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Imagine someone from the movement going to tell someone the "truth"...

"OH MY GOD!!!, you're never going to believe this!!!

As it turns out, we weren't told the truth about 9/11. Instead, the Government LIED to us! Did you know that? Did ya know? First of all, the planes didn't even exist that day. As a matter of fact, they were really missiles disguised as planes with this amazing Hologram technology. Or, maybe there were missiles strapped to the underbelly of the planes, and they fired them into the buildings before impact. It's hard to tell because all of the videos, and photos from that day are totally faked.

They also managed to use the old "Star Wars" program to fire a beam from space powerful enough to bring the towers, and building 7 down. The ex-Chief of the "Star Wars" program is part of the 9/11 Truth Movement didn't ya know? He recently won 44% of the vote in Florida.

Don't look at me like I'm crazy. C'mon, you gotta listen to what I'm saying! They lied, they all lied!"

That's what this movement sounds like right now. A bunch of garbly gook that makes little to no sense. Now is not the time for this movement to be divided, and argue over our theories. Now is the time for us to be united with the facts.

Imagine someone from this movement going to tell someone this "truth"...

"Hi... can I have a moment of your time please? Thanks... Are you aware that the 9/11 family members that fought for the creation of the 9/11 Commission declared their report a "hollow failure", and the commission itself, "derelict in its' duties?" Did you know that these very same families recently questioned the "entire veracity" of the 9/11 Commission's report, and are now calling for an entirely new investigation? They are also demanding the release of documentation pertaining to the CIA Inspector General's report, the Joint Congressional Inquiry's 28 redacted pages, and all of the details regarding the recently exposed July 10th meeting between Condoleezza Rice, George Tenet, and Cofer Black.

Yep, it's all true. Would you like to know more?"

I wonder which method works better?

United with the FACTS, great idea


This article from MIT Technology Review called "Lying With Pixels" talks about video technolgy and the shaping of geopolitical events.

 An informative article which explains how computer technologies are used to create amazing visual deceptions on video and much more.

From MIT's Technology Review: Lying with Pixels July/August 2000:

See article here:

”The best-known examples of real-time video manipulation so far are “virtual insertions” in professional sports broadcasts. Last January 30, for instance, nearly one-sixth of humankind in more than 180 countries repeatedly saw an orange first-down line stretched across the gridiron as they watched the Super Bowl. New York-based Sportvision created that line and inserted it into the live feed of the broadcast….”

“What sets the Witt demo apart—way apart—is that the technology used to “virtually delete” the skater can now be applied in real time, live, even as a camera records a scene and instantly broadcasts it to viewers. In the fraction of a second between video frames, any person or object moving in the foreground can be edited out, and objects that aren’t there can be edited in and made to look real….” “…The combination of real-time virtual insertion, cyber-puppeteering, video rewriting and other video manipulation technologies with a mass-media infrastructure that instantly delivers news video worldwide has some analysts worried….”

“Combine the potential erosion of faith in video authenticity with the so-called “CNN effect” and the stage is set for deception to move the world in new ways. Livingston describes the CNN effect as the ability of mass media to go beyond merely reporting what is happening to actually influencing decision-makers as they consider military, international assistance and other national and international issues. “The CNN effect is real,” says James Currie, professor of political science at the National Defense University at Fort McNair in Washington. “Every office you go into at the Pentagon has CNN on.” And that means, he says, that a government, terrorist or advocacy group could set geopolitical events in motion on the strength of a few hours’ worth of credibility achieved by distributing a snippet of well-doctored video.”

Wait a minute… “well-doctored video” … “set geopolitical events in motion”…you mean they…. and showed it on ………

Just the facts. United with the FACTS.

Jon, I forgot to ask

about the planes.

 I knew that flight 11 and 77 did not exist-,

No Flight 11:

No Flight 77:

(these are back ups of the originals) 

-but I thought the other flights existed, just that they did not crash at either the Pentagon or in the crater.

 It sounds like you have new information. I hope you will share it with us.


"That's what this movement

"That's what this movement sounds like right now. A bunch of garbly gook that makes little to no sense. Now is not the time for this movement to be divided, and argue over our theories. Now is the time for us to be united with the facts."

I hear two distinct tones, one from genuine individuals and organizations who share a common goal, to expose the truth of 9/11. 

And another tone, subtly masked by the first, this is from individuals and organizations who too share a goal, to obscure the truth of 9/11.



I'm leaning towards #1, but it needs some work

WTC 7 was apparently destroyed using traditional controlled demolition.

Its the Twin Towers that appear to have been a combination of traditional explosives and exotic weaponry.

 I would also drop the intro and pick it up from " as it turns out...." . Also, drop the "did you knows". Clean up the plane issue (2 not 4), not sure on the hologram, drop the 'strapped missile' and maybe a bit more on the video. Let's save the politicians views for later and soften up the finish. Maybe just offer some resources.

It's coming together now, Jon. Nice work.

Yes and no

I obviously prefer the second approach. However, we're never going to stop arguing amongst ourselves and I don't see why we should. If we don't debate stuff like no-planeism amongst ourselves then who is going to debate it? As long as most of our energy is directed outward, we should do OK. The movement's visibility is doing fine; I would even argue we need more internal debate to achieve clarity on the issues.

No planeism debate

It's just that TV fakery has been discussed and debunked many times over. High- rez pictures of the impact hole clearly show the damage of a 767, down to six- inch wide gaps between columns where the outer wings went in. All the columns are bent inward. Huge pieces of debris are seen exiting the second tower at hundreds of MPH during the impact, and the fireball bursts from the building with considerable momentum (otherwise impossible without a massive blast cannon placed inside the building). There were also 4 or 5 local TV stations that carried obscure live broadcasts of the impacts and clearly show the aircraft; to suggest all these hodunk NYC stations had millions of $$ of equipment on hand to perform live 3d interjects is absurd, especially when you think that a glitch in any one of the live composites would expose the entire plot.

The problem with the cartoon planers is that they ignore obvious evidence like that and go on about how the 'trajectories don't line up' (totally unproven) or that the impacts don't 'look' right (as if such an event has ever been caught on video before). Their argument is stupid on so many levels that they are clearly doing the movement a great disservice. And it doesn't help legitimate 'no planers' to have jackasses like Morgan Reynolds out there deliberately propagating the most bullshit crazy ideas he can come up with...

Interesting take

Could you post a link to the high-rez pictures you speak of?

Also, a list of those 4 -5 TV stations that carried LIVE broadcast.



Watch the youtube video I linked to for every live recording of the first impact. Take note of the WB 11 broadcast with a camera angle not replayed by major networks in which the plane is visible, and one of the newscasters says "It looks like a police helicopter responding to the scene - oh my god" as the plane flies in. As far as I know this is the only live reference to the plane before it hits the building, and to suggest part of the plot involved the local WB news affiliate is crazy...

The most widely circulated photo of the impact hole is the one with the woman standing in it, found here:

You can clearly see massive column units tilted inward where the fuselage hit in the center of the gash, and the right side shows very obvious wing damage. A Hollywood special effects might be able to recreate that kind of damage with months to prepare, total control of the situation, and if the steel beams were replaced with styrofoam replicas... but the idea of it being accomplished on 9/11 is so far fetched that it's absurd to talk about , especially in the absence of any hard evidence. I mean, come on... flying a 767 into the building is way easier. Why the hell would they do it any other way, especially when it amplified the risk of getting caught 1000% (fake witnesses on the street, accomplices at all major and local news networks, demolition prep work that could not be concealed from people working in the targeted parts of the building, etc, etc)?

Interesting points

This blog is almost an invitation to another meltdown.

You seem to be inviting it.

This is my opinion:

There are 3 camps of notable conflicting factions.

Camp 1 - The most arcane group - as we know - forwards absurdist theories like Star Wars beams and no-planes and mini-nukes. This is just a bald-faced attempt to discredit the movement. I guess if you wanted to finger ANYONE as a disinformation agent - members of this camp would be the most obvious. But i also believe that a lot of innocent people are unfortunately sucked into this camp as well. But, there are also these seemingly intellectual long-winded posts in this camp that, upon close examination, are simply facades. The most disturbing aspect associated with this camp is their habit of launching attacks and smear campaigns against other activists. (see Haupt for reference)

Camp 2 - The second camp i consider SOFT disinformation/misinformation campaigns. This group is harder to pin down because their mode of operation is to mix CREDIBLE research with dis or mis information. It may be intentional disinformation or unintentional misinformation. This group usually speaks with great conviction and rightious indignation - claiming there can be no debate or contrary opinions - and they appear to intentionally muck up debates and disrupt legitimate dialogue.

While i believe there is a very high probability that the CD theory is correct - unfortunately i also believe that some of the activists in this camp have used CD as a cover - to add credibility to their existence - while intentionally poisoning the well with plane-swapping and missile theories - and in some cases anti-semitism.

This is a clever approach because it creates the false illusion that the movement is divided between the CD and non-CD camps. it is not. but by using CD as a wedge issue they effectively shut down debate on other lines of research and debate (claiming it is not as credible as CD)- while connecting CD to other less credible speculative theories.

Of course it is extremely important to point out that NOT ALL CD ADVOCATES ARE GUILTY OF DOING THIS!.. but many are...

example: morgan reynolds advocacy of CD while also advocating no-planes. Fetzer advocating Judy Wood. And, to a lesser degree many posters on 911Blogger as well.

This is a classic divide and conquer approach - leading less savy activists to believe that they must choose a side between the pro and con CD camps. This is a false dichotomy designed to poison legitimat CD research - as well as shutting down non-CD research.

Camp 3 - The last camp of activists are those who wish to steer clear of speculation, theories and making assertions. This group seeks to simply forward FACTS which indicate that there is a substantial cover-up & demonstrable lies being told by our government, and prima facie evidence of possible criminal involvement of non-al qaeda 'entities' in the attacks of 9/11. This group seeks to lobby the public's interest in creating a mandate for demanding accountability and a truly independent investigation. This group does not claim to know the answers. This group simply presents evidence that demands accountability.

This group is the most dangerous to those who have something to hide.

This group is usually the most attacked by members of Camps 1 and elements of Camp 2. Since members of Camp 3 do NOT take definitive positions and forward conspiracy theories they are vulnerable to attacks as "limited hangout" or "LIHOP" advocates or (as in my case) outright "shills" of the government. Members of Camp 3 are accused of attempting to supress "evidence" - which in fact are really just the "opinions and theories" of Camps 1 & 2. Camps 1 & 2 simply do not - or will not - differentiate between facts and opinions.

Someone recently posted a video which STRONGLY indicates that infiltrators of the 9/11 anniversary memorial protests were carrying signs that read: "USA DID 911"

think about that.

Camp 3

Nice post John

I myself do discuss many of my theories here while I know that they really do not lead to resolve.... I do think that the discussion of these theories may lead to new observations and ways to dissolve their propoganda campaign.

I know that Camp 3 is the place we need to focus our activism. It is the area where we can gather the most support and the numbers to push this forward. The theories on the other hand may offer people with questions some direction as to how this may have been pulled off.... There are many who have a road block in their minds as to how an operation of this scale was accomplished.

While at the same time, many of these theories... while they may have their reasoning... do involve many elemaents that seem well beyond the realm of knowledge of the average person.

Does this technology exist to perform these video manipulations? I think it is.
Do we have space weapond that are capable of destroying buldings? I hope not.
Could planes be switched out in mid-air after transponers had been switched out then remotely flown into buildings? Very easily.

There are many valid theories..... but there is that which we know without doubt.... there is that which can not be overlooked or dismissed

And it is that which we must all agree to pursue.... to get to a point where we can ask the necessary questions of the appropriate people.....

untill we get the people behind us to get to that point we will be swimming on theories and speculation untill the end of times..... and we all know that this country isn't going to afford us that option for very much longer.

Which to me is just another indicator of the guilt of those running this effort to silence those who are on the path to the truth.... protecting the ones hiding the truth..... silencing the critics who want justice and punishment of the perpetraitors..

This country is in grave danger and it all funnels back to 9/11..... the truth is taking hold.

The only thing keeping us from taking this to the next level is us...... If we could create a publishable manifesto on the theories of "Camp III" we may be able to answer the questions of "Camp I & Camp II"

at that point it may not even matter anymore.... If "Camp III" can succeed.... this matter might solve itself...

Imagine the enlightenment of a conviction of a government willing to create "False Flag" terrorism to achieve it's own means.... to control it's people.... If this is proven and convicted.... this would change the world as we know it.... Governments may never again be able to accomplish these acts. People will be more villigant towards maintaing a watchful eye over their leaders. Leaders will know that they are being watched.

False Flag operations will no longer be an option.... Peace and human evolution will once again have an opportunity to flourish

Corporate and banking powers will fall.... and if we are willing to do our part we will have the opportunity to return a society which looks toward the future.... a future we can build for each other.

Very thoughtful and balanced response


It is my hope that we will have a breakthrough in 2007 where one key piece of information emerges that will gain the support of media and certain politicians in investigating.

i have always felt that if we can get at least that first dominoe to fall, everything else would unravel and more whistleblowers would come forward to cover their asses.

certainly the fact that NORAD gave false information, published in the 9/11 commission report - would be a good starting point.

able danger or sibel edmonds could be other good starting points.

this is why i get so frustrated with Camps 1 & 2. i feel that the time for theorizing and speculating is over. we HAVE evidence of lies and coverups. that's all we need.

we need to focus more on how to be better ACTIVISTS for lobbying the media and congress to answer these fundamental questions. we need to figure out ways to put pressure on them.

The corporate media is not

The corporate media is not acting in OUR best interest.  They have much to loose if the ugly truth about the system of controls that have and are in place to keep the entire human population stupid and happy.

The congress has changed faces, but the true power behind the scenes is still in full control, don't expect salvation from Washington.

Activism should be directed at educating the people around us, educating (innoculating) our children, and not partaking in the systems which enslave us (debt).

This system that has been put into place has taken generations to evolve into its current form, it will not roll over and play dead overnight.  


just my 2cents. 


Alternative media and the internet is taking it's toll on these Media Monsters.... In the past five years we have taken a huge bite out of their behinds.

It's good and bad.... with these media sources not doing so well they have had to resort to either playing along and maintaining the readership that they still have or selling out to the media giants.

We are gaining though.... smaller market papers are taking a hit... larger market papers are as well..... you can see though that they are trying to make the transition.... throwing in little tidbits of rational thought.... but if they completely flip they will die.... there is almost no way for them to prevail through a massive transition.

I think you will begin to see a falling away from the media giants in the next two years.... a major falling away.... People are waking up to the fact that something is drasticly wrong here.... and newspapers may suffer greatly.

I think that they would be best to print seperate front page sections.... and put out a red and a blue paper to try and maintain both liberal and consevative readers??? Who knows?

I do know that they are struggling and desperately looking for ways to stay afloat in a time of influx of alternative media and the internet

imgstacke is right

This is why media complicity on 9/11 is the "third rail" of 911Truth. It blows the cover.

The other "third rail" issue you mention is the inescapable debt inherent in the swindle known as private central banking.

I saw your post (good article) which alluded to some of these. Keep digging and watch out for the landmines.

You may enjoy checking out John Taylor Gatto (google).

It's funny how the TV fakery

It's funny how the TV fakery camp masquerades under this 'indict the media in 9/11' theme...

John, you are a piece of work!

You spent all day today posting as Änonymous" in a nother forum until you were caught misspelling the same word as yourself. Then you offer a lame explanation that you were just "conducting a test". Then you have the gall to post this garbage here where you say that people who understand how much solid evidence there is for CD deliberately try to discredit the movement by mixing their posts with "plane swapping, missiles, and anti-semitism". You are really something else.

You have exposed yourself as a dishonest operator who will try to get away with deception until you're caught, at which point you try another deception to explain your use of the first. Here's another camp for you--the self-proclaimed "fair and balanced truthers" who profess to just be responsibly sticking with "facts versus opinion" and who post as ANonymous to lend support to their views, that invariably include maligning truthers who point out the obvious evidence for controlled demolition. They do this to protect Larry Silverstein by masquerading lame LIHOPE BS as legitimate truth work. They back each other up (along with their anonymous aliases to cultivate an image of being the truth movement mainstream, when they are simply shills. That is you, dude, there's no point in denyiong it anymore. And please don't appeal to the "hurting the movement"spiel--that would be you posing as an Anonymous user to "test" the forum. To quote you--veeeery mature. Yep. You are no different than a no-planer, and that is where your "Paklistan did it" theory is going to end up, next to lizard people and space beams.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


L.I.H.O.P. Let's Indirectly


Let's Indirectly Help Our President.

Quote from Charles Caleb Colton

"Falsehood is never so successful as when she baits her hook with truth and no opinions so fatally mislead us as those that are not wholly wrong."

"That's what this movement

"That's what this movement sounds like right now. A bunch of garbly gook that makes little to no sense. Now is not the time for this movement to be divided, and argue over our theories. Now is the time for us to be united with the facts."

Jon, stop it. That's not what anyone I've heard sounds like. And folks, when people start calling for "unity", be suspicious. Very suspicious. I think we're all a bit frustrated that it's been five years and nothing's quite come of it except more awareness. But please, knock off this rack, you pig.


Be "suspicious, Very suspicious" of me. Ha.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."