Hold Their Feet to the Fire!



Click here to print out this poster…

fax it to…

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi’s Fax # 202-225-8259

Congressman John Conyers’ Fax # 202-225-0072

…and to other Members of Congress!

Post ‘em around town too!

This should be put up on

This should be put up on Digg.com. Might get a lot of votes.

Excellent Idea

someone should create a resource guide for the blogger homepage listing out all critical contact information for the new leaders in congress. I hate the idea that this blog will (in a day or two) get knocked out and replaced by newer blogs. some stuff should remain semi-permanently available.

Yes, good point to keep ideas like this up for a while. Faxes

like this really pack a wallop! They would be great to adjust for 9/11 truth spreading.