We need a 50 state strategy to push 9/11 Truth to the next level during the next 3 months

The time has come for the 9/11 Truth movement to get serious and get organized. We need to knit together all our various grassroots efforts into a
co-ordinated front to take advantage of the new Congress coming in in January 2007 and the growing public knowledge that the Cheney/Bush
administration is engaged in a 9/11 cover-up.

To this end I propose that we identify/create and then connect working groups in all 50 states to begin actively developing and co-ordinating strategy at a national level. Our first national goal should be to hand deliver a 9/11 Truth Kit to all 100 Senators and 435 Congresspersons well before the start of the new session in January 2007. In my opinion, the 9/11 Truth Kit should contain (at a minimum):

1) The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin

2) The Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson

3) 9/11: Press For Truth (DVD)

4) 9/11:The Myth and The Reality with David Ray Griffin (DVD)

5) Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of our Republic (DVD)

6) William Rodriguez Presentation at the Freedom Law School (DVD)

The 9/11 Truth Kit should be delivered with a cover letter outlining the basic problems of the official story and the 9/11 Commission Report and respectfully informing the Senator/Congressperson that they don't want to be on the wrong side of history on this as the 9/11 Truth movement is a growing national and global movement. Include the most current national poll data. Ideally, at least one person delivering the kit should be a constituent. Identify a staff member to be a contact person.

I will be working with others in the greater SF Bay Area.

This is an urgent request for YOUR input. Thank you.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

The 9/11 Truth Kit

The one proposed seems very reasonable, but it should be discussed with
scholars. A petition signed by hundreds of scholars (from Scholars for 9/11 Truth but not only them)
should make those politician think.

Yes, more petitions, open letters, etc. signed by prominent persons are needed in "the kit".


also, might be a good idea to try to get alex jones to promote this and help organize via his radio talk show...?

I don't, I think Alex hurts

I don't, I think Alex hurts the movement. He is too in your face. Seriously, I did NY on the 5th Anniversary and I also attended the CFR building the next day. He screams at people, and he calls them names. I was embarrassed. I think we are to the point where we need a classy way to get the word out.

Alex is vital...

and, of course, one of the most important leaders in the movement...but we need other voices and approaches as well, as I'm sure he would agree....and we have them....Alex is very effective at reaching a lot of people, but other approaches, such as David Ray Griffin, work better for others....

While I greatly value many people's contributions, in their own individual way, Alex is the movement's "balls" (not to disparage his brain :).

No leadership council can be considered without Alex; it's unthinkable.

Alex aims at completely different target - won't convince politi

He might hurt, if he is not backed up well.

Alex Jones

Alex Jones isn't the guy you send to the politicians at this point unless you are attacking. That said, he is very effective in getting support for a measure within the truth movement because he is heard by a great number of people and those people trust him. Also, he talks to and knows just about everyone of significance (has he interviewed Griffin yet?) so this would also be a good way of getting Webster Tarply, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan and the rest on board. Getting Jones behind this would be vital, otherwise it would wither from within. We would need the majority of the truth movement to embrace this idea and work towards it for this to have a hope of succeeding. While I am worried about trying to bring the movement together as a unit, this could be a good way to form and strengthen the local/state groups.

Jones isn't the guy who talks to heads of state at this point (give him a few years and remove the urgency and he could) but he is a very effective person to talk to people in the Midwest, South and Southwest (people in the Northern parts do listen, I'm one of them, but many of those I've tried to wake up with his videos tune him out). I always think of him as our Rush Limbaugh (in style and relative reach, not content). The nickname "The Bulldog" fits him perfectly.

Let's get Alex Jones to help promote this idea

His single greatest asset to the movement is popular promotion and he can be a great help in pushing 9/11 Truth to the next level.

I'm not sure I want him banging on politician's doors (outside of Texas, that is), but if he can help to recruit 9/11 Truth squads to begin the major lobbying campaign ahead, that will be great.


I hope that you and yours are well.

i would suggest 9/11

i would suggest 9/11 mysteries perhaps above #5..

havent seen #6, guess i need to!

I have yet to see 9/11 Mysteries, I will be getting it soon.

I'm building a library of 9/11 related materials for teach-ins, movie nights and to loan to interested parties.

William Rodriguez tells an amazing story, I want to get him telling it in Spanish, too, as we need to reach out to all communities as we take this to the next level.


I hope that you and yours are well.

Its similar to his

Its similar to his presentation at the L.A. conference.

How can you leave out Alex Jones...

He predicted the damn thing! Include that clip as well.

Terrostorm MUST be included...

....because it exposes government's use of state-sponsored terrorism as a tool for imperialistic ambitions and, in Alex's words, "breaks it in front of their faces"...

When 9/11 is universally understood to be an inside job and the criminals behind it are prosecuted, Terrorstorm will be looked back on as the most important film of the movement, IMO. Governments won't be able to exploit their citizenry with that criminal tactic anymore.

What Alex has done cannot be overstated.

replace 3 with Tarpley.

replace 3 with Tarpley.

I'd keep 9/11 press for

I'd keep 9/11 press for truth in there as it gives a family perspective of the cover up of the 9/11 comission, i agree that something by webster tarpley needs to be added, and aslo 9/11 mysteries part 1.

None need to be replaced

just ADD 7-10.

7. Tarpley

8. 9/11 Mysteries

9. ??

10. ??

9/11 Press for Truth is mandatory, it shows nothing but press reports and the Timeline with the families questions and how they have been treated by the MSM.

Tarpley is indeed essential

include his book (and his presentation on a DVDs)

I'm a huge fan of Webster Tarpley, what are his best DVD's ?

I consider his9/11: Synthetic Terror Made in USA to be the single most comprehensive book on 9/11. However, I think it is too long to drop on congressional staffers on the first round.

What are the best DVDs of his lectures?

Thanks for the input!

I hope that you and yours are well.

Oil, Smoke, and Mirrors


I just watched this film tonight. It's only 50 minutes long, and deals mostly with Peak Oil -- 9/11 connections. Although not produced by Tarpley, he's given a good bit of time towards the end, and it seems very well done.

Google Video link: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8677389869548020370

this is a good idea ...I'm

this is a good idea ...I'm in.

Great Idea, My Thoughts

I totally support this idea, however overloading anyone with a ton of information won't help your goal. My thoughts would be to provide no more than 2 documentaries that touch on everything in the cover letter. We want to make sure that we achieve general exposure to all the critical points. If links to additional sources of information is provided in the cover letter that is fine. In fact if we could provide a list/links to all of the websites and documentaries this alone may spark enhanced curiousity/interest (hopefully). Information is best digested when made simple and easy, and while there are several 9/11 truth documentaries that do this, asking politicians to view 10+ hours of video footage may be too much. Keep the initial contact simple and easy for the target to comprehend, we can always go back with more.

Information Overload

For a politician to get up to speed, I'd suggest a 2-sided disk holder with Barrie Zwicker's "The Great Conspiracy" and then the ending summary of "Terrorstorm" on one disk (should be enuf room there), and Les Jameson's new "The Destruction of the World Trade Center" (featuring David Ray Griffin) and then John Albanese's "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime". That's about 4 hours or so of very compelling viewing.

I agree that overload could be an issue, but staffers will be

the ones responsible for digesting most of the material. A list of source materials is fine, but I feel that we need to make this as easy as possible for them and DVDs are immediate and accessible without a high speed connection and the hiccups of the web. Physically putting materials in their hands also puts the ball in their court.

If the staffers know that we Truthers will be calling on them often then they will want to acquaint themselves with at least some of the material.

Finally, while overload is a concern, I think it vital that we demonstrate the depth and breadth of the real scholarship behind the movement.

This is an evolutionary process and we can try different approaches with different people and see what works.

Thanks for your input!

I hope that you and yours are well.


Let's make this happen!

keep it simple

I agree that you've got way too much here. Instead of including all these DVDs and books I'd suggest having a resource list broken out into books, film, web, etc. Other than that, I also agree that the key component will be proof that "legitimate" figures in government, academia and industry support a further investigation into 9/11. One great souce I've discovered is: http://www.patriotsquestion911.com/

So, basically I'd have a cover letter, a fact sheet with the key questions/concerns about 9/11, the resource sheet and the list of prominent truth seekers. That's it.

Show "HAHAHAHAHA! This will never" by Anonymous (not verified)

I think we struck a nerve....

...we must be on to something here.....

The first goal of the movement, without overtly saying so, was on increasing 9/11 Truth knowledge in the general population...with only 16% now believing the government's OV, we seem a long way toward accomplishing that initial step.

Next is now tying those individuals and groups together, so that we can be a political force.

The time is right. Let's see this through.

I'll check back in with you

I'll check back in with you folks in another 5 years. We'll see just how far you've come then.

I support you...I just don't see any of this going anywhere at anytime soon.

Good luck. Peace.

Harsh, but somehow true...

better organization is needed, spokeperson, outlines - all this is true.
Anon - could you provide the movement with some help?

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight

you, and then you win" - Gandhi

We're going from ridicule to fighting right now.

Just take it as acknowledgement that we are getting closer on a daily basis.

After all, truth is on our side.

Love is the only way forward, brothers and sisters.

I wasn't fighting with you

I wasn't fighting with you LeftWright...merely stating the fact that you need to get organized in order to push foward. What exactly is the goal(s) of the movement? Spread truth...if so, what does having 100% of the population not believing in the official version do? What are the goals?

That's all I'm asking. Don't get so bent out of shape when someone comes here and asks questions. It's true...the movement is contagiously unorganized. I thought this place was about truth. That's the truth...and I get punished for it.

...or it is only truth when it only agrees with your belief system?

Maybe understanding the word TRUTH might be a good place for this movement to start in order to get on the same plan of attack.

How many negative points do I get for this post? huh?

Dear Anonymous.............

I was responding to the HAHAHAHAHA! post, I'm not sure if that was you, I suspect not.

Anyway, I'm not "bent out of shape" at all. I welcome any and all constructive criticism.

I agree 100% that we 9/11 Truthers need to be more organized and focus on specific short and long term goals. I am a strategic and tactical thinker and we are at the point where we have to get more organized to take it to the next level.

There are two main factors working against this: the first is a certain level of entropy that will always exist; the second is the infiltration of outside agents to sew chaos and divisiveness within the movement. Anyone who has ever attended a public event or conference has seen both of these at work and it can often be very subtle. We just have to be very conscious of these factors and weed out the obvious bad actors as they appear.

I believe that life is learning so my own personal truth evolves with every bit of new information I process every day.

The goal is to have a truly independent, comprehensive and complete investigation into the events of 9/11, led by technical experts, academics, witnesses, victims and family members and held in public.

I hope that you and yours are well.

LeftWright, Thank you for

LeftWright, Thank you for your comment. I feel the very same as you regarding the new investigation. But like many of us here, I get so frustrated that the wheels of the movement either get stuck in the mud or spin out of control...neither granting us any possibility to actually move the vehicle forward. There are a lot of passionate and compassionate people who want that very goal...a new independent study...which is a lofty and compelling goal.

Has anyone thought of finding a good, hardworking, loyal lobbyist to push the agenda in Washington DC. Someone who has connections, can get information to the correct people and slowly massage the lawmakers into requesting a new investigation?

Giving them books, CD and website won't get us anywhere in Washington...or even in our home state legislation. If we arm a true lobbyist with all the hard facts and data...and pay him to push the agenda...it's the only way, I believe, that anything will come from the last 5 years of hard work.

As I have said before, I have very little faith in politicians

but we need to give them fair warning AND put them on notice that we know that they have been informed.

A paid lobbyist is one of many tools to use. Keep in mind that the Jersey Girls got the first Commission created primarily through their efforts alone.

The home constituents are the best lobbyists we can hope to field. A growing, dedicated group pushing each individual Senator and Congressperson on a daily basis at little or no cost is our best strategy right now. This is, and will remain, a national coalition of grassroots individuals and groups. I'm just working to make us a little more aware of our collective power and focus on some targeted goals.

Additionally, the 9/11 Truth movement is returning to an old paradigm using state of the art technologies. We are reanimating the spirit of the abolitionists, women's suffrage, civil rights, anti-war, anti-nuclear and environmental movements using the 21st century tools of the web and computing.

It is the diverse, somewhat chaotic and very democratic nature of the 9/11 Truth movement that gives it its real strength. We are a multi-headed hydra that can't be killed. Out of this movement a new American politics will grow. It will be locally based and form coalitions based on mutual interests, common issues and problem solving. It will not be two polarized monoliths but an ever-changing dynamic plurality.

Once again, the 9/11 Truth Kit is just a way of putting the political dinosaurs on notice: they can stand with us or they will be swept aside by history.

Be well.

LeftWright and Anonymous,

Nice to see rational conversation.

Your frustrations are shared by many. The Change must occur in the people, first. Make them aware of the methods used to control them and they can break free.

Some believe that the exposure of the doctored videos they claim were used to deceive us on 9/11 will expose the media complicity and thereby "peel back the curtain" on one of the most insidious methods of control.

For an excellent source that ties together all of the elements with lots of facts, please see:

9-11 Truth Packet

You guys are on the right track, but I agree with getting Alex Jones on board and also including the "9-11: Mysteries - Demolition" as another supplement. Mr. Rodriguez has some damning testimony as to what happened that day, I am glad to see his name. We can make this happen; in fact, we are the only hope this has of making it anywhere. Tell everybody you see, piss em off. Make them reject the official account. Eventually, there will be a reversal of the official stance. With enough dissent, it is inevitable. As a Veteran, I can say with a great deal of confidence that we would be well advised to devise a strategy for getting the servicepeople involved in this. If everyone in Iraq and Afganistan knew what we do, they would all turn around and come get those responsible. They just need brave, desisive leadership. Like the rest of us, I guess...

Re: Rodriguez.

Something that opens with his testimony here, where he describes two clear impacts, would do the trick. Go to the 10 minute mark.

Here's the link.

Griffin's "New Pearl Harbor"

Griffin's "New Pearl Harbor" should never go alone without his follow-up book "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions".

Good point, I may use "Omissions and Distortions" as a follow up

for a second meeting.


I hope that you and yours are well.

damn what about loose change

damn what about loose change 2nd edition. its most responsible for changing people's minds, even though it does contain a bit much speculation, nevertheless its the most thorough, covering the phony osama tape, shankesville, dubious cell phone calls.

they just need to delete the cleveland stuff and add more quotes from jones and nists lame excuses.

Great idea....

Keeping it simple at easy to understand will be key.

911 Mysteries Definitley

Definitly add this one....who can I call to help?

i think it's a lot more

i think it's a lot more pratical to just have people go to a website. though my site isn't as popular as i'd like, it's got all the movies, videos, and information and it's layed out in a pretty nice looking site. so it's all there and it's free. so just tell people to go to http://www.truth911.net and they'll get all the information they need.

50 state strategy

Actually, a new website called Take a Stand for 9/11 Truth (www.ts911t.org) apparently has done some of this on 9/11/06. This is what the website says was deleivered to 100 senators that day -
Video & Webpage Highlights
1) 911 In Plane Site (Absurdities of the Pentagon Attack)-Dave vonKleist, Radio Host
2) Loose Change (Uncovering the Official Lies of 9/11)- Dyan Avery, Oneanta College
3) 9/11 Eyewitness (Video Analysis of WTC Collapses)- Rick Siegel, WTC Employee
4) William Rodriguez (WTC Basement Explosion Before the First Plane Strike)-Hero
5) Prof. Steven E. Jones (Laws of Physics Suspension on Day of 9/11)-BY University
6) 911 Revisited (Strong Evidence of WTC Controlled Demolitions) Dustin Mugford
7) Painful Deceptions ((Explosives Used in WTC & Media Blackout)- Eric Hufschmid
8) Professor David Ray Griffin (The 9/11 Commission Report Fraud)-Theologian
9) The Great Conspiracy (Norad Stand Down & 9/11 Coverup)-Barry Zwicker
10) Deconstructing the 9/11 Myth (15 + Terror Drills on Day of 9/11)-Webster Tarpley
11) Exposing the Terrorism Hoax (State Sponsored, False Flag Deceptions)-Sam Lwin
12) Martial Law 9-11 (Military Fascist Dictatorship in the Future of USA)-Alex Jones
13) Public Issues, Discussions & Actions (What We Must Do)
14) Bonus

Additionally, the page lists the phone number and contact for each senator's Military Legislative Assistant. I support the goal of bringing all our grass-roots efforts together as soon as possible.

Big Waste of Time

Yes, it's time to get active and go all out !!! Let's pass the DVDs, organize public showings and conferences, work the public areas with flyers, raise the issue in the Union Hall or class, etc. In short fight for the hearts and minds of the people.
As for the congress - forget it - ok don't forget it but it's NOT THE FOCUS.
Highly recommend Ralph Shoenman's latest piece on TAKING AIM - "Smoke and Mirrors - 2006 Elections" and Illusion of Change.

The dipshits in government

The dipshits in government won't even stand up against NAFTA. Or the war(s). You think they're gonna stand up for 911 truth? I'm sorry to say that the concept is completely irrational. The American system doesn't work. It's broke beyond repair.

I don't have alot of faith in most of the politicians either

But we need to put them formally on notice and give them the opportunity to get on the right side of history before it runs over them, and it will.

We all know that the evidence is overwhelming and once some of these staffers take a look they will begin buzzing among themselves, this is where most of the action is.

OTOH, if they don't respond then they will have shown themselves to be unworthy of their positions when the change comes.

I have stated often that I think that this is the Democrats last stand as a viable party and we need to drive the message home that this is the key issue.

Thanks and put your energy where you think it will do the most good.

Be well.

Use fear, too.

The morning after election night I wrote Nancy Pelosi a letter requesting congressional hearings on the events of September 11, etc. It was your basic 'look at the eveidence and testimony' stuff.

However, I also included these sentences:

"Sooner or later the complete truth will come out and you will have been either on the side of the cover-up or the truth. It is your choice."

If I were in any incumbent Senator's shoes I'd be pretty nervous right about now. I believe the 9/11 Truth movement is beginning to reach critcal mass and needs only a little more time to break into the mainstream media - somehow. If Loose Change II really hits the theatres next year, it will be impossible for the media to continue to ignore this story. Though they will probably continue to marginalize the movement, the exposure can only help the cause.

Use "fear of exposure."

Agreed, this is the BIG LEVER to get them moving

Just look how the tide is turning on Bush since the election. The MSM are actually showing signs of being alive and breathing now. They are beginning to challenge Bush on a variety of statements and issues.

Granted, 9/11 Truth is the single most untouchable issue for the US press at the moment, they simply can't ignore us much longer. In fact, the growing number of MSM articles ridiculing 9/11 Truth while noting its growing strength is a concrete demonstration of the progress being made.

After all, we do have the truth on our side!

Thanks and keep up the good work.

I hope that you and yours are well.

"Sooner or later the

"Sooner or later the complete truth will come out and you will have been either on the side of the cover-up or the truth. It is your choice."

great qoute and great tactic.

That might be the only

That might be the only sensible strategy. Fear.

Someone can start a website putting people on notice. With pictures and bios. Anyone who has been informed of the facts and done nothing will be considered an accessory after the fact and guilty of treason. Punishable by death.

I repeat: putting people on notice may be the only way of reaching these puppets. It's all about consequences. If politicians fear future punishment they may do the right thing. Absent this threat they will do nothing.

Who has the balls to start a website putting politicians and media figures on notice?

Protest is the key

Once again leftwright, you're spot-on. The evidence is there. The research is done. The movies and books continue to sell. Now is the time to bring things together and mount a real offensive.

I truly beleive that we need to get serious about the June 8th protest for truth in DC (listed on 911truth.org's events list). We need to coordinate a nationwide effort to get the word out about this protest well in advance. We need Alex Jones to promote the march. We need Charlie Sheen to donate some cash to help. We need to contact victims' families and firefighters/emergency responders who were there on 9.11 and respectfully request the assistance and supoprt of those who demand 911 truth. If NYPD/FD workers march with us in Washington, it will bring instant credibility and attention to the event. We need to record cases of police abuse on video and work hard to mark sure moles don't agitate and make us look like violent extreme leftists.

If we can muster, say. 15,000 people on the Mall in DC, it will be a monumental event. It will mark the first time in history that a so-called conspiracy theory has spurred widespread and publicized civic action. We all know that 9.11 truth is remarkable in that it takes an individual commitment to research to truly know the facts and circumstances related to those events. Despite this requirement (which it would seem most Americans dont have the time or patience for), the movement continues to grow daily.

A massive public protest will force the camera's eye onto 9.11 truth. It will make this movement an undeniable force in American politics. And most importantly, it will demostrate that we are ready and willing to take the next steps in forcing a new and independent investigation of the events of that day.

Peace, hope, and prosperity to all.

Every Truther is a minor earthquake, every group a small wave

that will lead to a very large Tsunami on June 8th.

We need to have an ongoing series of vigils, demonstrations and protests that build to each major event. These can be random, planned for the 11th of each month or certain Sundays. They can be purely local or synchronized regionally and/or nationally. These events can focus on specific elements of 9/11 (e.g. Sibel Edmonds or William Rodriguez) or simply the need for a new investigation or a combination.

My point is that there is no one "right" way to do this but we need to increase our tempo and momentum going into the next Congress. We need to seize control of the political agenda as much as we can and not let up.

As soon as we've put the politicians and their staffs on formal notice and started a dialogue with those who respond the next phase will be an all out campaign on the MSM to start doing the stories they should have been doing on 9/12/01.

Single event massive protests are fine, but we need to go 24/7/365 now.

I would hope that by June we can get more like 250,000 Truthers to D.C. to let the politicians know who they really work for and what we really want.

I hope that you and yours are well

not quite

the first time in history that a so-called conspiracy theory has spurred widespread and publicized civic action.

Actually, as soon as MLK was assassinated, most blacks knew the govt was behind it and burned down half (well, a good fraction) of Washington, and other cities...


A former intelligence officer, creater of OSS, Robert D. Steele, listed as "top 100 reviewer" and possibly the number one reviewer of books on Amazon, has written a stunning review of Tarpley's book, saying it's the strongest of ALL of the books (mostly non-fiction) that he's read. Steele says he is completely convinced and is certain it will lead to indictments of Cheney & Co. The book is listed as one of the top 3000 books. Read about it yourself: http://www.amazon.com/9-11-Synthetic-Terror-Third/dp/0930852370/sr=8-1/q...

TARPLEY'S BOOK MIGHT BE THE ONE. (my review will follow once they send me the damn book)

David Ray Griffin's "The New

David Ray Griffin's "The New Pearl Harbor" should never go unaccompanied by his follow-up book "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions". In some ways I actually prefer the latter. But both are invaluable and imperative reads.

9/11: Synthetic Terror Made in USA by Webster G. Tarpley

is, IMO, the single best book on 9/11 and its roots today.

I find it very interesting that this book is not readily available in most bookstores and that Tarpley's Bush41 biography is next to impossible to get anywhere.

I am pleased to see:

Crossing the Rubicon by Michael C. Ruppert

on the shelves at many stores, as well as most of the David Ray Griffin books.

Enjoy the book, I will reread it very soon, after I finish a few others.

I hope that you and yours are well.

Go for the aides.

We've been discussing a similar project in our local group aimed at our Oregon representatives and one valuable piece of advice we received from someone with sorta-conventional political savvy is that making a personal contact someone in the politician's support staff is more doable than aiming for the politician herself. The aide might actually have time to examine material -- and might even be tasked with researching "issues," in fact. Obviously, go for someone as close to the inner circle as you can get. If possible, I think it would be great to take the person to lunch, present the materials, keep it low key/ low pressure and then follow up with that person persistently.

Portland area people who want to get in on this can click on my user name and go to my profile for contact information. Southern Oregon and even southern Washington people who want to network: we'd love to hear from you, too.

We are already working on it

We are already working on it here


and a quote from someone who has done this

"A little over a year ago I made over a thousand copies of Loose Change and In Plane Site and sent them to every member of congress at their Wash. DC offices and the home state offices. Those members of congress outside of my home state (Arkansas) sent them on to my respective sen. or rep. and did not watch them. My congress men did not watch them as all were cooked by the microwave in the senate office building post office, or so they said when I called and asked. I then sent copies to a "safe address" and after getting no response, inquired about what they thought. They refused to watch the DVDs and eventually quit taking my calls and inquiries. The fact seems to be that they either know already or know that they don't want to know. Face to face confrontation is probably the only avenue open to these folks and is not likely to be successful in most cases.
Our best hope for success seems to be with the American people themselves and our best tool is probably these DVDs and Cds. I have spent well over $10,000 of my own money on this effort and expect to spend much more in the future. I am a semi-retired but practicing physician (MD) and as such have more money to spend than most. I am glad that there are others that can devote more than just time and talent to the movement that I too feel is the best and perhaps only chance that we have to avoid out and out fascism and the destruction of the planet and humanity in the process."

We are NOT giving up!!

Keep fighting the Good Fight

Unfortunately, but

Unfortunately, but inevitably, it's going to come down to holding massive rallies and direct action (ie. sit-in's, etc.) to gain the attention we want from politicians. The time is going to come when playing nice will no longer be effective to promote change. In fact that time has long since passed. It's time to begin using varying degress of force.


is a word you need to be very careful with -- and really, why not just avoid it? When you juxtapose it with "(not) playing nice" AND you are an anonymous poster, my first thought is "agent provocateur." If I'm way off the mark, sorry, but users here need to be very, very skeptical of anything that even obliquely suggests the use of violence.

My point is that we need to put the politicians on notice, shake

them up a bit and let them know that we know that they have been informed.

Then, we just continue building our grassroots and take on the MSM.

I believe that Cheney/Rove/Bush are already setting Ms. Rice up to take the fall (through Richard Perle and other proxies)for her clear foreknowledge as a limited hangout solution. As we up the tempo and pressure we will see if they try this gambit, it will fail, of course.

We have truth on our side and 84% of Americans know that something is very wrong with the 9/11 Myth. They feel it even if they don't know it.

See you on the street, BuddyJ, and thanks for all your hard work to date.

I hope that you and yours are well.

Politicians on notice...

People in Washington know what happened. If we know...they know. After reading Sibel's article, it seems like such a tremendous task to kill this beast. The DVD’s, books, etc., we are not bringing them anything new. They are just as helpless as we are, and have very little power when you look at how this system operates. What we really need more than anything is for someone to come out with evidence that is overwhelming. Of course we think we already have overwhelming evidence, but I mean evidence that is damning. Someone who played a part in setting up the explosives. Someone who was paid huge sums of money to shut up. Someone who was paid huge sums of money to destroy evidence. There must be people out there who have some sense of guilt in knowing their participation murdered 3,000 people. I personally witnessed the silent scream of a child who was told his father would never come home. You fucking assholes that are out there…speak up and do something that is honest and decent.

Do you live in Arkansas? I

Do you live in Arkansas? I am from Western Arkansas and one Tom Gordon also said he was from Arkansas. I believe the three of us should try to contact one another via e-mail and arrange an Arkansan 9-11 Truth meeting. I've begun a student organization at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith which will deal with 9-11 amongst other things.

Also, I wrote a letter to the library suggesting 9-11 & American Empire: Intellectuals speak out, and they were very receptive and ordered it. I will be the change I want to see. We need to unite our efforts in Arkansas.

Sorry, this comment was

Sorry, this comment was aimed at Buddy J. But you can still reply.


Great choices of info.. I think '9/11 Press for Truth' in particular can reach demographics where others can't .

My input? OK... lets get greyed out, voted down.

IMHO a national campaign will have to use slogans, bumper stickers and cartoons.

A national make fun of the official version campain.

PLUS (to pacify the INSULT-THE-VICITMS denounciants) ...

a ribbon, that says:


911gr.org (911 green ribbon dot org)

Out of respect for the victims of the wars resulting from 911 and the victims of 911 itself, we are willing to find out the truth of 9/11, however painful this truth may become. There is solace in truth and justice.

yes, in that order ... of magnitude of human pain, not just US-american pain

The color of the ribbon should be green, the color of the prophet... to pay respect to the families of innocent muslims that we brutally killed.

But don't forget the jokes.

Laughter is the measurement of HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE THE TRUTH.

About having books in the kit..

New Pearl Harbor is great, but including books in the mailings can be expensive, and they are likely to be passed over for the DVDs.

Maybe there should be two ( or three ) levels of mailings.. First level could be a nicely designed and formatted letter to be sent to anybody and everybody, second level could be the DVDs for being sent to more key individuals, and the third level could be the complete kit for being sent to people who are most likely to make good use of it or request it.

Use their own weapon against them

Send each and every member of Congress a letter telling them it is their moral duty to consider the truth and speak out for it. If they don't, at some point, when the truth is in fact widely accepted, those that did not speak out for it will appear to have been complicit in its hiding.

Perhaps we should start the letter out like this...

"Every elected official in our country has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists."

Add "Rubicon" to the kit

To the kit I would definitely add Michael Ruppert's _Crossing the Rubicon_.

This book makes the case for the complicity of US elites beyond any reasonable doubt on the strength of known and verifiable facts, while staying away from the physical evidence. As everyone is well aware, arguing about the physical evidence (WTC and Pentagon crashes) easily invites counterattacks from debunkers who quickly muddy the waters with their own "experts," simulations, and the like. It drags us into a quicksand of futile debate. (That said, I of course wish those working in this area the best of luck.)

In my experience of debating with debunkers, I have found that they love to talk about the WTC and Pentagon, but they avoid discussion of the circumstantial evidence like the plague. In fact, many of them claim that the physical evidence is the only evidence! Just try wrapping your brain around that. The money trails leading to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the oil and drug connections, insider trading, the timeline that doesn't add up, and all the other voluminous evidence pointing inevitably to US complicity is, in their view, simply not evidence. They make this claim because this is actually our strongest area, and they know it. That is why debunkers shy away from discussion of everything except the physical evidence (which Bush destroyed as quickly as he could).

In this sense, "Rubicon" is an excellent tool because it makes the case with known and verifiable facts, and avoids the quicksand of debate over the destroyed physical evidence.

IMHO, the 9/11 truth movement is putting too much energy into arguing about the WTC while neglecting to challenge debunkers with the very evidence that the debunkers themselves studiously avoid. Alexander Cockburn just used up all but one page of the latest CounterPunch newsletter arguing that planes brought down the towers, but Cockburn refuses to address the excellent and voluminous circumstantial evidence which demonstrates US complicity beyond the shadow of a doubt. This is classic for debunkers. But we, the 9/11 community, allow debunkers to get away with this because we do not challenge them with the facts. Instead, truthers take the bait and send flaming emails arguing about the towers. This only hurts our cause.

So please, include "Rubicon" in the kit.

I love "Crossing the Rubicon" by Michael Ruppert, his book was

the first comprehensive analysis of 9/11 in the US and in some ways still makes the best presentation for the case against Cheney. However, it is now two years old and at 600 pages is too much to drop on an overworked staffer on a first meeting.

This is why I consider using:

The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin

For its concise description of the case against the official 9/11Myth.

9/11 and American Empire: Intellectuals Speak Out edited by David Ray Griffin and Peter Dale Scott

For its concise analysis of the case against the official 9/11Myth and the geopolitical landscape surrounding 9/11.

The Terror Timeline by Paul Thompson

As a general reference to support the factual case against the official 9/11 Myth.

I'm also a huge fan of:

The Hidden History of 9-11-2001 Paul Zarembka, editor

Towers of Deception by Barrie Zwicker

The War On Truth by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed

The Politics of Heroin by Alfred W. McCoy

9/11: Synthetic Terror Made in USA by Webster G. Tarpley

I'm currently reading :

America's "War on Terrorism" by Michel Chossudovsky


Flight 93 Revealed by Rowland Morgan

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


I think you need video.

My thought - buy 100 dvds at a time, burn Loose Change, Press For Truth, 911 Mysteries, Loss of Liberty, Conspiracy of Silence, Obstruction of Justice, Terror Storm, JFK 2: The Bush Connection, Who Murdered JFK Jr., Who Murdered Sgt. Terrance Yekeay - burn it all.

Put as much on a dvd as you can...and keep a couple with you at all times.

Ya know, I have no problem bring up 911 in check out lines, coffee shops, everywere. Everywhere I go I talk about it; proactively bring it up.

But what I've lacked is something hard to put in someone's hand and I think this is probably the best way to go.

Think about it - if you buy 100 and you go through ten a day...which i could easily...that's 100 people every ten days. Now, given some kind of hit and miss rate, lets say some of them don't view and some don't want to see it, which, I think we can all agree, is hard to imagine, but none-the-less, less just say you reach 25 converts - that would work out to lets say 200 new doubters every month...and that's just from you. And they in turn will "infect" others with the truth.

And the great thing is I'm probably way off on the math - my thoughts would be that your success rate would be better that 25 out of 100 prospects. However, here's an idea, if you do this, make sure you put an email address on it...maybe create a specific yahoo account for it....just for people to get back to you, should they wish.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to go buy my first pack of dvd's tomorrow.

Best of luck in your activisim - let's do it while we still can.

And to those religious types that might fight you on this...
Proverbs 18:13 - He who judges a matter before he hears of it, it is shame and folly to him.

It is now time to start ramping up out activism.

To the the ramparts with your dvds and dvd players!

Live Free of Die.

I've Copied & Distributed 2,000+ in 7 months

I've Copied & Distributed 2,000+ in 7 months. Each labled with "Please copy & distribute".
There is no way of knowing what happened to the DVDs. I imagine some people like myself
will act on the urge to do something.

As I pass them out I often say to myself "this one will MULTIPLY and be FRUITFUL".

Let me do some math....

If only one in twenty (5%) watched and were changed..

that is 100...

and half (2.5% of total) of them made a hundred copies...that's 5,000....

at that rate.....

5,000 becomes12,500...becomes 31,250 becomes 79,125

Like I said there's no way of knowing. There's only FAITH in TRUTH, GOODNESS, COURAGE, JUSTICE and HOPEFUL MATH
that keeps me going.

First, they laugh at you...

...second, they violently oppose you...third, you win...(or something like that)...

See the below two posts ("Activism" and "Add Rubicon..."), both of above average parody, actually.

Then ask yourself, why is that person (I assume it's the same one for both) taking so much time here to produce those pieces of amusing satire if we are so far off base?

Again, I think the Activism posts strike a nerve...this one was attacked almost immediately.....


Lobbying the current politicians AND staff is important. Getting them on record about WTC7, this is very important.

Let's not forget how congress has been intimdated...remember anthrax. We can't expect them to have the convictions that we do.

The 2008 election is 718 days away. Find out how to run for office here. You can do it while holding a full time job. In Oklahoma it was easy to get on the ballot, and gave me a platform to spread 9/11 truth. I didn't win, but thousands of people voted for a new investigation, and thousands more at least heard about WTC7 in the mainstream media.

This is OUR government. We need more than voters...get involved!

We will be drafting someone to run for the House in 2008

Our local Democrat has the seat locked up.

More on this as it develops.

Mr. Woodson, what did you learn from your experience as a candidate?

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Cheap Double Movie DVDS


Terrorstorm and 911 Mysteries on one disc.

I've dealt with these guys. They are what they say they are.

e-book links included in the pack

I would suggest that whatever packs or activism y'all are putting together, WITH the dvds and books and stuff, also include these links for 9/11 related books for future reading:

9/11 - Descent into Tyranny by Alex Jones

The New Pearl Harbor - Disturbing Questions about the Bush Admin. and
9/11 by David Ray Griffin

9/11 Synthetic Terror - Made in the USA by Webster Griffin Tarpley

America's Secret Establishment - An Introduction to Skull and Bones by
Antony Sutton

NATO's Secret Armies - Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe
2005 by Daniele Ganser

Order Out of Chaos by Paul Joseph Watson

The Grand Chessboard by Zbigniev Brezinzski

all 911 websites owners should be contacted

I agree with LeftWright - we should join together and coordinate our efforts.

But I think the 911 truth needs more publicity.
In all the forms that are possible.

In order to achieve this, all 911 websites should cooridinate a unification campaign that will stress it.
money is needed to publicize. 911 truth believers should donate some.

to repeat a little what --edward35-- said :
911 websites should raise money, coordinate rallies
and locate trustable key persons in the media, public/muncipal figures, singers, enviroment activists, etc.

I agree with ---dave mann --- we should put less effort in convincing the congress
more effort in convincing common people.

cheers for --Ken W, u2r2h -- well said. - publicize in all ways.

Anon -- we must not wait for more evidence. it's a little chance that someone who was
deeply involved will speak.

Rice Farmer- brought up the idea to use arguments that aren't related to the 911 physics