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Dear 9/11 Truth Community,

I have been working hard on my website, TRUTH911.NET. I have a new video intro, which completes the look and feel of the page. The site has got a well designed and catchy layout and contains all the free movies, videos and information that i could find. My hope is that this site could serve as a central recourse for the 9/11 Truth Movement where all our hard work, research and ideas can come together in one place. The site is designed to educate both those who are totally new to 9/11 truth, as well as have all the detailed information for those looking into the facts in more detail. Up to this point, I’ve been running the site by myself. I'm hoping now, that everyone can get involved in making TRUTH911.NET a site that we can all be part of and use it to publish our research. The goal is for this site to be a complete resource for the Truth Movement. The url is easy to remember, but also has links to all the other 9/11 truth pages. There's nothing for sale on the site, no adds, i don't make any money from the site.

I'm asking for everyone's help to fill in all the stuff I’ve missed on the site. For example, i only have one source in molten metal section, and I know that new video just came out, and George Washington’s blog has a number of sources that I haven’t included on my site yet. I’m sure there are tons of sources or information that I’ve missed, so please e-mail me ( or post in the comments below and I’ll put it up on the page. This is how I want the information submitted, and I’ll use the molten metal as an example

WTC Towers - Molten Metal -
A NY firefighter described molten steel flowing at ground zero, and said it was like a "foundry" or like "lava".
- Video

The head of a team of scientists studying the potential health effects of 9/11, reported:
"Fires are still actively burning and the smoke is very intense. In some pockets now being uncovered, they are finding molten steel."
- Johns Hopkins Public Health. Mobilizing Public Health. Late Fall 2001.

When information like this is e-mailed to me, it’s easy for me to put it up on the site. If everyone helps out, the site will be complete with up to date information. We will no longer argue about whether it's better to show people loose change or 9/11 mysteries, because my site has all the 9/11 movies, and we can just tell people to go to and they'll find everything they're looking for.

If we all work together, we can make this a great site, and then we'll only have to focus our energy on promoting a website. We won’t have to distribute DVD's because the movies are all available for free on the site. This movement needs a website, and I’m hoping that with everyone's help, we can make the central truth site. Even though it's my site, I truly feel that the layout and quality of the content is the most effective 9/11 truth website we have. So please give me a hand in completing this website. e-mail or post your comments and start recording the information I’ve missed that needs to be up there.


Why do the best designed

Why do the best designed sites always push the no-planes hoaxes? Folks, go to and read the very good analysis of the Pentagon crash. 9/11 was clearly an inside job, but flimsy no-plane arguments just give the mainstream media ammo to shoot us down.

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"very good analysis of the Pentagon crash" ????

Excusssssee Me,
How can someone have a very good analysis of something that did not happen ?
This site says shows what it would have had to look like.

Your speculation of "no-planes theory" is inaccurate because planes did hit the towers. The questionable thing about them is what where they ?

what the fuck are you guys

what the fuck are you guys even talking about??? what are you upset with? my theory that a plane hit the pentagon? my anaomies section?

Looking at your site, I got

Looking at your site, I got the impression that you didn't think a plane hit the Pentagon. Much of what you have listed in the Pentagon Attack section seems to be no-plane, and the first movie on your recommended movies list is LC, which is no-plane. I'm sorry if I got you wrong, but surely you can understand my confusion.

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is available now for pre-order on Amazon.

just because i like the

just because i like the movie loose change, doesn't mean i agree with everything that's in there. if you actually looked at my pentagon section, you'd see that i provide evidence that a smaller plane hit the pentagon. but what does it even matter? i don't really care that people say that a missle or whatever hit the pentagon, cause i think it was a drone plane that fired a missle before impact. so as long as you show all the evidence, it doesn't really matter what you believe, just that you show the evidence. there's no use in attacking someone if they have slightly different beliefs than you, since we all pretty much believe in the same thing.

Excellent website!

You have done a great job bringing together all the videos and audios! Thanks .. I watched "Steal this Movie" on google videos! I didn't know this film existed!

glad you like my site man...

glad you like my site man... i was getting a bit discouraged cause these fuckers above are talking some sorta shit, i don't even really know what they're saying, and the 9/11 blogger people wont post my site for some reason, so it's really good to hear that my work is appreicated... i'm acutally really proud of my movie list. steal this movie is wicked, i liked the movie years ago, before 9/11 and before i knew anything, so i was happy to see that it's on google video.... if you havn't seen some of the other movies, they're all really good. if you know of any others that should be up there, let me know... i love watching these types of movies instead of turning on the TV.

Do be discouraged. What I

Do be discouraged.

What I wish is a site that is so simple:

that I could load it on my internet wristwatch....

DRUPAL monstrosities suck.

(although 911blogger could be much worse)

relax, and look at a good cartoon: