Fox News Show 'Planet Mancow' to 'Rip into' 9/11 Skeptics

Planet Mancow -

Sat., November 18 at 9 p.m. ET
Hosted by Mancow

Come on a journey with Erich "Mancow" Muller to a parallel Universe he likes to call "Planet Mancow."

Mancow, best known for his syndicated radio program "Mancow's Morning Madhouse," brings a new perspective and wit to our ever-changing world.

"Planet Mancow" features a "different" kind of interview with William Shatner, who talks about playing Captain T. Kirk and how "Star Trek" impacted so many lives — even some Vietnam POWs.
Then, did our government mastermind the attacks of 9/11? Mancow rips into 9/11 conspiracy enthusiast Kevin Smith and talks with Brian Harvey, a New York City firefighter who was at Ground Zero that horrific day.

The preview for this show was apparently attempted to be posted to, but is not currently working. I am not familiar with him, but you can find out a bit on his wiki entry.

The following quote should give an idea as to what to expect:

On December 6th, 2005, Muller drew a swarm of controversy when he verbally attacked Howard Dean on Fox News Channel's Fox and Friends, antagonizing with such words as "vile", "bloodthirsty", "evil", and retaliated to Dean's opinions on the War in Iraq, calling Dean a traitor that "ought to be kicked out of America" and "tried for treason".

And a bit about his radio show:

Bob Noxious: A hilarious candid audio recording is played of a man saying offensive things on a street setting and people's shocked responses.
Drunk Chick Friday: Muller invites a group of (supposedly) attractive women to visit the studio on Friday mornings, who then become highly intoxicated and obnoxious as the show progresses.

Looks like Fox has picked up another winner.

Mancow is a piece of shit.

Mancow is a piece of shit. They have his horrible radio program in the mornings where I live. He fits right in with the Fox crowd. If anybody he has on his show disagrees with him he simply mutes them and says its my show and your wrong. Complete jackass

-let me apologize for my

-let me apologize for my foul language. I simply detest 'Mancow'.

I bet they bring their

I bet they bring their expert in..... James Meigs. LMAO

Mancow is such a STOOPID NAME! WTF!

Man cow, yeah, maybe he's a hybrid. Cows arent too bright...

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Did he list his political affiliation?

I don't recall this being said. 9/11 is a non-partisan issue. there are people questioning the "official" account of 9/11 brom all sides of the aisle. The following website clearly illustrates this:

Patrions Question 9/11


Someone get the number to call in, and post it here?

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

1-888-2-mancow is the number

1-888-2-mancow is the number to his radio show

I'll try...

To call in tomorrow.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

I can't...

Get through.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


I like listening to Mancow but I also take everything he says with a grain of salt..... He is a jackass

I think it's especially puzzling that his first show on FOX is going after 9/11 Conspiracy...

You think that there is a reason? He has to win this argument if he expects to maintain a show on FOX.... it is imperative. He's been hand picked.

When 9/11 first happened he was questioning it.... big time.... then one day he talked to some engineer and his mind was made up.... that and having Col. David Hunt crawl up his rear end with the whole patriotism ...errr...nationalism ploy.

He says over and over that he does not "Believe" that our government would do this..... but his grasp of the knowledge and evidence is not near where it should be because he isn't willing to do any research and he is too much of a spaz to listen to anyone explain it.

I was a regular poster on his blog @

go to his message boards and post. in the lounge.. have fun with those ignorant asses....they banned me after I posted valuable info about the federal reserve and the faltering dollar

you can email him at

Conspiracy "Enthusiast"?.....

.....yeah, that's a good one....very nice....

Mancow was on Alex Jones yesterday for most of an hour....(somebody out there have the AJ archive website?) and proceeded to display his evasive tricks and insulting behavior....he was especially revolting towards Kevin Smith, who is intelligent and articulate and would be a good representative given a live interview, which Saturday is not.

A lot of the badinage between Mancow and Alex yesterday was theatre...but Mancow is clearly an unexamining establishment whore. I'm sure Saturday's Faux exchange will be heavily edited to make Kevin look bad.

The interview was filthy....

The interview was filthy.... Mancow takes spin to a whole new level .... bbascily all about diversion of debate.

The was to combat MANCOW is to ask him the questions that he doesn't have the answers to... but include the answer in the question.

Like.... Did you know that molten steel was found at ground Zero months after the collapse?

or.... Did you know that George Bush's Brother and cousin were in charge of security at the WTC with their control ending on 9/10?

Did you know that the building fell a free fall speed exibiting no resistance thus defying several laws of physics, falling into their own footprint similar to a controlled demolition?

He will never have an answer.... all he will have is belief.... and to any conscious human being he will display his lack of knowledge on this subject.

Why did they do this on his first show?... so he'd never have to do it again.... If he lost the argument he would at least do it with style as nobody but his brainwashed fans watched.

You can get it via torrent

You can get it via torrent at without commercials and there is an archive at

Oh ive seen this creature in

Oh ive seen this creature in action of fox news, he's just a loud mouth ill-informed dick, he truly knows NOTHING about 9/11 so he just shouts over people who are trying to ask him a question or make a claim he doesn't research ANYTHING at all before arguing with someone, he's the one of the reasons why Americans are unjustly hated the world over, oh yeh and he seriously has no sense of humor, he's just not funny or interesting, he's simply just good at talking lots, alot of the time he doesn't even make any sense.He's no threat to anyone and if he actually had a debate with a well informed 9/11 truther he would be completly destroyed, all he does is deny any evidence exists and shouts at people.

"Horse Manure!"

Unless I'm missing something, are you saying this dude is akin to some slimy, feces?

I'm out for one thing. Deconsolodation. The Corporate downfall of secular Media.
You've got to see my point now, in hindsight, because some people were still asleep at the switch back as the dust was settling.

... Let's re-wind that preciously short film clip of all the Big Media perpetrators emerging from the Oval Office, lock-step arm in arm, ...smiling, confident, satisfied as never before, as the narrator explains the - -"Deal" - - they have struck with Resident Bush and Dick Cheney. This 'culpability' of the conspiracy to murder on 9/11 becomes implicit. It's on the public record.

And no matter what the next-wave of sold-out Senators has to say, evidence is evidence. So it's a matter of both holding their feet to that fire, and 'solidarity' as to the 'fact' about the US *Mafia Media Monolopy!*

Mafia radio. Mafia Wall St. Mergers. Mafia War on Drugs. Mafia foreign policy... I mean, have we got a case against this specific gangland 'family,' or what?

"Unless I'm missing

"Unless I'm missing something, are you saying this dude is akin to some slimy, feces?"

yes, he is akin to the duke kyle left in the urinal.

"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight

you, and then you win." - Gandhi

We're going from ridicule to fight right now, so we're on the right track and just need to push it out into the public more right NOW.

The best approach to these "Wackos of Massmedia Deception" is to remain calm, analyze their methods and rhetoric, find their particular weaknesses and logic gaps and counter it with facts expressed calmly, clearly and concisely.

And always remain civil, let them be the ignorant, angry buffoons they are and they do most of the work for us.

We will be seeing alot more of this and other forms of attack on 9/11 Truth from now on. Analyze it, counter it and use it against them. This is one of the ways we will get access to the MSM, through the doors they open while trying to discredit and defame us.

If you call a radio or tv talk show:

Write down your talking points, keep them short and to the point, have them in front of you when you call in, remain calm no matter what is said and make your points, be civil no matter what is said to you, you will win as you do have the truth on your side.

One of the best tactics is to make a statement couched in a question, for example:

"Did you know that 3 buildings fell in NY, even though only 2 were hit by planes?

Generally, these "hosts" are very ignorant of the specific facts of 9/11 and can be made to look foolish very easily, the more often this happens the sooner they will stop and then we will be on to the next phase.

Let's get BUSY, y'all.

We are all brothers and sisters on this big blue ball.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Closer to the second stage than you think

Anyone else seen this? If that doesn't make you outraged...

Beneath Mantle 'A'

Speaking of rancid pathogens, the only real issue here is when are we going to begin to eradicate their food supply?

Isn't that precisely how we finally stopped Viet Nam? When Ma & Paw Barker finally said: "That's it, no more paying taxes." The prescident is there in Black & White. Taxes are voluntary.

money is the enemy

They need vast amounts of money to keep 9/11 truth covered up 24/7. After all the truth has a way of reemerging and not just "going away". The truth has nothing to fear from an unbiased and independent scrutiny, so they have to make sure there's lots of political correctness, intimidation and financial pressure out there.
Once the black op anti-truth efforts lose funding, especially Chertoff's DHS, who will still support the government version in his/her "sparetime" - nobody.

found it.

found it.

Sounds like fun

The more they pull this shit, the more generic liberals we'll have coming over (hopefully that's a good thing...).

in a spot

Mancow was kind of put in a spot.... he was having issues with his radio station.... they were allegedly one of the last stations not purchased by clear channel...

anyways... they had some dispute and Mancow went out on his own.... traveling and broadcasting from a mobile van unit.... and as far as I know he wasn't getting paid.... and he wasn't getting picked up either.

They kinda had him over a barrel..... and this is his livelyhood... His is a smart guy but a fool at the same time.... I think they got him in spot and he's there to meet their agendas.... and I'm sure he's going to make a pretty penny to do it... he know exactly how to stay in line with this game and not overstretch himself.

he did read one of my emails where I spoke about the perpetual need for governments to have boogeymen and there is far more control of these boogeymen than they would ever want the citizens of the world to know about.

that was as far as I have heard him stick his head out.... that and having David Icke on his show

The first poster called this

The first poster called this guy a piece of shit. I would choose a somewhat less repulsive description - this guy is a venal, useless piece of filth. After listening to his exchange with Alex Jones, Kevin Smith, and Dylan Avery yesterday, it is embarrassingly obvious that he is long on tired rhetoric, ad hominum attacks, and obnoxious puffery, and short on facts. He seems to think that if he keeps repeating the same bs, in a loud authoritative manner, it will somehow become the truth. It wont. He can run his mouth till the cows come home, but the truth will not fold, he will. He's nothing but a loud mouthede, third rate shill. - a dime a dozen

Good analysis of Viceroy

Good analysis of Viceroy Mancow.
It's so obvious he has no idea what he's talking about in this "interview". ANYTIME the facts were said, he would either TOTALLY change the subject or refer back to calling Kevin Smith a brainwashed idiot.
Any intelligent person listening to this would immediately disregard Mancow's entire opinion. What does FOX do? Give him a TV show to discuss 9/11!

Cpt Kirk Star Trek - FASCIST PR PIECE

Has anyone ever listened to

"Star Trek as propaganda.mp3"


so maybe they aint

so maybe they aint completely useless after all:

Senate Dems plan overhaul of military tribunals bill
Gearing up for a major clash with the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress, several key Senate Democrats are planning to overhaul the newly minted legislation governing military tribunals of detainees.
Dodd’s bill, which currently has no co-sponsors, seeks to give habeas corpus protections to military detainees; bar information that was gained through coercion from being used in trials and empower military judges to exclude hearsay evidence they deem to be unreliable.

Dodd’s bill also narrows the definition of "unlawful enemy combatant" to individuals who directly participate in hostilities against the United States who are not lawful combatants. The legislation would also authorize the U.S. Court of Appeals for the armed forces to review decisions made by the military commissions.

Moreover, Dodd seeks to have an expedited judicial review of the new law to determine the constitutionality of its provisions.

Dodd is the first Democrat to take aim at the controversial military tribunals bill. But Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), the incoming Senate Judiciary Committee chairman, also said that he is in the process of drafting "major changes" to the legislation.

Among the planned changes are instituting habeas corpus rights for detainees and looking into the current practice of extraordinary rendition.

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Who are you talking to? Anonymous?

And btw, "bitchkilla" wins the prize for most obnoxious handle I've ever seen on this board. Would you enjoy reading the posts of someone called -- eh, I'm not even going to write it.
Just sayin'.

haha, true, but cut him some

haha, true, but cut him some slack, im guessing hes about 18 at the most. (not that im bashing someone for being young, i get that enough myself at 24)

Yeah, I know

That's what I was going to do (just cut him some slack) but every time I've seen it over the past few days it has pissed me off, and finally I just snapped! Slap any other offensive noun and violent verb in there and tell me why, as a "bitch", I should just shut up about it.

I'm not harshing on YOU, Chris -- you may be young but you seem considerably more enlightened than that. I'm not really trying to harsh on him either. But how would "jewgasser" work for you as a handle? Or "niggerlyncher"?

Okay, I've had my vent, everything's cool, lol.

to play devils advocate

to play devils advocate though, i would say bitch might not mean female in the way that hes using it.(you know, bitch as in coward or whatever) in fact, im positive ive called more males bitches in my life than i have females.(despite how aggressive i seem on this board sometimes, im actually painfully shy and riddled with anxiety in real life,i try not to call anybody a bitch,haha) i see your point though, but the 420 along with the bitchkiller handle makes me think hes probably pretty young and doesnt mean anything sexist by it. i could be wrong though.

To play devil's advocate to your devil's advocate

I know guys refer to each other as bitches on occasion, and usually I find it extremely funny. But the word still refers to the idea of "female" -- female dog, of course, just for that extra added touch of dehumanization. Black guys call each other "nigger," too, but I'm not about to think that makes it okay for me to.

And I noticed the 420, too, so yeah, I agree the guy is probably young and doesn't have evil intentions. So bitchkilla420, if you're out there, I've done said my piece and I promise not to come down on you like a ton of bricks the next time you post.

When it comes to 9/11

There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Those that can think for themselves, will get it. Those that cannot think for themselves, never will.

Just got done watching...

...and I must say, I was a little worried that Mancow would be a bit beligerent throughout as he was on the Jones show and thusly not lett Kevin get his points across. However, Mancow did give Kevin the mic/time and actually let him get his points across.

Mancow did make some ignorant and beligerent remarks, but that was only after Kevin had made his case, and in fact, everytime mancow went on his tangents, Kevin quickly and wittingly responded reinforcing the 911 case.

I must say, a very good day for 911 Truth.


To be quite honest.... I thought Kevin did very well and this was FOX's least biased coverage of 9/11 truth. I know that this will turn out for the best.

I have noticed that in some cases... Mancow plays tthe role of assbag but occasionally he allows the facts to surface.... He may in some ways be akin to the journalists who write poorly of the movement.... yet allow the facts to be presented for those willling to do the work.

The Yellow Brick Road is seldom paved in gold.

The Firefighter was so completely complacent and dismissive.... when Kevin brought up the air quality issue.... the man had no one to blame.... an error which cost him his job and possibly his life.... he simply chaulked it up to "they just didn't know"

What he doesn't know is that in fact they did know... and they purposely told you differently!!!

I hope people watched this wwith an open mind

Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised...

Mancow (or his producers) let Kevin get in many, many points in the final edit....

....could Mancow be a sheep in wolf's clothing?.....

Kevin did great, but then I knew he would, if they let it show after the editing....I did notice they did a few close-ups of the fireman rolling his eyes...which seemed pretty staged to me....

Also, the thing about this show is that it is complete fluff, so that 9/11 Truth is associated with all the Star Trek BS they had on, and not to be taken seriously...

Look forward to watching it again when it's posted...

Good job, Kevin

But as always with Truthers,

But as always with Truthers, they screw up. Kevin says for all to see when taking about WTC 7 that no debris hit the building...
Come on people, get with the program! It doesn't help with the "experts" make such glaring misrepresentations. Such an
"omission" is just as bad as the 9/11 report not mentioning molten metal.


But I noticed that you received a -1 for this comment.

I feel that one of the problems on blogger is that people do not care what the truth and facts are, they just feel that you must not ever ever ever say anything against the current theories.

Now, Building 7 was hit with debris. The extent of the damage is debatable, but we do have evidence that the building was damaged by debris.

Did it cause the collapse?

Of course not. Probably not. BUT, we should not give a negative rating to someone who is posting facts that are correct,

Thanks Anon for your

Thanks Anon for your support. I can't believe it myself that I got a -1 rating for posting truth, but then again as typical on this blog people to jump to conclusions without much considered thought. Not that everyone doesn't make mistake, especially in a live interview. However, this was a particularlly glaring mistake that speaks of how when intimidated that people with present misleading evidence to strenghten their case. The fact is that 9/11 truth as enough evidence to blow the offical story to pieces, yet a 9/11 expert can bearly debate a fireman that doesn't even know that the EPA lied about the air quality on ground zero. I just breaks my heart when such a grand oppertunity comes up a dollar short and a day late.

But as someone said, any visibility is better then none - even lumped into a special about the end of the world!

Final comment to all Truthers ---- PLEASE STICK TO THE FACTS AND GET THEM RIGHT!

Show "Kevin did a good job" by Anonymous (not verified)
Show "ROCK ON MANCOW!!! WOOOOO!!" by Anonymous (not verified)

no, Fox hired him because

no, Fox hired him because hes a useful dupe. sort of like yourself, but since you dont have the talent that a puppet like Mancow has(which isnt much to begin with) you have no chance of being hired by Fox. although, your simplistic take on things bodes well for your future with Fox News.

Man the cow

What an idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!