Eric Alterman writes about State of Denial 9/11 info and Philip Zelikow.

Here is some interesting writing by Eric Alterman that asks some key questions regarding 9/11. The piece covers the new pre-9/11 revelations in Bob Woodward's book State of Denial as well as Philip Zelikow's connections to Condi Rice and George W. Bush.

Slowly but surely

This article is pure LIHOP nonsense, about how everyone knew al Qaeda was going to attack but after telling Condi and getting no action they all just decided oh well, I've covered my ass. Right. We're to believe that good patriots as these folks all were, they did not find a way to scream out to the world--HEY, WE KNOW AL QAEDA IS PLANNING TO STRIKE! WATCH OUT!

The principle at work here is basically don't admit to anything that you can blame on a black woman. Someone should ask Alterman if the stuff on COndi is the only thing the Commission left out of its report. Like Sibel Edmonds testimony. Who was Zelikow protecting there? Or Willie Rodriguez's account of the explosions in the North Tower before the first plane even hit? Was Condi being shielded there too? Or how about Scott Forbes letters to the Commission about the suspicious pre 9/11 activities he witnessed inside the towers?

See, it's all well and good to insinuate that Zelikow has a soft spot for Condi--after all, she's much better looking than Madeleine Albright and Zelikow did co-author a book with her, and that means burning the midnight oil and giving each other neck rubs to boot.

But so many other people were protected by Zelikow's absurdly incomplete and inaccurate report that unless that man is a real slut, more than just personal affection had to have been involved. We hope, anyway, given that Larry Silverstein is one of those who must have been very, very grateful to Zelikow for his nearsighted approach to any and all evidence of complicity on the part of anyone lacking an Arab or Muslim background.


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ive always enjoyed Altermans

ive always enjoyed Altermans column "Liberal Media" in The Nation. for a mainstream column its better than most and he does a pretty good job of breaking down the MSM in many cases. The Nation is a compromised rag for the most part though but thats for another thread. Alterman is a smart guy, he wants to keep his job. like most MSM writers, he lacks the courage to go any deeper than this. at least hes not going all Chomsky/Cockburn on us though.