Community Comment Moderation

We have been getting more and more trolls on the site the last few days. By 'troll' I mean someone who is only here to attack or instigate arguments. So, I just added the community based comment moderation stuff I have been working on. Basically if a comment is rated poorly it will be defaultly hidden (ala, but without the fancy animations). The scale of what is considered 'poor' will be fine tuned as we go along, but hopefully this will help the community moderate against some of these trolls. If you don't know, you can vote a comment up or down by clicking on the up or down arrows next to a comment - you must be logged in for this to work.

As for blog moderation, I am still working on it. I made some pretty good progress the other night, but I still have a little ways to go. Thanks for everyone's patience.

Also, I have only gotten one email with submissions for our new activism section. If your looking for something to do we could use some help building it out!


This is great, dz.

I have some ideas for the activism page -- I'll be sure to get them to you in the next couple of days.

Show "Reason and free inquiry" by JohnGault

Which part don't you like? Reason or free inquiry?

Has voting now replaced even an attempt at rational discourse?
Are we now American Idol contestants? Up or down?

Appeals to reason?
Free inquiry?
What was I thinking?
What the hell did Jefferson know anyway, right gang?

bitch bitch, complain

bitch bitch, complain complain, whine whine. where is the actual discussion? you only seem to chime in to complain.

your just worried about it because it will be used to moderate your condescending tone and troll like style. maybe you will prove me wrong though, maybe post something useful time to time?

Dear Anonymous (a bit ironic, no?)

You suggest that I post something useful. By that I take you to mean a mainstream news article, review of the latest video or other similar "something". Fair enough and point well taken.
However, if the problem I wish to discuss IS the corruption and complicity of the media regarding the events of 9/11, we have a classic Catch-22. How do we use mainstream media products to expose the mainstream media?
Thus, my appeal to the principles of reason and free inquiry is intended not to condescend or complain for the sake of being a contrarian (though I certainly can be on many issues) but to present the considered wisdom of the man who gave you and I the country we have today, who gave the world the very concept of a free government by, of and for the people and in doing so relied on these concept as his guide and compass.
I hope to contribute in more tangible ways in the coming days, but, believing the deck is being stacked against the free exchange and expression of ideas, I thought it best to discuss these concept first.
For the shortcomings in my style and diplomacy, I apologize. For believing these things, reason and free inquiry, critical to our survival as a free people, I do not. Let's discuss ideas and information, not the messengers who bring them.
Best regards-JG

Please vote my comment down! Yes, *THIS* one.

I'd like to see how this works out. Can I have the next few people who come along here vote down this comment, please?

It's just a test -- I want to see how this "looks and feels", and how easy it is to find and still read a "hidden" comment.

Looks easy to me.

We're just one click away from seeing your terrible, awful, unacceptable comment!

Really, the flip side to this is that hidden comments acquire the "cachet of the forbidden" -- some people will now pay more attention to them than if they just appeared in the normal stream of discourse, undifferentiated. On the other hand, if you recognize the poster's name as someone who always makes your blood pressure spike, you might actually be able to ignore the comment.

"just one click away from

"just one click away from seeing your terrible, awful, unacceptable comment!"

Heh...   Laughing

Now let's see what happens if we vote it up again? Will it go out of hidden mode again, once it reaches some level?



Great Work...

dz... again, showing your commitment to the movement, and to this site.

Just make sure those "certain individuals" who follow me around on this site just to vote my comments down, don't succeed in hiding some of the "better" things that I say. :)

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Vote up, not just down.

This will only work effectively if people take the approximately 2 seconds to vote up good comments, instead of only voting down the objectionable ones.

Could anyone offer a comment on WHAT is being said?

I'm not your favorite person Jon, but I do not and have never attacked you, only your ideas or, as I sometimes find, your lack thereof.

 State a position, present your evidence and let's see where the truth shall lead us.

 I would like nothing more than to have someone of your obvious energy and passion "on my side", but first we must sort out the facts from the fiction.

 Do you disagree with what Jefferson had to say? Are reason and free inquiry not the best idea? Do reason and free inquiry harm anything other than errors?

I look forward to a mutual truce on less important, personality-based sniping and an elevation in the level of our discourse.