poster series continued...

Here's another poster I made--it's and 18X24 pdf and looks great blown up (no pun intended) and printed in color and mounted on foam core, as I have had done at my local subversive copy shop. This one goes with though unlike the WTC7 poster it is not editable, so if you don't want to advertise my site (which is fine by me) you'll have to cut off the bottom. Have fun truthing--as time goes on you'll find you'll be making more and more friens out there, and having an easier time dispensing with the deniers. We are most definitely very close to a major breakthrough--don't listen to anyone who is poo-poo ing our chances for whatever reason. We are winning, we have won!!

Here is the new file, I've apparently exceeded my quota on the 911blogger server!

Great poster!

Sometimes I'm really at a loss for a subject line -- I mean, it is a great poster, but that subject line seems kinda lame.

Approximately how much does it cost to have something like this blown up at your local subversive or possibly mega-corporate copy place?

The colors on it are great.

One more thing!

If you're willing, you should check with dz and see if his new "activism" page might be able to link to a kind of reservoir of posters, flyers, etc.

thanks cass

LOL on subject line... yeah, yeah, I know--creative juices run dry at times what can i say. The 18X24 costs about 20 bucks and the striking 24 by 36 runs $40. It may sound like a lot, but I've noticed people respond very well to things that look big, sturdy, and glossy--like DAMN if someone went to all that trouble it MUST be true... :)

If anyone wants to incorporate it into any kind of activism page by all means... i want people to use it, or better yet show me up by making a better one that will make me try harder next time! Tonight was incredible--as I was going into the train station a couple stopped me and said--hey, we were just talking about that! then out in the square again two guys same thing--we were JUST talking about it and then we saw you! At that point there were five of us standing there talking about what we have to do--people are noticing big time.

We are definitely not plateauing--we are hitting that point on the exponential curve where the rate of awareness starts growing dramatically.

One shill did stop and give me the whole "friction caused the molten steel" thing, but when he realized I wan't biting he switched the topic to the fact that I must also believe that Jews were warned to stay away. Then he looked at my eyes and said ahhh blue eyes and blond hair... I see where you're coming from. I nearly smacked the MF. I hadn't mentioned Israel at all and here we was implying I was a Nazi white supremacist because I wasn't buying his pseudo science. Oh well.


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