Regarding the 9/11 Truth Kit, thanks for the feedback, round 2 anyone?

Thanks for the first round of feedback on the 9/11 Truth Kit for Senators and Congresspersons. This is my intention for posting here, to stir the pot, get more input, ideas and energy. We clearly need to include copies of petitions and perhaps some short cover letters signed by key members of the 9/11 Truth movement (David Ray Griffin, Steven E. Jones, Webster G. Tarpley, Bob Bowman, Karen Kwiatkowski, William Rodriguez, The Jersey Girls, Alex Jones, etc.).

[btw - Which is the best DVD of a Webster Tarpley lecture or presentation?]

Additionally, I think we should look into creating a special edition two DVD set that is the most compelling and makes the best case for opening new investigations. That is what this is all about, after all. Barring that, a good mix of existing DVD's will be a very good start, and not every politician's office needs to get the exact same kit. Just imagine staffers getting together and asking "Did you see the Steven Jones analysis?" or "Have you seen William Rodriguez tell his story?" or "Why is there no official explanation for WTC7?"

I will be discussing the Truth Kit idea and the possibility of creating a special edition DVD set at a meeting tonight. I will report back ASAP.

This is a team effort, any and all input and constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, I encourage all of you to do anything you can to push 9/11 Truth out into the wider community in any way you can. I have given many copies of The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin to people for them to read and then pass on to others. Always remember to listen closely when you talk to others about 9/11 Truth, be gentle and draw them out, see what their specific issues and concerns are and address those calmly and thoughtfully. Anger and profanity turn 98% of people off, immediately.

We are now at about 33% who know it was an inside job and well over 50% of Americans suspect LIHOP at least. We are rapidly approaching a tipping point and the gatekeepers know this. The MSM's increased tempo of ever more desperate hit piece articles is a clear demonstration of this fact. Now is the time to increase our tempo of letters to the editor and calls to writers and editors for more articles demanding answers for all the unanswered questions and challenges to the obvious lies. We need to constantly call for a new and independent investigation into 9/11, as well.

In addition to my efforts to get the movement to develop a national strategic and tactical framework, I am about to crank up my own guerilla peace project. This will include freeway blogging and other public signs to get the 9/11Truth buzz really zooming in my area and I'm going to be leading some 9/11 study groups, as well. There are many low or no cost things we all can do to take this to the next level. Be creative.

Remember that once we have built this movement into a real political force, accomplished our mission of destroying the official 9/11 Myth and forcing the changes we need to create and maintain real peace and real prosperity; we can then use our new people power to seriously address global climate change and all the other pressing issues we face.

We are all brothers and sisters on this big blue ball.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

How about including the United Nations

On September 12, 2001 the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1368 which states in part
"3. Calls on all States to work together urgently to bring to justice the perpetrators, organizers and sponsors of theses terrorist attacks and stresses that those responsible for aiding, supporting or harboring the perpetrators, organizers and sponsors of these attacks will be held accountable;"
"6. Decides to remain seized of the matter."

Am I being to naive to expect any other countries to bring the 9/11 Official Commission fairy tale matter up to the General Assembly.

We are consider appeals to several international bodies,

including the U.N.

Since the German court case against Rumsfeld it is becoming apparent that our best avenues for a new investigation may lie overseas.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Thank you

for your effots & wishes.

"there is nothing more

"there is nothing more ridiculous to the Gentile mind than a mass conspiracy,
because there is nothing more impossible to the Gentile himself."

Henry Ford 1920!!

have them read this book NOW!!!!


I hand-delivered a truth-kit

I hand-delivered a truth-kit of my own design to Barbara Lee's office yesterday. I wrote a cover letter and included several good 9/11 flyers, a deception dollar, and a copy of Terrorstorm.

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is available now for pre-order on Amazon.