Stop Sign Activism

I had a thought that stop signs could be used to great effect by the 9/11 truth movement seeing as how they are everywhere and are uniform in text and color. I have made a few stickers that can be applied to stop signs underneath the word stop, like so:

Image Hosted by

The stickers I have made so far are these:

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The original photoshop file can be found here

If you have any suggestions for new stickers please post them or any other comments you have below.

9/11 activism is essential to bring the truth to light. These stickers offer a simple yet effective way to deliver the message to large numbers of people. Please circulate widely.

this is a really really

this is a really really creative idea.

there are a number of sites that will make exactly these types of bumper stickers online.. it may be a good idea to go that route since the bumper sticker printer paper is typically not weather resistant.

on this site you can set the background to red, font color to white, and make it look perfect:
(100 - $89.95)
(250 - $130.00)

i'm sure there are even better options out there, but i really think this is a great example of creative activism.

What an awesome idea!

I like these all a lot -- but especially "stop lying about 9/11." And the "stop and think" thing is great, too -- it's a new twist on the whole "stop+bad thing" concept, transmuting it into "stop and reflect."

STOP being good germans


Thats a good idea!!  But is

Thats a good idea!!  But is it legal????



do you really care?

it's about stickers...not armed robbery. Technically speaking, dissent is not legal anymore in the US of A...

My guess is no, it's not legal.

And it might even be considered worse than regular vandalism because you'd be tampering with DOT property or something. If that's a concern, I think you'd want to try to check out laws in your state.

I still think it's a good idea, though, and it's frequently done for other causes ("STOP war," "STOP clubbing baby seals").

I suppose these could be printed out & stuck on other objects

if there is a problem with doing so on street signs.

I doubt

it is legal. In my town it is illegal to put posters on lampposts but yet they are always covered in posters. Who cares if it was legal? Was it legal to demolish the towers and blame it on OBL? This is non violent civil disobedience. The worst that can happen is a fine.

Just trying to protect the

Just trying to protect the site.  For the record, 911blogger does not promote or condone any illegal activities.

Of course not.

Nor do any of the individuals posting here.

I understand

but technically civil disobedience is always an illegal act, like forming a human chain around a redwood about to be logged would technically be illegal. How illegal? Not very illegal, but illegal nonetheless. Unfortunately I think it will be very necessary for 9/11 activists to engage in civil disobedience, and I think this site should condone it as long as it is not harmful to others. Even if putting stickers on stop signs can get you a ticket, IMHO i think the site should condone such an activity.

I disagree.

There is no need for the site itself to condone any proposed civil disobedience. The site permits us to discuss it, and that's good enough for me.

Bear in mind that "conspiracy" is always a more serious charge, even if it's "conspiracy to put stickers on stuff."

"I think it will be very necessary for 9/11 activists to engage in civil disobedience..." Yup.

Ghouliani to explore a run for President

We need to dog that SOB everywhere he goes. Hilary too. Any candidate who runs away from the Truth. I think a run by Ghouliani might actually be good for the 9/11 Truth Movement.. There will be no escape for him. Or ... that's when they start locking us all up. The Ghouliani story should be a news item here.

Hi guys. Randy's back. After a complicated move that even had me going to the library now and then just to keep up with things. I managed to participate in a few key events though. World Can't Wait in LA was awesome. The biggest 9/11 turnout yet! Met people from San Pedro and San Diego. We even had a speaker, Kathleen Rosenblatt, and enough people to carry three banners! Thanks WCW. Bravo! The ANSWER demo was a little disappointing, but I might end up in the Remo Conscious music video! Love the new site. Is everyone done complaining?


Is a VERY clever idea.

I think I'm going to make a sticker with, "Harassing Jon Gold" on it.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."