Controlled Demolition Theories

Most people are seeing 2 possible alternative theories, but I am seeing three.

1. The most popular CD theory, where explosives were placed throughout the building and detonated by a series of precisely sequenced radio signals OR possibly pressure sensitive triggers or possibly some combination of both (RF arming mechanisms with motion/vibration-sensing triggers, etc).

2. Some type of sci-fi beam weapon (heh) was placed in the sub-basement of each tower. When activated, it scrambled the molecular structure of the steel and the concrete (and superheated all the water in the building), which rapidly weakened the entire structure to the point where it crumbled. The collapse would have naturally began at the building's lateral weak point--the impact site, AND the collapse would have appeared somewhat explosive due to the superheated water and its reaction with the concrete.

3. Some type of thermite-based explosive was detonated deep in the basements of the towers, causing all vertical support for the buildings to fail, which in turn caused the building to begin collapsing at its lateral weak point--the impact site.I believe this theory has the most supporting evidence, and the least amount of contradictory evidence. (both theories 1 and 2 have a great deal of contradictory evidence.) I think it is possible that the buildings could have totally crumbled from the top down, WITHOUT the use of any explosives above ground level, IF the support columns were ONLY cut near the bedrock.

I lean towards the 3rd theory simply because it is not only the simplest and the easiest to pull off, it is also least contradicted by all the available evidence, including this. Curiously, #3 is the least discussed theory, at least as a standalone theory apart from #1.


Yes iam sure there was alot of explosives used in the sub basement levels.,but the upward,and outward force along with the thousands of tons of pulverized concrete suggest more.

Yup, what s/he said.

Number three does not account for one of the most dramatic features, ultra-fine pulverization of the building and contents, and pyroclastic flows of ultra-fine debris.

How about 1 & 3 together?


yep, 1 and 3.


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and 2 can be redefined as Exotic Weapondry that only exists in the theorists imagination.