The Fourteenth of November

(for those who may have missed this, find the captivating video of "V" serving the White House, The Justice Department, and sundry others on a brisk November day here in Washington D.C. (really, such a cute parish)

On the Fourteenth of November, "V" returned to Washington D.C.

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DSCN4271.JPG is a great shot

DSCN4271.JPG is a great shot - if you look closely you can see what "looks" like a SS sniper on the roof of the WH with his arms in a position to indicate, he's got a line of sight right at the camera...

 Is there a higher resolution of this one in particular?

directly from the camera

I did not degrade the resolution at all, I just loaded the photos directly from my camera (which I set for low res, so that I could get more quantity). However, I do have many additional photos. I took several hundred more on other cameras and keep your eye out on line and at the organizers site (We The People Foundation and givemeliberty) for full length video, photo compilations, commentary, and future plans.

As I understand, this action example will grow in popularity and embolden many others to join in. By January, there could very well be thousands of "V"s walking around DC to bring expression to, and demand attention from, the new congress as they are sworn in.

Do not be afraid of the suited thugs nor their enforcers. You DO NOT have to present identification, nor remove your mask. Simply adhere to non-violence, speak politely, and follow pedestrian rules of the road (do not j-walk).

Although the first "V" was able to effectively argue his right to posses and carry (fake) plastic daggers.... IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED for others to so obviously push this sensitive button with the confused, uncoordinated, and SCARED myriad of Law Enforcement and security guard outfits (each building and Department has THEIR OWN unique and unrelated policing forces. And they pretend to not, or in-fact do not, communicate between each other, so each encounter with LE is a unique event unto itself. Simply exercise your First Amendment Right, while respecting that same right in others.)


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.