Pandora's Black Box - Flight Of American 77 (trailer)

Trailer for the upcoming feature film/documentary Pandora's Black Box - Flight of American 77 based on Air Traffic Control, Radar and the Black Box.

The First part of the series, Pandora's Black Box - Analysis of American 77 Flight Data Recorder is now available at Included extra in the DVD is the full flight animation uncut, as provided by the NTSB. The first 3 analysis video's are also uploaded to youtube. The DVD video's have higher quality

Something exploded at the Pentagon, and it sure wasn’t AA-77!

How could flunky Hani Hanjour have flown all the way back from Ohio/Kentucky, and why/how could he have made those incredible acrobatics to hit the tiny, renovated section?

How did AA-77 fly all around the Eastern U.S., long after the towers were struck, without being intercepted or even observed/photographed by NORAD/Air Force?

Why won’t the gov’t release any clear video of what struck the Pentagon, more than 5 years later?

How did they obtain DNA (delicate organic material) for 63 or 64 passengers when the seats, luggage, and most all of the airplane were vaporized in a fireball @ 530 mph?

What were Cheney & the “young man” demonstrating in front of Minetta?