Insurance Claims - World Trade Center

It is my understanding that most, if not all, of the insurance claims filed for the 9/11 events in NYC are based on the original theory that terrorists hijacked commercial passenger planes. These commercial passenger planes crashed into the 110 story towers and that each tower collapsed as a result of the fires that were created by jet fuel.

The 9/11 Official Commission had not even been appointed before those claims were filed. Is it really any wonder why the Commission came to the conclusion that it did? I believe that the Official Commission was told to come to conclusions which would support the insurance claims that had already been filed if not partially paid by then. The FEMA & recently released NIST reports were designed to support the Official Commission Report.

I have not heard that any one of the more than 20 insurance companies that are involved ever asked for an investigation.

I have not heard anything that any of the owners of the publicly traded stock have asked the Board of Directors of those companies why they did not ask for an investigation or why the company has not considered the claims invalid. I believe that people who own stock in any of the insurance companies can start to pressure management of the insurance companies because the claims are being paid from the earnings owned by the stockholders.

I have not seen any court document from any insurance company that indicates that the original claims filed were misleading, if not fraudulent, and therefore the court awarded damages should be reversed.

I am a forensic accountant and would be pleased to assist with this matter.