9-11: The Key to Knowledge and Power

Knowledge and Power
Matt Engelman - www.mattengelman.com
13 November 2006
What makes some people more powerful than other people?

Consider the teacher, the doctor, and the politician. Their instructions are normally obeyed by their followers, who rarely question their judgment. Is there a common factor shared by teachers, doctors, and politicians – such as “wealth” or “connections” (the classic popular indicators of “power”)? Not exactly, when you consider that teachers and doctors can earn their power through diligent study and other merits. So then, is there a common factor shared by all powerful people? My answer would be…yes, but not wealth, and not connections. The true source of power is knowledge; and, in the particular case of our contemporary political leaders, the abuse of knowledge.

9-11 is perhaps the all-time classic study of the abuse of knowledge and power by political leaders. When we study this subject, we gain the knowledge (and the power) which was previously held by the manipulative leaders who orchestrated the 9-11 attacks. By sharing this knowledge with a wider audience, we truly distribute power to the people, and we neutralize the power of the manipulative political leaders and the elite families whom they serve. 9-11 has created a window of opportunity: the possibility of a dimensional power-shift – which we can experience in this lifetime. As with other opportunities, we need to say “yes” before we start to receive the tangible benefits. Each of us needs to answer: “Yes, I really want this power-shift, and I will do my part.” We can do this with confidence, because we possess true knowledge which is powerfully revealing, and which is impossible to disprove.

For the advocates of truthful discourse, 9-11 offers the perfect myth-busting set-piece, featuring overwhelming evidence to refute the mainstream perception of political reality. Although the 9-11 topic is painful and frightening to grasp in its entirety, it has been proven – by millions of book readers and film viewers – that real, living people can make the shift from mainstream perceptions to truthful discourse. For truth advocates, this is nothing less than a miracle. And the miracle continues… as the quality and variety of 9-11 journalism and 9-11 publications continue to blossom and thrive in the real-world marketplace. This is no small opportunity; this is a giant, spectacular opportunity, with the well-documented case (i.e. that 9-11 was a US Government inside job) now penetrating deeply into mainstream consciousness. Saying “yes” to this opportunity means continuing to publish more materials, continuing to selectively recommend good materials, and continuing (or starting) to openly discuss the topic of 9-11 at work, at school, in restaurants, and wherever people congregate.

The reason why 9-11 is such a huge subject is because the study of this subject inevitably opens up a Pandora’s Box of widespread corruption, and clandestine power structures, bonded together into a global, unitary power structure. This is the only hypothesis which explains why the global mainstream media still refuse to disclose the truth about 9-11. This also explains why European people are so interested in the subject. For example, 800 people gathered in Utrecht in September for a full day of 9-11 presentations. Wherever you live in the world, 9-11 is a relevant topic because the study of 9-11 inevitably leads honest researchers to question the integrity of their own media and politicians. The killer question which honest researchers inevitably ask is: “If the attacks happened in the USA, then why are all the mainstream newspapers and TV stations in my country suppressing the truth about this American news story?”

9-11 was a human tragedy; but five years later, it serves as a magnificent golden key, opening the door to global participation in a wholesale power-shift, from the elite classes, to the (knowledgeable and powerful) people. The more widespread this knowledge becomes, the more powerful the people become, to the detriment of the power retained by the elite classes. Once the elite classes are de-frocked, and their deception and manipulation are widely exposed, then the people will cease to trust them. This creates a power vacuum, which can only be filled by the (knowledgeable and powerful) people who have learned the truth.

Is this what you want? Do you want to participate in a wholesale power-shift from the elite classes to the (knowledgeable and powerful) people? Are you prepared for the increased personal and community responsibilities which such a power-shift would require? If you are not thus prepared, then how do you envision that the power vacuum will be filled, without your participation?

The study of 9-11 is nothing less than a golden key to human liberation. Liberation means freedom; and freedom includes both the right, and the responsibility, to make personal and community decisions. Are we ready for that? In my opinion, we are almost ready, but not quite. First, we need to say “yes,” and energetically continue our efforts to spread the liberating truth about the 9-11 events. By distributing power to the people, we will reduce the power of the elite classes, laying the foundation for a wholesale power-shift, when the knowledgeable population reaches a critical mass. At that point, we shall be obliged to replace the deceptive and manipulative institutions which have previously guided our existence. While we deserve to celebrate our new-found power with joy and relief, we should also prepare ourselves for our new responsibilities as a self-governing community.

Bombs already in WTC on

Bombs already in WTC on 9/11


Mancow disease


This Howard Stern wannabe Mancow I guess now has his own show on Fox. I saw the promo for the debut of his show tonight. Among the subjects he’ll apparently be discussing is 9/11.

Here‘s what I heard:

“Did the Bush administration bring down the twin towers”? “Mancow rips in to this theory”.

It didn’t mention who or even if there’d be an actual guest representing 9/11 truth but it did appear that he might’ve been debating someone. I couldn’t tell so one can only hope that there is a competent 9/11 debater on challenging him. Knowing what I know about Fox though my first guess is NOT. It might still be worth it for someone to record the segment and make it available on this blog?

Just a heads up........

I swear Fox news employs all of the losers & low-lifes that no one else wants like Ollie North, Gordon Liddy & Robert Novak.

Watch this. "Madcow,

Watch this. "Madcow, -Mancow," ..." Ground Zero, -Ground to Zero," -there's often some underlying meme telling you right off the top, that shows of this complexity are out to mislead us. If my physical understanding of Century City is complete, here's a cool "establishing-shot" idea for the YouTube 'take-off' on Ruppert's opening segement of this wonderful 'realityTV' show...

(CGI morphing, historic B&W overlay on current, T.C.Fox campus facility.)

You make their ranch look like Waco, with a sort of Fort Apache outer-wall, and you make their Executive Office Tower look like a Stake-burning, with all the Neocon faces carved into it's surfaces, like a giant totem-pole!

Intro: Whoooosh, - ..... Boom! Pk-uweeeey- POW!

Narrator: "One Organization, Determined to achieve Global Domination!... One World Government. One Body, One Spirit, One Mind! ...."

(Flames expand away from the tower, as human bodies go flying out, jumping to their deaths. Overlay: Giant combination rendering of the NEW, and Improved "FREEDOM TOWER," looming large, as an even MORE impressive monument to Corporate Wealth. Having Magic, morphing- powers, as it grows and extends to cover WESTWOOD, like the BLOB...)

Flouride+Aspertaime+Tamiflu, + ... gulp,Caffine?


Does it not occurr to ANY of you readers,
that SOME of the participants at 9/11blogger
might simply be going bonkers
from simple caustic posions
like aspertaime?

I thought Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was the mastermind of 9/11

I thought Khalid Shaikh Mohammed was the mastermind of the events of 9/11.

From my understanding, this is what the The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States has stated.

Is Khalid Shaik Mohammed NOT responsible?

Let Fox Keep Digging

There will be congressional hearings about Fox in the future . . . my humble opinions. Madame DeFarge has busy hands.


The truth of 911 is so powerful it will bring down the House of Cards that is 'Democracy' as practiced in the Western World.

This is a heavy number. The result would be chaos and great upheavals.

Knowing this am I still prepared to challenge the 'truth' given to us by our corrupt Government? To this I must answer 'Yes', trusting the outcome will, in the longer term, be beneficial for all the world.

Sirius Radio

Sirius satellite radio subscribers....

Brent and Manson of the Bubba The Love Sponge show are supposed to be discussing conspiracies including 9/11 tonight. They both seem to be truthers (I know that Brent is for sure). I believe it will be on Howard 101 at midnight Eastern time tonight. The promo just said that it would be Thursday so I’m assuming that it will air tonight.

It may be a program completely separate from Bubba’s show itself though I’m not sure.

it´s wonderful !

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it´s marvellous concept.