Filmmakers re-scheduled to discuss "Improbable Collapse" on KABC 790, 11/13/06 at 7AM

Discussion of the film Improbable Collapse on Doug Mc Intyre's show, KABC 790 on Monday, November 13 at 7AM.

Please tune in and visit the websites for more info:

Does Improbably Collapse..

..contain lots of testimony from structural engineers?

It's worthless if it doesn't.

this is the same arguments

this is the same arguments debunkers make all the time.

Where were the experts to tell us the world was round, that the gulf of tonkin was a lie, that the iraqis didnt throw babies out of incubators and that in the run up to the war that saddam didnt have wmd's? there were nowhere because experts are capable of being brainwashed.

Its called "groupthink" or "thought control" do you know how many "experts" supported mao's crazy policies?

think before you speak such drivel.

and there are more structural engineers and physicists everday.

Infact many of them agreed with stephen jones's paper but did so anonomously bc people like you mock them.