Since "a resolution by Venezuela's legislative National Assembly describing the 9/11 attacks as "self-inflicted" has been released, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not Hugo Chavez is the evil leftist dictator our media says he is. I thought it would be good to have this blog here for a reference.

Target Venezuala?


International Perspective: The Militarisation Of Oil

U.S. Nixes China Offer To Buy Citgo Operations In U.S.

Venezuela Halts Work Of U.S. Military Instructors

Rice Protests Deal To Arm Venezuela

US Puts Israel Back On Intellectual Property Blacklist

House Approves Broad Energy Bill

A Terrorist Comes Home to Roost

No Place for US Homilies

Venezuela Warns U.S. Over Cuban Exile Case

President Chavez Considers Breaking U.S. Ties

Venezuela Rallies Over Cuba Exile

End Of The Pipeline Of Oil?

End May Be In Sight For Petroleum Joyride

Venezuela Warns U.S Over Judges Canceled Visa

Venezuela And Russia Sign 12 Cooperation Agreements

Chavez: Opponents Plotting Assassination

Posada Has To Go, Says U.S. Legal Expert In Cuba

U.S. Report Warns Key Gulf Allies Including Saudi Arabia

Venezuela To Stage Mass War Games

U.S. - Venezuelan Tensions Boiling

U.S. Ambassador To Venezuela Defends Terrorist

U.S., Venezuela Clash As OAS Ministers Gather

Cuban Conference Blasts U.S. Misdeeds

Latin Nations Resist Plan For Monitor Of Democracy

Bush On The Hot Spot

Venezuela Threatens U.S. With Court Over Cuban Exile

Venezuela Blames Bush For Bolivia Crisis

U.S. General Says Venezuela Is A Danger For The Hemisphere

More Evidence Emerges On CIA Terrorism

Venezuela's take on George Bush and Friends...

Three Ways Bush Makes Castro Happy

The United States Is Interested In Keeping Posada Carriles’ Mouth Shut

Oil Prices, Driven By Demand, Hit Record High

Venezuela Says Can Work With FBI, DEA, But Not CIA

Venezuela Dismisses Jitters Over Nuclear Program

Chavez Says Venezuelans Would Repel U.S.

Chavez Warns U.S.

Venezuela Preparing For U.S. Invasion

Venezuela Tightens Control Over Oil Industry

ChevronTexaco's Venezuelan Field Contains 4Bln Cubic Feet Of Gas - PDVSA

Cuba Bomb Suspect Denied U.S. Bail

U.S. Says Venezuela Back Colombia Rebels

Venezueala Demands U.S. Prove Chavez Meddling Charges

The Next Petroleum

Venezuela Signs Arms Deal With China

Chavez Accuses U.S. DEA Of Espionage, Says Venezuela Suspending Cooperation

Chavez: U.S. Will 'Bite The Dust' If It Invades Venezuela

Venezuela May Deny Americans Visas

Bush Gets Guilty Verdict In Venezuelan 'Court'

Venezuela Threatens To Stop U.S. Oil Exports

Rumsfeld Accuses Venezuela And Cuba Of Trying To Destabilize Bolivia

Russia, China Kick Off Military Exercises

Iran, Venezuela Discuss Oil Embargo

Venezuela Says DEA Stole Equipment

Venezuela State Oil Company To Open First Asia Office In China

Pat Robertson Calls For The Assassination Of Venezuelan President - Video Inside

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Docked Nearby Poses No Threat: Venezuela

Venezuela Vows To Help Castro Repel U.S. 'Lord Of War'

Chavez Ally: Robertson A 'Fascist'

Chavez Assassination Row Erupts

Chavez Offers Cheap Gas To Poor In U.S.

Evangelist Backs Off Chavez Assassination Call

Chavez Swipes At 'Assassin' Bush

Venezuela's Chavez On A Collision Course With The U.S.

Venezuela To Seek Legal Action Against Robertson

Robertson's Not Alone In His Dislike Of Chavez

Venezuela's CITGO To Provide Cheap Gas For U.S. Hospitals, Nursing Homes And Schools

Cuban Exile 'Would Be Tortured' If Returned To Venezuela

U.S. Ignores Venezuela's Offer Of Help

Chavez Poised To Take Control Of Banks

Chavez Warns Of Global Energy Disaster If U.S. Invades Venezuela

Chavez: U.S., NATO Planning An Attack

U.S. Warns China On Iran Oil

How The Free Market Killed New Orleans

Chavez Extends An Oil-Rich Hand To Neighbors

Venezuela And China Advance In Strategic Economic Alliance

Good Things Happening In Venezuela

U.S. Says Venezuela No Longer Ally In War On Drugs

U.S. Planning To Invade Venezuela: Chavez

At U.N., Chavez Causes Rumble In Fiery Condemnation Of U.S.

Chavez Nails U.S. Again

Chavez Staying True To Pledge For U.S. Poor

Cuban Militant Can Stay In U.S.

Venezuela Threatens To Take Over Oil Fields

Venezuela Firm Challenges Seizure

Chavez: Venezuela Moves Reserves To Europe

Venezuelans Line Up For Chance To Trade In Junk For Food

Venezuela Denounces Bush Family Ties With Terrorists

Cuba Condemns Possible Assassination Of President Chavez

Russia To Challenge USA's Global Dictatorship With New Economic Block

Venezuela Tax Agency Orders Shutdown Of IBM, Others

Pat Robertson Has Accused Hugo Chavez Of Giving Bin Laden $1.2 Mil After 9/11

Venezuela's Rangel Denies Pat Robertson's Charge On Bin Laden

ExxonMobil To Spend $571 Million For Pollution Controls As Settlement For Violations

Chavez Kicks Out U.S. Evangelists For 'Spying'

Venezuela Bans Poultry Imports From Colombia

Missionary Group Denies CIA Link

Chavez: World Faces Major Energy Crisis

Venezuela: U.S. Drug Fight Merely A Ruse

Venezuela Attorney General Accuses CIA Of Judge's Murder

Zimbabwe President Compares Bush And Blair To Hitler

Venezuela Defends Right To Nuclear Energy

Chavez Believes U.S. Planning Invasion

U.S. Is Hoping Venezuela Won't Be Able To Defend Itself When They Invade

Hugo Chavez Is Looking Forward To A Debate With Bush

Chavez Says He May Send U.S.-Made Fighter Jets To Cuba, China

Chavez-Bush Rivalry Threatens To Overshadow Americas Summit

Philip Agee: How United States Intervention Against Venezuela Works

Riots At America Summit

Bush Takes Shot At Chavez

Summit Of Americas Ends In Deadlock

Russia, Venezuela Strengthening Relations

Mexico Recalls Ambassador From Venezuela

Venezuela To Sell Cheap Oil To U.S. Poor

Venezuela's Economy Grows 9.8% In Third Quarter

Chavez Embarrasses Bush With Cheap Fuel For U.S. Poor

U.S. Warns Spain Over Arms Sales To Venezuela

Evidence of US involvement in bombing in Venezuela

Hugo Chavez: Leader, humanitarian, thorn in Bush's side...

U.S. Delegation Denied Entry Into Venezuela

Committed To Struggle Against Terrorism, Chavez Denounces Good And Bad Terrorism

Heading South

Chavez denounces poll 'sabotage'

Pro-Chavez landslide expected

Hugo Chavez Wins By A Landslide

Hugo Chavez And Fidel Castro Are Offering Free Eye Surgery For Millions

Venezuela Gives Exxon Ultimatum

U.S. Denies Knowledge Of Alleged Plot Against Venezuela's Chavez

Venezuela Demands Back Taxes From 3 Foreign Oil Companies

Exxon Not Budging Vs. Venezuela Gov't Over New Contracts

Venezuela Deal With Indians Could Be Prelude To Big Announcement

Another Radioactive Unit Stolen In Venezuela

Chavez Angry That U.S. Blocked Sale Of Training Jets From Brazil

Chavez Demands Apology From Roman Catholic Cardinal For Calling Him A Dictator

John McCain Refers To Hugo Chavez As A "Wacko"

Venezuela Tells McCain "Go To Hell" For Wackos Jibe

Venezuela officers 'spied for US'

We Want Osama Bin Laden Brought To Justice In The United States...Or Do We?

Venezuela Donates Heating Oil Again To U.S. Poor

Venezuela Expels U.S. Naval "Spy"

At first Hugo Chavez was a wacko; now Rummy chimes in...

Venezuela - Video Inside

Hugo Chavez: "I Think Hitler Would Be Like A Suckling Baby Next To George W. Bush"

U.S. To Impose Candidate In Venezuela's Dec. Election: Chavez

The Real Reason The U.S. Hates Chavez

Chavez Giving U.S. Preachers The Boot; Accuses Them Of Being Spies

The End Of Dollar Hegemony

U.S. Warns Against Chavez "Danger"

Chavez Threatens To Cut Off Oil To U.S.

China, Iran On The Brink Of Huge Oil Deal

Chavez Tells Rice: "Don't Mess With Me Condoleezza. Don't Mess With Me Girl"

Venezuelan-Owned Citgo Faces Congressional Inquiry For Offering Discounted Oil to U.S.

Chavez Prepares His People's Army To Confront U.S.

Venezuela Challenges U.S. With 2Million Voluntary Soldiers

Venezuela gives poorest housewives the equivalent of 80 percent of minimum wage

U.S. Report Slams Cuba, Chavez

Professor Grilled About Links To Venezuela

Chavez Blasts Bush As "Donkey" And "Drunkard"

Venezuelans Pose Nude In Public

U.S. Ambassador Stranded By Chavez Rally

Exxon Is No Longer Welcome In Venezuela

Hands off Venezuela! A Znet article

Venezuela Takes Back Oil Fields

Chávez, Seeking Foreign Allies, Spends Billions

U.S. Ambassador Had Rocks, Eggs, Fruit Thrown At Him In Caracas, Venezuela

Chavez Threatens To Expel U.S. Ambassador

Venezuela's VP Recalls U.S. Role In April 2002 Coup

The Washington Post vs. Venezuela

Chavez Says U.S Warships Threaten Venezuela, Cuba

Chavez: Oil Will Be Destroyed If Attacked

Venezuela's Chavez May Escalate Fight With Exxon, Oil Producers

As Profits Soar, Oil Industry Unapologetic

Chavez, Castro, Morales sign 'Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas' trade pact

Video: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (2002 anti-Chavez Coup

Chavez Seeking 25 Year Term

Chavez: I'll Provide Oil For Poor

Chavez: Imprison "Genocidal" Bush

U.S. Orders Ban of Arms Sales to Venezuela

Mr. Chavez goes to London

Chavez May Price Oil Exports In Euros

Bush Warns Of "Erosion Of Democracy" In Venezuela, Bolivia

Iran Condemns U.S. Intervention In Venezuela's Affairs

Venezuela's Chavez Calls Bush Administration A "Mafia", Buys Russian Military Planes

Chavez Says U.S. Working For Coup In Bolivia

Chavez Says Russia To Help Venezuela Make Rifles

Bush: Chavez Doing "Disservice" To Venezuela

Venezuela's Ragtag Reserves Are Marching As To War

Venezuela To Campaign For U.N. Security Council Seat Despite U.S. Objections

Chavez Says Venezuela To Offer Free Eye Treatment To 6 Million Latin Americans

Chavez Kalashnikov Factory Plan Stirs Fear

U.S. Is Aiming To Block Venezuela's Bid For U.N. Role

Venezuela To Offer Oil And Free Eye Surgery To Milwaukeans

Posada's CIA Ties Uncovered In Papers

U.S. Report Warns That Future Oil Supplies From Latin America Are At Risk (Venezuela)

Chavez Urges Africa To Unite Against U.S.

Cuba Concern Over U.S. Castro Plans

Cheney Behind Turn Toward Dictatorship

Greg Palast Interviews Hugo Chavez

Venezuela Foreign Minister Warns Of U.S. Attack Effects

Bush Told To Plan For Chavez Oil Shock

Venezuela Withdraws Ambassador To Israel In Protest Against Attacks

Venezuela "To Sever Israel Ties"

Chavez: Venezuela Holding 4 U.S. Spies

Beijing Backs Venezuela For U.N. Council

U.S. Accused Of Bid To Oust Chavez With Secret Funds

Pres. Chavez "build a new world free from US domination."

Chavez Denies Reported U.S. Allegations Of Islamic Terrorist Activity In Venezuela

US to release Cuban airline bombing terrorist - Ruling comes on 9/11 anniversary!

Iran President Cements Anti-U.S. Front With Venezuela

U.S. Report Dubs Venezuela "Potential Hub Of Terrorism" In America

Chavez: U.S. Detained Foreign Minister

Chavez Offering Harlem's Poor Cheap Gas

Hugo Chavez: "Not Absurd" U.S. Involved In 9/11 Attacks

Rumsfeld Relays Neighbors' Fears About Venezuela

Documents: CIA Warned Of Plane Bomb Plot

Chavez Accuses U.S. Of Waging "Dirty War"

Hugo Chavez may be behind Voting machine fraud

Voting-Machine Firm Denies Chavez Ties

Latin Fight For U.N. Security Council Seat Ends

Chavez: Bush Should Get Death Penalty

Chavez Attacks Bush As A "Genocidal" Leader

very helpful compendiium

Thank you for a great post. I was surprised to see that I had read many of the articles posted. I have an interest in any country that stands up to the Empire.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" (Goethe)..... a paraphrase from V: Cast aside the illusions. Only when you are finally hopeless can you truly be free.



"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."