4/19 Was an Inside Job

It's not quite 9/11, but some, knowing the inside facts of the story, might well call it a prequel. In the three-plus hours of audio testimony linked below, the statements of witnesses and researchers overwhelmingly indicate that in 1995, and under a Democratic president, the United States suffered a heavy dose of government-sponsored terrorism. We knew it then as the Oklahoma City bombing, and was blamed on a "lone nut" psycho ex-soldier named Timothy McVeigh. But what was his role, if any, in the bombing, and how does this relate to the later tragedy of September 11th, 2001? Listen and see.


Was McVeigh a mentally-ill patsy like an Atta or a Moussaoui?


pretty much, and ex-military

pretty much, and ex-military on top of that.

Not even "ex"

They (er, one of the presenters on the audio) say that he was a top soldier being rapidly promoted when he was suddenly pulled aside and "sheep-dipped" (i.e. sent undercover) with full "time and rank", or whatever, to be used for special domestic missions. And get this: the brother of the Oklahoma governor wrote a book published 6/1/96, called "The Final Jihad", which details basically the exact OKC scenario. The fictional perp's name? Tom McVeigh. http://www.amazon.com/Final-Jihad-When-Worst-Finally/dp/0964704811