Positive Article about New 9/11 Book

The following article appeared today in the Rivereast, a moderate Connecticut paper. It's pretty exciting that they actually included some real questions the author brought up about 9/11 instead of falling back on the usual smears. Press releases have been sent to Bay Area papers (where the author currently resides) and it is expected that releases will be sent out to larger papers nationwide for the actual release of the book in Spring '07.


In a day where Comedy Central's Daily Show is a more trusted news source then network news, can a comic book be more trustworthy than a $14 million government report? That's the question local author Jeremy Begin raises with his new book Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs), a graphic novel-style documentary about 9/11 which points out contradictions and omissions in the official account of the attacks.

Like most Americans, Jeremy didn't initially doubt that the attacks were the sole responsibility of Muslim extremists. He didn't buy Bush's statement that the terrorists hated our freedom, but he did accept that Al-Qaeda had carried out the attacks in retaliation for decades of horrendous U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. "Over the next year or two, I heard various people say that the Bush Administration had engineered the attacks," Jeremy said, "but I basically just brushed those people off as conspiracy theorists".

Then one afternoon, Jeremy took a look at a couple of websites listed on a Deception Dollar 9/11 flyer someone had given him. He quickly realized that some very good questions were being raised about the attacks by respectable-seeming individuals. Some of the most glaring questions which jumped out at him were why hadn't the Air Force been able to intercept any of the hijacked planes when they routinely intercept off-course aircraft up to a hundred times a year? Who had benefited from massive stock trading on September 10th which clearly anticipated a sudden drop in the stock value of American, United, and Boeing? And just how much interference and confusion was caused by the five aerial war game exercises that Dick Cheney was overseeing on September 11?

After two more years of nerve-wracking research, Jeremy had become totally convinced that it could be proven beyond reasonable doubt that a handful of top government officials had detailed foreknowledge of the attacks and had deliberately allowed them to happen. "There's also a lot of evidence that the hijackers were given some technical assistance to make sure the attacks succeeded," Jeremy noted, "but it will probably take more insider whistleblowers to prove that for sure".

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs), published by Trine Day Press, is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, and will be in stores between April and June of 2007.

LIHOP comic book gets positive press?

That should come as no surprise, since LIHOP is the last best hope of the actual perps to preserve the myth that 9/11 was indeed carried out by evil muslims.

Expect the press to ratchet up the LIHOP coverage as we're approaching the Hillary/Obama selection in 2008. What better way to not have to steal the election than to have people actually believe that Bush and Co let al Qaeda carry out their attack. Hillary WILL BE TOUGH on terrorists, will be the AIPAC-endorsed slogan.

Just watch. LIHOP=damage control/evil muslim myth preservation/save silverstein/exonerate Israel.

Will we throw away all our efforts and let something like this go down? Up to you!


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A) What makes you think that

A) What makes you think that this is a LIHOP book given the statement, "There's also a lot of evidence that the hijackers were given some technical assistance to make sure the attacks succeeded" ?
B) The LIHOP/MIHOP distinction is spurious anyways
C) If you take at look at the myspace page for this book (www.myspace.com/fightingforgod) it is clear the book is going to deal heavily with Skull and Bones (note their emblem on the cover), the Federal Reserve, and also discusses evidence for controlled demolition.

Personally, I'm very much looking forward to this book coming out. I think a comic book format is just the thing to get the message out to people who aren't going to read a 650-pager like "Crossing the Rubicon" or who don't have high-speed internet access.