Hates 9/11 Truth!

As many here already know, recently launched a new "user-driven" news website at Supposedly users have the opportunity to drive the top news story by "buzzing" it.

Within 48 hours of the launch of this new site by Buzzflash, the top buzzed story was "Pulling the 9/11 Lynchpin". It has remained the top story for the last several weeks. is part of the left-gatekeeping wing of the so-called "progressive media". As such, they do not like to shine the light of truth on anything 9/11 related. Don't take my word for it, visit and try to find any articles supportive of 9/11 truth. You won't.

So then it was not a surprise when little subtle efforts popped up to downplay the wealth of 9/11 truth articles that are consistently buzzed at Most recently, the Infowars article entitled 9/11 Truth Remains The Critical Issue has popped up on the cue. Posted right above the article is this "warning label" that reads: "This story has negative votes. Be careful before you buzz."

So of coursed I "buzzed" it right away. It's a great read. Alex and Paul have nailed it again. It's even better than the "Lynchpin" article IMHO. Wouldn't it be great if it got "buzzed" right to the top of the list?

Check it out here:

SmirkingChimp, DemocraticUnderground same

these 2 sites, besides having domain names registered a day apart in 2000, are both also AIPAC-whipped left gatekeeper sites who censor or ban folks who pipe up about 911 Truth. That, and anything negative about Israel.

Yes, same thing at HuffPo too


Effing efftards.

Effing f*cktards. It's user-driven news, for god's sake. If you don't like it, don't buzz it, and post other stuff that other people will buzz more. I can't believe they've already started in on the Kos-esque crap.

Oh yeah, we like user-driven news, as long as people are interested in precisely the same things we are.

The list of "buzzers" reads like a who's who of 911blogger, though. That's cool.