Deutsche Bank tower holding evidence?

Here is something that was sent in by Rob, thought I'd post it here to see what people thought: 

I have not seen this discussed but I ready a story in the Daily News about he Deutsche Bank tower. It was purchased by the State in 2004 and is now being cleaned/prepped for demolition.

Its the heavily damaged building draped in black right next to former WTC plaza.

Apparently, It has been deemed a hazardous site. They've been fighting over who is going to pay for cleanup and demolition.

Intuivitely thinking, would it not be possible that this building is holding key pieces of evidence? Pieces of the former WTC, remants of explosives, etc?

Just wondering if this has been considered...because the state is cleaning it up..

Maybe, yes but...

It will remain speculation. Even if there were a written, sealed confession by George Bush lying on a table in the building, they are never going to release it to the public.

So I am not sure what good any evidence there is going to be! If it is there, it will soon be gone. As you say, the state is clearing it up.


The New york DA's office should seek an injunction to stop the clean up in order for their office to collect evidence. For goodness sake, they found body parts there last summer.