Coverage of the Berkeley 9/11 Seminar - "Lifting the Fog on 9/11"

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I was pleased to attend this historic presentation. Once when I began to suspect the government was hiding important facts about 9/11 I wrote: "How can we not sift through the wreckage of 9/11, and sift it again, and again-- until we can be completely satisfied that we actually know enough to be factually fluent about it?"...

...During an intermission I told Carol Brouillet that I initially distrusted Project Censored because I did not think it had done enough to discuss censorship of news about 9/11. She admitted that she also had been initially disappointed with Project Censored's coverage, but then regretted that she had been unaware of Phillip's valiant behind-the-scenes efforts to bring more information about 9/11 to light. Brouillet, more than anyone I've met, understands the supreme difficulties of being heard in a media environment that either largely ignores or misdirects information about the terror incidents. She knows also how important it is for citizens to share their concerns and questions in the light of day.

Excellent recordings of Peter Phillips titled " THE GLOBAL DOMINANCE GROUP AND 9/11" can be accessed at TUC Radio at
Phillips is also anticipated to be a guest on a future program of Media Matters. Look for it at:

At yesterday's event, I was most intrigued by the patience, dedication and courage of the people who made presentations. Steven Jones clearly was as much excited by applying Scientific Method to questions about 9/11 than about pursuing any political agenda. His findings suggesting that Thermite was used in controlled demolition were carefully explained by describing his common-sense experiments. He took careful pains to explain that more information and review is needed even though a conclusive understanding of what really caused the 3 buildings to fall at the World Trade Center will undoubtedly raise disturbing implications about who orchestrated what David Ray Griffin calls America's New Pearl Harbor.

Jim Hoffman's discussion was especially riveting (and often funny, in a bitter tongue-in-cheek way)-- particularly his identification of shoddy science and canny misdirection in FEMA and NIST reports. For example, he showed how officials illustrated their reports with excessively detailed schematic diagrams of airplanes that hit the trade towers (almost down to the belt buckles in the passenger seats)-- but then presented schematic diagrams of the buildings themselves with an almost cartoonish lack of detail. He also pointed out how the official reports and the media curiously anthropomorphized the trade tower buildings describing the "death" of the buildings. Other panelists echoed his concerns about how our emotions were manipulated by describing the twin tower destruction zone as "Ground Zero"-- an obvious analogy to a nuclear strike.

Among other benefits of attending the event in Berkeley yesterday was the opportunity to learn first hand about the challenges serious researchers are having to promote their findings when some seemingly 9/11 Truth advocates elsewhere are hurting the movement by advocating wacky (or even dangerous) political agendas.

In some cases, the panelists expressed growing (if somewhat mixed) admiration for popularizers like Alex Jones (sometimes thought by some to be a bit wacky) for promoting the movement-- saying that voices like his have a positive place in the movement. All, however, were clearly disturbed by others on the fringe who appear to be linked to extremist, racist or anti-Semitic political agendas.

For the most part, the panelists appeared to have come to the 9/11 Truth Movement from the political mainstream. Steven Jones described himself as having once been a conservative Republican, and Paul Rea seemed to reflect centrist Democratic Party values. Janette MacKinlay described how she had never called her political representatives before 9/11 like she does now (on almost a daily basis). She encouraged the audience to stay in close contact with their political representatives.

Another benefit of attending the event in Berkeley was the opportunity to learn about others doing interesting research about 9/11-- and the value of DVDs and future books to be published.

In particular, Gregg Robert's "Where Are the 9/11 Whistleblowers?" appears to be a valuable resource:

Also: Congressperson Cynthia McKinney's "Omissions Hearings of The 9/11 Citizens' Commission":

Ultimately, the Lifting the Fog Program was very inspiring-- Jenna Orkin and Paul Rea, especially, encouraged listeners to look for opportunities to ask more questions about 9/11.

Is the government's conspiracy explanation, that a small group of hijackers directed by the elusive Muslim radical Osama bin Laden, adequate? Janette MacKinlay, probably asked the most pertinent question: "Where is he?"

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RE "His findings suggesting that Thermite was used in controlled demolition were carefully explained by describing his common-sense experiments."

did he explain how he can differentiate between molten steel and other molten metals?

how can we be sure what he found is in fact molten steel and not other molten metals?

or the possibility that Dr. Bob Bowman brought up at the DC event (this last week) is that the govt. could claim that thermite was used to cut the steel in order to transport it more easily.

I suppose I'll always be an agnostic on the WTC controlled demo theory :(


Isn't thermite an explosive and not used to peacefully cut steel into smaller pieces?

You can be Agnostic as to what metals were melted at the floor of the WTC, but you can't be agnostic about a 47 floor steel framed building coming down without ever being hit by a plane after a man says "pull it" to the NYC firefighters.

It's fun to raise questions and necessary, but you must take a stand on the things that you do know.

Good luck curing your Agnosticism.

It's pretty simple

Gravity cannot bring down the Towers at free-fall speed (according to NIST) and destroy them at the same time. Gravity must be blushing over how strong people think it is.

9/11 Mysteries

Watch 9/11 Mysteries and tell me you're still agnostic:

"the govt. could claim that

"the govt. could claim that thermite was used to cut the steel in order to transport it more easily."

^ What, before the building even collapsed?;

What a Thermite reaction looks like;

Oh my God, dude.

That collapse footage is incredible. Not only for the molten metal doumentation (and the fact that this is clearly additional footage of the same thing, because the clip that Dr. Jones uses does not cut away to the helicopter right as that corner gives way) but for the crowd reaction.

A skeptical guy was asking me yesterday, why in the world would they demolish the towers instead of just flying planes into them? What's the point? The point is that it made people absolutely hysterical -- it sounds like it's the cameraman himself, who had been calming taping the burning towers, who begins sobbing in horror. You don't hear a grown man sob very often -- and combined with all the other sobbing, swearing, and shrieking reactions, it literally gave me goosebumps. That was some primo grade-A mass traumatization psy-oppery.

I am truly sorry for the people whose voices I heard, as they obviously suffered intensely.

"You don't hear a grown man sob very often..."

Hmmmmmm.....Gross gender-based (I won't throw the "S" word around recklessly) generalization wouldn't you say?, ......but I take your point.


Seriously, the psy-op traumatization inflicted on the American people cannont be over-discussed. The criminals knew what they were doing, psychologically speaking.

Do you know grown men who sob frequently?

If so, could you give them my phone number? Nothin' like a man in touch with his "feminine" side. (Note quote marks -- I could substitute "unconventionally masculine" if you prefer.)

I remember hearing somewhere, around the fifth anniversary, that studies done in the immediate aftermath showed that a percentage of Americans actually exhibited signs of clinical depression -- appetite loss, sleep disturbance, intrusive memories. (I wish I had a source for that.) That was some heavy-duty mojo.


yay...Steven Jones is a Mac user!!

Re: Mac user

And Jim Hoffman, too ;)

Re: Mac user

Actually, Hoffman is bi: seen using both Mac and PC laptops.

i watched it last night for the third time

saw 9/11 Mysteries for the third time last night. It is the best controlled demo documentary to date, but flawed in some areas which I will not get into right now cause I got homework due at noon :) (i'll get back to you on that).

but in response to the other poster that brought up wtc-7, yes that is definitely the most difficult issue of 9/11 for me to be agnostic about. I'm close to convinced that it was a controlled demolition. I'm awaiting the release of the NIST report, but doubt that it will answer any of the questions about the building's collapse.I'm definitely leaning toward the controlled demo theory. I think discussing the whole "pull it" issue is a red herring, no matter how bad Silverstien sounds.

Silverstein's pull it

Silverstein's pull it comment is a bit of a red herring because he had already denied it. There is much more solid evidence of controlled demolition. Jones' analysis of previously molten metal is entirely consistent with the by product of thermate/thermite - and not consistent with molten structural steel itself because the samples have very little chromium whereas steel has chromium in it as well as iron. Other metals found consistent with thermite-like reaction include Zinc and Manganese and also the form of sulfur was consistent with thermite/thermate and not other sourcres of sulfure.

FEMA report Appendix C

Is key when talking about WTC7

The pull it comment strikes most people as an admission, then when they hear the back track they realize what a lying SOB he is.

I do want to hear what people think are the weaknesses in 9/11 mysteries!


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I love Jim Hoffman's girly locks

so sexy but serious nerdy.

Where is the Video/Audio?

I saw the pics of the conference and see that people were videotaping the event. Where is it at? And does anybody know when it can be uploaded?

Question about the helicopters....

Has anyone identified those helicopters that were hovering right over the WTC towers and then peeling away right as they collapsed?

My wife and I were discussing the above video of which she asked me, "how do we know they weren't news helicopters?", of which I didn't have an answer.

So were they news helicopters, police helicopters, or were they Silverstein's fleet with radio controlled thermate detonators?

I know also the movie "9/11 Eyewitness" has detailed footage of the choppers arriving and leaving, but I still haven't heard or read about any specific ID on them.
They can't explain the Mineta Testimony:

Davin Coburn of Popular Mechanics takes beating from Charles Goyette: