is correct to convey a sense of urgency. The danger now is that, as the truth about 9/11 emerges into the mainstream, those that are responsible for it are moving into the distance and using their many disguises to throw off the scent."

"You know there is something very, very wrong when the big winners of an election (Pelosi, Dean & the Democrats) are the ones making the promises & concessions!!!"

"Pelosi's lost the plot! Her declaration may fit the bill for the Dem's platform of Corporate cowardice, but it won't wash against a tidal storm of 9/11TRIAL! -reminders. Freeway bloggers, let's go! Redoubling our efforts is clearly in order, and that call is resounding throughout the politically savvy web-community."

"You just don't seem to get it yet! There is only one party, and it's called the Demopublican Party. They take turns taking the hits and appearing to oppose each other so they can stay in power."

"You are absolutely correct. Without investigation and punishment, mark my words, history WILL repeat itself. To forgive corruption is to reward corruption. Pedophilia, bribery and money laundering are pinpricks next to the bloodbath of this illegal war. We have punished the Duke, Ney, Foley, Abramoff and other bit players. The fascist warmongers responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands must be punished proportionately. Now."

"The bottom line is that the people that are falling for this latest dog and pony show were never truth movement members. This latest Democratic "win" will only serve to slow things down. The "sleeping giant," as Alex calls it, will continue to awake slowly, just as it always has."

"Absolutely dead on target. Today I witnessed many friends who were just beginning to wake up suddenly rolling over and going back to sleep. This latest (brilliant) maneuver by the elite was a direct attack on the truth movement. We should not have been surprised."

"Let's not be fooled into into complacency! The same corporate/bank interests are at the helm. This a challenge for 9/11 truth. Let's answer the challenge by re-doubling our efforts!"

"There needs to be an organized flood of petitions to our senators and other officials to open a new investigation into 9/11. I have to believe that there are some good people in government who have not yet heard the truth on this subject. I hope that those leaders in the 9/11 truth movement can coordinate their efforts toward a movement like this."

"To those who seek truth and justice for America Don't be discouraged. Those who genuinely seek the truth and strive to share it will never be quelled or silenced. The fight to take back our country can be won one small victory at a time. It was a victory for the Democrats to win control of congress, because it shows that the American people have at least recognized that problems in the Bush regime exist and change needs to come to Washington. We are painfully aware that the Democrats are no great saviors. We can not give up the fight, but we can claim victory when we see small steps toward change. For it is with one step at a time that we plod forward toward our goal of a once again free America."

This is a rallying cry to those out there who really want justice and freedom for future generations. Are we to allow the Democrats to toady-up to Bush and the Neo-Cons for their own egotistic selfish power hunger and let the criminals walk away, only to return once more, or should we hold their feet to the fire and demand repeal, investigation and impeachment - which is it to be?

Long live 9/11 truth!"

My goal......my promise!

I'm writing 10 letters a day from now on to all the folks I think will help. Please join me, don't give up.

Wow. That's powerful!!

Now we need a resolution from the floor of the United Nations- then we can have them all carted off to the Hague for a prosecution that rivals the Neuremberg trials!!


Go back to molesting farm animals, moron.

Don't Lose Hope

I've talked with so many people here in College Station, TX, and continue to do so, in search of 9/11 Truth. I share the fear of a placated populous via this good cop / bad cop charade, but even moreso lately I hear a lot of conservatives who've never given it a second thought come back to me with genuine questions. Double your efforts, talk to _new_ people about our concerns, especially open minded conservatives who might be new to the issue at hand, yet willing to look for the first time due to the new political atmosphere. Keep it up guys.

Great job boys!!! Keep it

Great job boys!!! Keep it up! Just means we have to hit them even harder dammit!

glimmer of hope.

i was taking a poll today that i recieved in my e-mail. they have sent me polls in the past and they are always very vanilla. i was shocked to see this question show up on todays poll:

U.S. government officials either planned the attacks of September 11, 2001 or did nothing to stop them because they wanted the United States to go to war in the Middle East.
Agree Strongly, Agree, Neither Agree nor Disagree, Disagree, Disagree Strongly, Don’t Know

needless to say, i tend to forget how much of an impact people like us have been having. i NEVER would have thought PollingPoint would include a question like that. we MUST be having an impact.

Show "A question" by Anonymous (not verified)

compartmentalization. Google

compartmentalization. Google it. thousands? hardly moron.

switched planes with

switched planes with missiles and drones, planted wreckage, sileneced witnessed, faked airphone calls, lied about crash reports,

Um, y eah...I don't buy those theories, so nice try...that's like if I said anyone who was a 9/11 debunker was a Fox News worshipping Bush lover. Got it?

"At any point are you

"At any point are you twoofers going to start wondering why NONE of the thousands of conspirators are coming foward?"

In no way does the alternate conspiracy theory, require that there were "thousands" of conspirators in the first place.

C'mon kids - this is absurd.

Then why are you here? Why do you bother? Do you think calling us "twoofers" is going to make us stop? And if you really did care--which you don't--you'd know mocking people isn't they way to reach them, sunbeam.

Oh, and get a name--before you get one from Muppet casting.


The reason no one will come forward is that to do so, you have to admit to mass murder, treason and conspiracy. Let me ask you a simple question, if you killed 3000 people would you admit to it? C'mon . . .


Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. ~ Albert Einstein

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

We could have saved the Earth but we were too damned cheap. ~ Kurt Vonnegut

I've got to go to meet God, and explain all those men I killed at Alamein. ~ Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery

Life is like an overlong drama through which we sit being nagged by the vague memories of having read the reviews. ~ John Updike

Story Submitted to BuzzFlash- Go "BUZZ" it.

What the hell is this?

"Warning!: This story has negative votes. Be careful before you buzz."

Who gets to award negative votes? What happens to me if I buzz something with negative votes? While we're at it, WTF is "karma"?

I haven't read the link, but

I haven't read the link, but as I understand it 'karma' is the base rating you get over time based on the total ratings of your posts.

So say you're new somewhere, your karma is 0; the rating of your posts start out with no prejudice one way or the other. But say your posts always tend to get rated 4 or 5, you're so in tune with your audiance your posts are magic. Then your starting karma may be 1 or 2, no matter what you say.

Or take 'Bert' and 'Ernie', bad boys, always making trouble. If they actually took a name, by now anything they wrote would start out with a -6 or -8, way they've gone on. Come to think of it that may be why they're too chicken to commit to a name.

Anyway, I'm not an expert. I'm sure someone will come along soon and straigten out whatever I got wrong.


the bush empire is built on the lies of 9/11

everything in his police state flows from that event.

one lil Truth and the empire could go shake and begin to break

but I am not waiting on the dims for any help

mass pressure is about the only thing that could have some effect...

Thanks, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones!

This is absolutely wonderful, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones! When it looked like the Dems were going to win a couple of days ago, I said to my partner that, far from being glad about it, we should be cautious that this doesn't take the wind out of the sails of the 9/11 truth movement, which wants to see the criminals who are responsible for 9/11 exposed and brought to justice. In Australia also, 9/11 has been responsible for the introduction of a number of insane and annoying laws, which would never have been introduced if 9/11 hadn't taken place. And, of course, there was the enthusiastic support on the part of our prime minister, John Howard, to join the killing party in Iraq (with its use of depleted uranium to add to the misery of the innocents caught up in it), all based on the lie that Muslims, and Iraqis, were responsible for the murder of 3000 people in a "terrorist attack" on the World Trade Center. In Australia also, we have officially two, but in reality one party, disagreeing on a few superficial things, but fundamentally united, as far as 9/11 is concerned, in their support for the official story as put out by Bush and co. In other words, they will not, in political life and in parliament, in the papers, on TV and in the mainstream media, discuss the absurdity of the Bush official story, or discuss 9/11 at all. In Australia most people don't even know that a third building came down that day, on orders of one of the Bush clique. But I'm glad to see they are starting to discuss all this in the open in other countries, such as my native Holland, where a program was recently aired on national TV showing one of your Dutch equivalents explaining a few facts about 9/11(with, in the interest of impartiality, some rubbishy establishment journalist providing the usual crap as a contrary point of view - I think he even mentioned Popular Mechanics as having had the definitive word on the matter).

The fight for justice goes on. I for one will continue to tell as many people as I can here in Sydney, and approach papers and TV stations etc. to do new stories on 9/11.

Sydney, Australia

P.S. To John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia: You're in a bit of a pickle, aren't you, John. The cover-up is starting to crack in all directions, and when it does, what are you going to say? I doubt you knew about it at the time - the inside job which caused the death of 3000 Americans - but George Bush is one of your very best buddies, so, when people ask you if you were in on it, are you going to admit that you were taken for a ride, made a fool of, like everybody else?

We Must Keep the Pressure on the Democrats

It is clear that just because the representation changed we can not become complacent. Even though the Democrats have said impeachment is off the table. I think we need to look at what happened in the Nixon administration, the congress basically said impeachment was off the table. But the American people demanded it. Listen to today's Democracy Now last 20 minutes, they had the woman who wrote the "The Case For Impeachment" on, she said this. The people demanded the impeachment of Nixon even though the representatives said it was off the table. The difference between this and the Clinton administration, was that the Clinton impeachment was completely political but the Nixon impeachment was supported by the people. The people must demand the impeachment otherwise it will not happen. Lets demand the investigations begin. From that the case for impeachment will become clear.

Pelosi-Bush go to Hollywood

APee News,

In the wake of the Democratic Party victory this week, Nancy Pelosi, who has been declared Speaker of the House by herself and behind the scenes supporters in Tel Aviv and Miami Beach, has decided it would be a good idea to reconcile with the Republicans in order to make a brighter future for the country (ie., Israel). Since it has been revealed that the GOP (Greedy Old Perverts) have been emboiled in innumberable pedophile scandals, Pelosi has offered to thrown a bone to the old boys club and make a pornographic film starring herself and George W. Bush. The working title of the film is ZIONIST WHORES, as tip of the yarmulke to the Democrats top funders (at 60 percent).

They need to settle their shit down

This crap is typical of Alex Jones, et al. And I find it 'funny' that they had to respond to their initial comments because of 'our' response to it. The 9/11 Truth Movement is NOT 'dying' or 'near death'. Not even close. And it is NOT 'at critical mass'. Yet. It is an increasingly rapidly growing grassroots movement. In the U.S. and around the world. We only started our own local 9/11 Truth group in my city a few months ago. Impatience is to be expected. But let's not be stupid while we're at it. --- And I think anyone who thinks or believes that Hillary Clinton has even the remotest chance of being elected President in 2008 isn't based in Reality. Maybe Vice President. Perhaps in something like an Edwards-Clinton candidacy. And then maybe President 8 years after that. But we still might have a non-white _male_ President before we have a female President. As long as the non-white candidate isn't too non-white. (whatever that might mean) The American people aren't even close to anything other than that, imo. I think we are still years away from a female or non-white President, especially without some years as a Vice President first. --- Alex Jones, et al., need to stop hurting and hindering the 9/11 Truth Movement with their BS. And exactly who are these (supposed?) "previous 9/11 leaders who declared the movement to be dead and jumped ship"???

"And exactly who are these

"And exactly who are these (supposed?) "previous 9/11 leaders who declared the movement to be dead and jumped ship"???"

Mike Ruppert for one.

That 'Cut and Runner'?

I'm (partly) joking about that. But, in his own way, he is as much of an Idiot as Alex Jones and some of the others. No big loss him exiting stage right. Of course, everyone is clueless sometimes, in some ways, to some level and degree. Instead of 'being a crybaby', he should be thankful that the Internet has allowed the 9/11 Truth and Justice Movement to compress its timeline down to about 5 years, instead of us all discussing this stuff and trying to do something about it 20, 30 and 40 years down the road. (like the JFK assassination, et al.) Ruppert and Jones and everyone else are merely, effectively, small, relatively insignificant cogs in the machine, and barely even that, really. And 'the machine' will keep running fine and dandy, with or without them. No one is irreplaceable. And there is built-in redundancy throughout. Plus others have and will continue to build on everything they have contributed. It is still the beginning, not the end.