The Columbine-9/11 Connection

The Columbine-9/11 Connection

posted by IT Thursday, November 16, 2006

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April 20th, 1999: The official report is that two disaffected teens, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, the more dominant of the two, armed with automatic weapons and pipe bombs, engaged in a massacre of their fellow classmates on school grounds after rigging the campus with improvised explosive devices. The carnage resulted in the deaths of about a dozen teachers and students, including the two shooters. Although no other assailants were involved, Klebold and Harris were members of a violent clique known as the "trench coat mafia" and had produced several dozen videos in which fantasies of such a massacre were expressed, rehearsed and caught on camera. Private gun ownership and rock musician Marilyn Manson were the primary scapegoats. Soon afterwards, a wide-reaching anti-crime bill was rammed through Congress under the pretense that more legislation will protect the public from such disastrous events.

September 11th, 2001: The official report is that nineteen disaffected Arabs led by fanatical Muslim Mohammed Atta, armed with box cutters, engaged in a massacre of a variety of professional people on American soil after hijacking four commercial airliners and flying them into the World Trade Center and Pentagon buildings. The carnage resulted in the death of about three thousand Civil liberties and Osama bin Laden were the primary scapegoats. Soon afterwards, a wide-reaching anti-terrorism bill was rammed through Congress under the pretense that more legislation will protect the public from such disastrous events.

Right away, we can see some similarities in the official accounts of these events. In this article, you can read along as I attempt to make the case that these attacks were A) not spontaneously arisen and B) part of a series of centrally-planned psychological (and actual) attacks on the American public to pacify the population and prepare it for swift and fundamental changes in American society. Let's begin by taking a look at some of the anomalous events of the days in question.

Just a small sampling of either the deviations from the official report that arise in witness testimony concerning Columbine High or very odd but barely mentioned facts within mainstream reports include: eyewitness reports of up to a dozen shooters, some of them adult men; NATO vehicles on the scene less than fifteen minutes after the commencement of the shooting; and SWAT teams reported shooting at students and at each other. In addition to these strange occurances: Eric Harris was undergoing extensive psychiatric treatment and was taking the quasi-hallucinogenic "anti-depressant" substance known as Luvox, yet his psychiatrist was never questioned; Harris' father, Wayne Harris, had extensive Air Force intelligence links from his time at Plattsburgh air force base (even after its closing); and several of the bombs found in the school were said by (quickly reassigned) law enforcement authorities to have been too complex for such inexperienced teens to have built by themselves.

In the case of 9/11, the "unanswered questions" (unanswered, that is, by the official report, but largely answered, by now, by independent investigators and researchers) are too numerous to begin to do justice to without a several-hundred page book, but a few include: World Trade Center building seven (of seven in the WTC complex) was not struck by any plane that day and had only small fires on a few floors of the building, yet collapsed neatly onto its own footprint in less than seven seconds late that afternoon; clocks in the Pentagon stopped a full five minutes earlier than the earliest official crash time and no plane wreckage was found at the site; and . In addition to these strange occurances: supposed "fanatical Muslim" Eric, er, excuse me, Mohammed, Atta was known to frequent strip clubs, drink alcohol, snort cocaine and torture animals; U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney willfully refused to scramble aircraft to intercept the plane headed toward the Pentagon; and World Trade Center landlord Lawrence "Larry" Silverstein took out an insurance policy for several billion dollars specifically covering acts of terrorism just months prior to the event. (He was leasing the complex from the city for only $15 million.)

Questionable, eyebrow-raising, suspicious-- pick your word. But this still doesn't prove a a direct link between the events, much less a greater motive or agenda. This is where we will turn to the media's role in what we saw of the events, the media, as always, as the great "middle man" and orchestrator of the apparatus which manipulates the public perception of reality through, more often than not, terribly devious methods.

As you may already be aware, the American media, like most of the media worldwide, rests in the hands of only a very few owners and as restrictions are lifted, are being further consolidated every year. According to Robert McChesney's, for example, it is stated that in the early 21st century, approximately four media companies own approximately 96% of all radio stations and 98.1% of all television stations in the country. Such limited diversity allows for not only tight control over the content broadcasted, as in the Soviet Union, in which the state owned all the media, but also to coordinate content in order to produce programming which prepares the public for certain changes and events and also to act in a certain way. Some call this "predictive programming"; I prefer "cultural conditioning."

Instances of researchers uncovering subliminal messages in advertising are again, too numerous to recall completely, but the use of images relating to primary human survival drives, particularly on the themes of death and sex, are among the most common in order to get a message across forcefully to a viewer or listener. The techniques uncovered by psychologists of Sigmund Freud's era were notably put into practice by his nephew, Edward Bernays, as the "science" of public relations, a.k.a. propaganda, and have since been successfully applied in almost every industry existing, including that of so-called political "science".

On this note, and keeping in mind that the ultra-wealthy who control these media channels often follow secret "mystery" religions such as Rosicrucianism with heavy emphasis on numerology and hidden, or "occult" symbolism, it might be helpful to take a look at the following source which cites several dozen prominent instances in which the mention of September 11th appears not overtly but subliminally: Phiasco Photos: Schucking for 9-11. The thesis here is that after absorbing so many messages unconsciously pointing to a particular date, when the event occurs and the numbers, "9/11" repeated over and over, the public will again, unconsciously, like someone under hypnosis, begin to behave and repond in the prescribed way, altering the course of history in favor of the programmers.

Now, after you've taken a look at the records and let them strike you as they may, you may be concluding that while some of them have very obvious meaning in relation to what was to occur on 9/11, others really may be left up to subjective interpretation, and that's all right. I believe even the researcher who compiled the above-listed collection may not have been trying to prove a point so much as perhaps to cast a line and see what came back from the inquiry.

But considering this idea, and keeping in mind what has been stated about the suspicious circumstances surrounding these two attacks on America which, I contend, were A) not spontaneous and B) part of a series of planned-out, well-coordinated psychological (and actual) attacks on the American public to pacify the population and prepare to suck it down into a "new age" of lowest-common-denominator globally unified politics, consider the following, taken from a BBC News article titled "Columbine Killers Planned to Kill 500", published April 27, 1999:

"Investigators say the two students responsible for the Columbine High School massacre planned to murder 500 people and create destruction far beyond the Colorado suburb where they ran amok last Tuesday. The latest revelations about the teenage killers Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris came as more funerals of their victims took place... They wanted to kill 500 people, hijack a plane and crash it into New York City, Jefferson County Sherrif department's spokesman, Steve Davis, told reporters."

Now, what would two acne-faced high-school youngsters be doing, thinking about a plot as grandiose as a cross-country expedition to attack New York City, of all places? They were in Colorado; why not Denver, or even L.A.? Did Harris' military dad have something to do with it? Is this a part of a long-ranging plan of terror intended to weaken, demoralize, and eventually break the backbone of the American people's very identity? And if so, who is at the reins?

Author Webster G. Tarpley says of the myth surrounding the alleged hijackers of 9/11 that of the ones no longer alive (nearly a dozen turned up alive and well in Saudi Arabia in 2002) and who may have actually had something to do with the attacks, they were but patsies and that the real killing in these set-up scenarios is done by professionals, with the whole operation run by a privatized command center, a subject covered well in his Synthetic Terror: Made in USA. I encourage you all to follow the links below to begin doing your own research on the questions raised above and in one or more future articles, we will be revisiting some of the greater agenda implied by this and other "coincidences", and what implications they may have for people of the world.

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