911Courage.org Leafletter to Plead Guilty to Tresspass Charge

9/11 Activist to Request Maximum Sentence

On Wednesday August 9th, nationwide group 911Courage.org carried out leafletting in 14 states, some legal some not, at the opening of Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center". Two people risked arrest. Mia Hamel of Tampa was arrested but no one ever told group founder David Slesinger to stop leafletting at his Rockville, Maryland location, the Regal Rockville Stadium 13.

Montgomery County's finest obliged him with an arrest at about 9:30PM August 11th during his second day of leafletting. He received a ticket for trespass with a maximum fine of $500 and a maximum sentence of 6 months and is banned from the property for 3 years. At a recent hearing he was notified that the maximum sentence would be 90 days.

In Slesinger's proposed plea to the court (below) he gives the Gandhian plea,"If you believe in what you are doing give me your stiffest sentence. If you don't, resign."

He continues that he wants "to do penance on behalf of our misguided brothers George W. Bush and Dick Cheney" and " for every American who is afraid to ask all of the hard questions about 911."

He adds, "I am not afraid of the other guests of the county. There is more goodness in any cell block in this county than there is in the Oval office." Slesinger served 4 months in jail in 1982 for a nonviolent civil disobedience action.

More info on the continuing leafletting may be found at www.911courage.org or info@911courage.org

90 days is an outrageously stiff sentence for mere handing

9/11 truth leaflets to inform his fellow contrymen/women!

How does tresspassing come into play? What sort of tresspassing? Who/what was harmed by this?

Can someone please tell us who is pressing these trumped-up charges against Slesinger?

civil disobedience

The theater I leafletted at, the Rockville Stadium Cinemas, actually looks like a theater on a public street. This would make leafleting legal. However, it is private property.

The first time I went with a leaflet about "Flight 93". There was a police official talking on his cell. I leafletted a few minutes and tried to talk to him. He declined. I leafleted uminterrupted after that. I had a long conversation with someone who worked at homeland security. He dismissed the work of Griffin and S. Jones out of hand. I walked away telling him he was too narrow minded

The next time I went there with the same leaflet 2 cops chased me away. I was intersted to watch the high school folks and their reactions.

You state,"Can someone please tell us who is pressing these trumped-up charges against Slesinger?"

The police said they didn't want to arrest me. The owners of the property may not have wanted to arrest me. They may or not know that after they didn't tell me to leave when the media was there, I seriously looked at going to other showings in the county risking arrest.

I don't agree the charges were trumped up. One way of focusing on specific injustice is to arrange for authorities to allow you to make a personal sacrifice in an attempt to touch people's hearts.

When 911 courage member Mia Hamel was arrested in Tampa on 8/9 for a similar leafleting, the authories did order her to stop.

Below is my paragraph on the power dynamics of nonviolence.

If you can persist in the face of repression,
you communicate to your adversary that what they’re
doing isn’t so much bad, which it probably is, as much
as it is ineffective. Then you begin to drive a wedge
between the liberals and conservatives in power. The
liberals moan and complain, ”They’re making us look so
bad, can’t we think of something to give them to get
them to go away?” The conservatives respond, “No, no,
no. If we’re a little more brutal, we can break them.”
Nevertheless, IF you can persist in the face of
repression, you push that wedge further and further
between the factions of power. Here’s the key: the
better the nonviolent discipline, the further the
wedge will go for any given level of effort and
sacrifice. The smoother the wedge, the further it
goes. The rougher the wedge, the slower it proceeds.

Sounds outragous. Maybe

Sounds outragous. Maybe there are more details--say he was on private property and was asked to leave--but still. I'd expect them to suspend the sentance but stick him with a fine. There are vandals that get lighter sentances.

He was made an example of.

Not that it worked...

nonviolent civil disobedience

Sorry we we're clear. The sentence is yet to be imposed. Court is Monday.

I'm advised that no Montgomery County judge will give any sentence, which makes my plea for the stiffest sentence even more interesting.

I actually disagree with the way many of the foremost practitioners of nonviolence emphasize number of arrests on a given day instead of length of sentence. They are wonderful people who are very easy to love. I just disagree with them on this point.

I assert the length of sentence is more Gandhian. Happy to have more knowledgeable people prove me wrong.

I once met Narayan Desai, the son of Gandhi's secretary, Mahadev Desai. I'm told Narayan is still alive. Narayan said that when his father went to jail, they would wish him goodbye by saying, "Maybe next time you'll get a stiffer sentence."

Love to try to interest a colonel in nonviolence.

Hate to disillusion you,

Hate to disillusion you, love, but while I am a veteran, I never got to that rank. Google the name; you'll understand something about me, but it's NOT me.

I respect what you are doing, why you are doing it and your approach.

You need to respect not everyone is in a position to do what you're doing, HOW you are doing it. Fortunately there are many trypes of activism available.

I believe with power comes responsibility--failure to use power, in the appropriate form NEEDED, is irresponsible.

Your comment about "trying to interest a colonel in nonviolence" sounds rife with many assumptions. No sane person wants to be violent for no reason.

I would say if you have any further questions, please ask them.

Until then , peace and victory with your efforts.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."


My friend Elizabeth McAlister of Jonah House, one of the most respected practitioners of nonviolence in the US, once said at a workshop back in the 80's,"There is no hierarchy of commitment." Her point was that it was unwise to encourage people to get over their heads in nonviolent sacrifice, since it could burn them out. Better to let them come to any realization they can do a given sacrifice when they're ready.

Clearly ,serving time in jail is not for everyone.

However, I would have a lot more confidence we could prevent round-up if nonviolence was more popular in the US.

It is my hope that a display of sacrifice could help give courage to those citizens who are too afraid to examine this issue.

spanish translations?

Hi. I was wondering if there are any good 9/11 pdf flyers out there in spanish or other languages.
I would have been great to leaflett the massive latino protests this summer and there's lots of activism going on at mexican consulates due to the oaxaca protests.
any bilinguals wanna do some translation? Jesus Nieto?

Real Truther?

Real Truther is a Spanish speaker, I think, and does great posters. Maybe he just needs someone to express interest.

did someone say interest??

I have a spanish section on my website: http://wtcdemolition.com/indexesp.htm

translating the posters I made is a great ide, I can do that. And also make them into a flyer. One thing to note is that most latinos in the US understand english perfectly, and some of the younger ones may even have trouble with Spanish.

But it's definitely a good idea to have a spanish language flyer... I'll get to work on one!


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