9/11 Action Net: Action Updates, 11/12/06

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Three Items Added This Week to 9/11 Action Net

Name: Trespass Charge Trial
Description: "On Wednesday August 9th, nationwide group 911Courage.org carried out leafletting in 14 states, some legal some not, at the opening of Oliver Stone's "World Trade Center". Two people risked arrest. Mia Hamel of Tampa was arrested but no one ever told group founder David Slesinger to stop leafletting at his Rockville, Maryland location, the Regal Rockville Stadium 13...In Slesinger's proposed plea to the court(attached) he gives the Gandhian plea, "If you believe in what you are doing give me your stiffest sentence. If you don't, resign.""
Location: Montgomery County Court House; 50 Maryland Ave, Rockville, Maryland, U.S.A.
Date/Time: Nov. 13, 2006; Interviews from 8:00AM; Court session begins at 8:30AM
Contact/Links: Dan Nalven; (914) 941-6488; info@911courage.org; www.911courage.org

Name: Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party
Description: "In keeping with the defiance and patriotic symbolism of the 1773 activists, 9/11Truth Tea Party proclamations will be posted throughout Boston prior to the "Tea Party." At 11:30 a.m. on December 16, 9/11 Patriots will gather at Faneuil Hall to hear the 911Truth Tea Party Proclamation read publicly. They will then march along the Freedom Trail, through Boston Common and Downtown Crossing to the original Tea Party site at the Seaport Ave. Bridge over Fort Point Channel, carrying crates containing copies of the 9/11 Commission Report. There, spokespersons will cast a larger-than-life size replica of the 9/11 Commission Report into Boston Harbor. The event will conclude with teams of 9/11 Patriots casting crates of 9/11 Reports into the harbor."
Location: Boston, Massachussetts, U.S.A.
Time/Date: Dec. 16, 2006; 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM
Contact/Links: 617-401-8047; http://boston911truth.blogspot.com/; boston911truth@gmail.com

Name: Denver to D.C. - Walk for the Truth
Description: A walk from Denver, Colorado, to Washington, D.C. with rallies in the state capitols of Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, and Pennsylvania to "present a petition of Grievances to the President of the United States and ask for a clear plan of withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as his resignation...seeking Congress to exercise its separation of power in demanding a clear plan of withdraw in the middle east, assigning a truly independent council to investigate the unanswered questions surrounding 9-11, and hold the executive branch responsible for flagrant and wanton violations of the Geneva Convention, International Law, The Bill of Rights, and criminal law".
Location: U.S.A.
Time/Date: Start Date: Feb. 1, 2007
Contact/Links: "Brother Raymond"; 970-988-4929; raymond@beitshalomministries.org

9/11 Action Net, “a 9/11 truth activist networking tool”, debuted Wednesday, November 1, at http://www.911action.net for the announcement of 9/11 actions, rallies and demonstrations by activists around the world. On the website may be found “a collection of references to 9/11 Truth-related: protests; rallies; marches; boycotts; internet-, phone- and mail-based activism; and other demonstrations pertaining to the spreading of knowledge about and findings of independent research on the attacks.” E-mail submissions of action details are welcomed from organizers everywhere.

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