Making Politicians Uncomfortable

The following letter was sent to a prominent 9/11 activist:

"My wife is kind of an activist and has really picked up the cudgel regarding 9/11. She was on a championship speech and debate team in HS with Jane Pauley in Indiana and doesn't have much fear in standing up and confronting people in public. She is a graduate of Purdue University.

Two weeks ago she prepared a long paper on 911 and its implications and went down to UVSC from Bountiful three separate times on three separate days trying to talk to some of the politicos there. The settings were large classrooms containing about 50-70 people.

The second day she was able to confront Rep. Chris Cannon and to talk to him and get her paper to him. He seemed receptive to some degree . . . .

The third day she raised the same issues with [U.S.] Sen. Bennett, asking him if he had any suspicions about what caused the buildings to collapse. Now understand this is a campaign forum in probably a political science classroom controlled by a teacher of the class. Sen. Bennett said if there had been any skullduggery he would have heard about it because you 'hear everything in Washington DC, there are no secrets there'. Ruth responded by mentioning that the Manhattan Project involving thousands was kept secret for years without anything getting out about it, for fear of losing security clearances and perhaps other penalties. Sen. Bennett turned very red in the face and neck and did not respond. She then asked him about Bldg 7 and he said that the airplane flying into it caused the damage. Ruth responded by saying that the towers had planes flying into them, but not Bldg 7. Ruth then said that Bldg 7 was on the other side of Bldg 6 and Vesey Street and Bldg 6 was damaged much more and did not collapse. Sen. Bennett said he was there (she is a little uncertain about his saying this; he may have said he talked to someone that was there) and the shock wave caused Bldg 7 to collapse. Ruth responded by saying a lot of the windows in Bldg 7 were still intact when it fell. At that point Sen. Bennett refused to talk to Ruth anymore and directed his attention to other students. He stayed cool the rest of the time but his face and neck remained very red. He was not happy about the questions.

Sometime during Ruth's questioning, she says Sen. Bennett mentioned he had been on the 911 Commission [Editor's note: Bennett wasn't a 9/11 Commissioner, so I'm not certain what he is referring to; perhaps another government commission which looked into certain aspects of 9/11?], which is surprising in view of his apparent ignorance about Bldg 7. She was also able to get her paper in his hands, which he took with reluctance. She also handed the paper out to the flunkies of all three candidates over three days.

After the session, the teacher was clearly upset and hustled Sen. Bennett out of the room and said there would not be a following reception...."

This will be the first of a small series of inspirational letters written by or sent to 9/11 activists, assuming that the readers of 911blogger find them inspiring.

Good on her for stickin' it

Good on her for stickin' it to him and remaining calm in a very stressful situation. Next time tell her to mention the war games. If there's one thing they can't weasle their way out of, it's the war games. the 2.3 trillion, the atta-abramoff-drug connection and the FBI handler living with one of the "hijackers" also deserve more attention.

Robert Bennett?

Would that be Senator Robert Bennett of Utah? If so, that's the same guy who headed the company Mullen & Associates in Washington back in the early '70s, the same firm that provided cover to ex[?}-CIA agent E. Howard Hunt while he was carrying out black bag jobs for the Nixon White House.

No stranger to skullduggery.

That is what it is going to take though.

This type of action by this brave woman is exactly what it is going to take to get the critical 5% of our population discussing the Nine Eleven Day Massacre and demanding that others discuss it as well. We can all play a part in our activities in the public square, wherever that is for each of us.


Hell yes! We will be the

Hell yes! We will be the change we want to see...cliche, I know. It's difficult to be courageous during these stifling times. I spoke out, reluctantly at first, about the speed of the collapses in context of the Law of Conservation at a school function where the Sr. Editor of VanityFair came to promote some 9-11photography book, and on the campus program it read "...and discuss conspiracy theoris"

I knew it was going to be dis-info, but I felt I must represent the Truth Movement...or more accurately the conclusions my academically trained mind led me to after researching the "Official Theory" and the ugly but real alternative, the same evidence but from an independent thinking process. I was reluctant at first, but passionate and sincere and dedicated once I started. Please, if anyone who reads this is hesitant to speak in front of people at public forums, remember your first amendment!

Is that the same E. Howard Hunt

that was the lead of the hit team involved with Kennedy's assassination?

Shame is a bugger, isn't it?

I just wish she had asked Mr Bennett why he was so red faced. It would be nice to know what Mr. Bennett was feeling ashamed about. These guys can't handle direct confrontation. It reminds me of GWB when he was asked a little after 9/11 if Howard Dean's musing about foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks boardered on hate speech. ". . . that's an absurd insinuation."

What is Bennet afraid of?

He has to know something about 9/11, either that or He is afraid of the hidden forces who He answers too. Or maybe that most Congressional members have gotten to the point of just responding to the middle class by way of E-Mails instead of personal contact by people with 9/11 knowledge...more than what the MSM or the government puts out there.
Makes them unsure of what to do, so the typical response is to ignore us.
That just encourages Me to write more letters, make more phone calls and talk with more people.


They don't know what to do. They thought they could get away with it by the traditional media ignoring it, but they will have to face these questions more and more in public. At some point someone is going to unburden themselves just to get it off their chest or to save the people.

Letters from activists

Please continue to post the letters and experiences of activists who are taking a stand and are not afraid to press the issue. I find it encouraging and inspiring that people are making an effort.

The more the better!

Bird-Dogging Basics

Bird-Dogging Basics
by Patrick Carkin

I bird-dogged all four of the major presidential candidates during the 2000 primary in New Hampshire, a state where the level of access to such politicians is unbelievably high. With this experience in mind, I'd like to focus on a few basic approaches that will make bird-dogging a candidate easier.

The first step to bird-dogging is finding out where a politician is going to be. The more secure a candidate is, the less available they will be to the general public. Thus, in some cases, a little detective work will be necessary.

Here are some basic tips to address this problem:

1. Subscribe to a candidate's email list. Sometimes a politician will just announce where he/she is going to be.

2. Subscribe to state and party email lists. Both groups frequently promote their favorite candidates.

3. Get in with the local party -- get on their snail mail list and meet some of their leaders. You'll pick up a lot of info this way.

4. Find someone who's been active with the party for a long time who will be willing to pass on information to you. In some cases these individuals would love to bird-dog a candidate but can't because of appearances -- but they CAN pass info onto you so that you can do the "dirty work."

5. Find friendly members of the media to get info from. Some reporters really would like progressive issues to be part of the political debate.

6. Check other media sources such as newspapers and newspaper web sites. In some circumstances, the papers will have calendars announcing when political candidates will appear. This is far less likely in a non-election cycle year.

Besides finding out where the candidate is going to be, you also have to prep for the challenge. Whatever your interest is, don't assume that you can nail a politician with something you think up at the last minute. Come up with your best questions/challenges and present them to at least one person who should play the devil's advocate. You'll quickly discover that many questions that you once thought were great can be quickly sidetracked or outright dismissed by a savvy politician.

The actual logistics of attending a political event and bird-dogging a politician before, during or afterwards, takes a little bit of thought. However, once you get the hang of it it quickly becomes easy.

1. It's best to show up at an event early, particularly if the politician is popular, leading in the polls, or if it’s late in the primary season. You can't challenge them if you're not in their line of sight.

2. If there's a question and answer period your pre-planning will quickly become useful. A general rule is that most people don't raise their hands immediately. They need time to get their courage up or just become involved in the situation. Thus, as a bird-dogger, it's imperative that you express your interest in asking a question as quickly as you can. If you're not called on first you'll likely be called on second or third. If you wait ten minutes half the room will have their hands raised and you'll never get heard.

3. Take notes. Since bird-dogging can be a little nerve wracking it might be necessary to do these things in teams. One person challenges the politician, the other writes the response down. Remember, it's not only important that you get them on camera at that moment, it's also important that you be able to accurately quote them later on so that others can pick up where you ended. This is an integral part of effective bird-dogging politicians - make 'em responsible for their words and actions.

Work in teams of two or more people and disperse. Since bird-dogging can make many people nervous, it’s best to go in teams of two or more people. One person asks the question while another writes down the response. Dispersing at the event will possibly allow everyone in the group to ask a question. Be prepared with follow-up questions in case someone asks the question you intended to use.

Bird-dogging isn't just about asking questions. It can also take other forms such as street theater, pranks, or even a simple protest. The important aspect is: Does it get a response from the politician or his/her staff? If it does, that's half the battle. The idea is to be creative. Maybe play good cop/bad cop, maybe agree with the candidate (rather, appear to agree) on a controversial issue in order to draw out a response that will be damming later on for the politician. Think creatively -- but do something that gets a response. Responses mean you can use the information later on and it means that the media will pay attention. It all results in helping create real change in our electoral politics, from the people running for office to the media reporting the stories to the cynical public which thinks none of it matters.

Bird-doggers also need to remember that anger does not pay. When you're going after a politician, especially one you don't like, you have to try to be at least cordial. It's part of the game. Butter 'em up a bit. Compliment them for something -- anything that you can think of that you might agree with them on. Hardly anyone is 100 percent opposite of where you stand politically. If it becomes necessary, step up the tone a bit, but only enough to become effective. Perhaps in some cases anger will get the response you want from a politcian or their staff. You should not do civil disobedience and outright loud protests unless you've reached a point of last resort with a particular politician. At that point the best you'll likely get is a media report on your actions, but real interactions with the candidate will be greatly reduced if not impossible.

Last but not least, pass your experiences on to others by submitting a report to! Your work won't be lost, it will become part of a long term record that other activists will then be able to use to more effectively challenge a given politician.

Good luck.

excellent info here

We need lots more of this--what is THIS? People encouraging and teaching each other to engage the system in more than just basic letter writing, etc. Tactics like this are the bread and butter of real change, even more effective potentially than huge demonstrations. Why? Because these tactics take into account the controlled media and inject the real issues straight into their system. Instead of thousands of people standing around yelling, you get thousands of people directly engaging politicians and gumming up the spin machine. Pretty soon they'll ban all non-official recording equipment from around any and all politicians, but in the meantime, do it! Especially important to catch it on camera if it's an issue the meia won't touch. They will otherwise be tempted to run footage of a politician getting caught with a tough question--people love that stuff and if they don't show it, people will find that kind of stuff online for their viewing pleasure, and that helps us break the media stranglehold oiver information. Brilliant!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Well, God Bless Ruth!!

What a treat to hear about someone with your courage! Remember we are the "hopemongers" THEY are the "fearmongers". Hitler and Napoleon did not succeed cause they went after Russia.
We are the new Russian Winter! They have over reached!
I'm grateful to to you Ruth!
Kevin in Seattle

According to Daniel

According to Daniel Abramson, False flag news, the aim of the shadow govt and the pharoahic oligarchy is to take over Russia. They have more oil than Saudi Arabia. Oh, Peak oil is a lie being used by the oil companies owned by the pharoahs Rockefeller, Rothschild, Queen Beatrice, BP owner ( I cannot remember). The Deep Hot Biosphere by Thomas Gold says that oil is abiotic, not a fossil fuel and our earth has a limitless supply. Sorry, to go off topic. This is immediate stuff, the shadow govt wants to take over Russia, now.

Anyway back to Ruth. What a tigress.
She did a fantastic job.
We all need to use our talents to bring about a real 911 investigation.

I just want to mention other Building 7 anomalies and clues to the real perps. There was much more than she mentioned which I am sure the
politicians do not know and have probably never tried to learn. To them ignorance is bliss and to look under too many rocks is dangerous.

Other Building 7 items that can toast and roast politicians and other uniformed authority figures once you have them in a conversation.
We know most of them so I won't mention them. But here are a few which maybe not everyone knows about.

1. At the time of its destruction, Building 7 housed documents relating to numerous SEC investigations. The files for approximately three to
four thousand cases were destroyed, according to the Los Angeles Times. Among the destroyed documents were ones that may have demonstrated the relationship between Citigroup and the WorldCom bankruptcy.

2. The EEOC reported that documents for 45 active cases were destroyed. Before the attack, SEC investigations of corporate fraud by companies such as Enron and Worldcom were the subject of many news reports -- reports that virtually vanished in the wake of the attack.

3. Here is another connection to the Federal Reserve leaders and building 7. A connection to Peter Peterson who was made the chair of the NY Fed Reserve in 2000. THe NY federal reserve is the only central bank. The other 11 federal reserve banks are just in name only which was to try and hide that the Federal Reserve is only one central bank.

Not only did Larry Siulverstein admit he pulled building 7, he made a half billion dollars on the destruction, so it seems did the mortage

holders,bells and whistles link" as a result, the new owners are not required to make any payments under their lease, but they will be able to collect on the loss of the buildings that collapsed or were otherwise destroyed and damaged in the attacks." ’Ostensibly the 'owners' would additionally be the mortgage holders, right? That would be Peter Peterson's large entirely private investment vehicle Blackstone. First in power in the Nixon admin, like so many others involved in 9-11 activities, Peter Peterson was was made Chair of the NY Fed. Reserve on Jan. 1. 2000 (the NY Fed is the only one in the 'faux federal' system of any massive monetary scale or importance). His Blackstone corp already fully owns the military contractor TRW, does lots of black ops presumably... In 2000, Blackstone bought up the WTC7 morgage! It made sure to take the full mortgage instead of all for multiple investors like before. It bought them all out to have the full mortgage on the building. In 2000, Blackstone invested 25 million dollars in the Bush crime family's Carlyle Corporation, positioned to become the world's largest private military contractor after 9-11. In 2000, Blackstone invested in Aviall, Inc., the world's largest buyer/seller network corporation of USED AVIATION PARTS. Peterson's Blackstone has connections with Kissinger Associates...

4. . Pentagon 'reinforcer' AMEC wired WTC7

Scanning through the copy of the ruling provided online by the Voice, we see the name AMEC pop up. This is interesting, because AMEC is the British construction company which was in charge of "reinforcing" the wing of the Pentagon which was bombed on 9/11. From United States District Judge's ALVIN K. HELLERSTEIN's Jan. 12 ruling:

So, Saloman controlled the first five and the top 20 floors of this building. AMEC was in charge of wiring Saloman's offices to diesel tanks
elsewhere in the building. That would have given AMEC access to the enitre infrastructure of the building, to be powered for "back-up power" or.... whatever else.

. Ties to the Crime families.

AMEC's No. 1 guy on the ground was Vice President Leo DiRubbo, a reputed associate of the Luchese crime family. [...]

AMEC hired Big Apple Wrecking, owned by Harold Greenberg, a reputed mob associate whose firm was barred from government work because of his convictions in bid-rigging and bribery conspiracie

AMEC also hired Mazzocchi Wrecking. A few months after 9/11, the N.J. Division of Gaming Enforcement charged that three members of the

DeCavalcante crime family worked for Mazzocchi.


Here's an idea for you Americans:

Why not start compiling a list of the Boards of Directors of all these shadow corporations along with their home addresses on an easily accessible website?
Don't forget to add the names and home addresses of all those government officials and bankers and foreign agents (et al.) who may be
complicit or who participate in cover-ups. Then send them letters (NOT anthrax letters -- the method of bullies) to let them know that they cannot
hide and that they will be indicted, convicted, and punished (with Cheney's definition of what is not torture applied to them as well).

Just a thought ;)

Thank you Ruth!

I wish i was there! Iam tired at all the soft questions being asked by the media.
Too bad you did'nt get it on video.

Explanations on the fly

She then asked him about Bldg 7 and he said that the airplane flying into it caused the damage. [...]

Sen. Bennett said [...] the shock wave caused Bldg 7 to collapse.

Heh heh!

Color me inspired!

And that's the truth Ruth!

Color me inspired!

And that's the truth Ruth!


Hell yes! Let's get their reactions on video! Loved it when Aron Russo did it to the IRS.
There reaction SCREAMS GUILTY!

Pentagon wants to build mini-city for terror trials

The Pentagon wants to build a compound costing up to $125 million for upcoming war crimes trials at Guantánamo. The proposal has yet to be presented to Congress, which must OK funding.

Dem judiciary leader seeks torture documents

In a letter addressed to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, chairman-to-be of the Senate Judiciary Committee Patrick Leahy (D-VT) has requested the release of documents that outline the Bush Administration's interrogation policies.

(No wonder the gov't sent Leahy one of those antrax letters, he's got their number.)

no doubt, and he and Dick

no doubt, and he and Dick Durbin are currently trying to water down the military commissions act. unlike Daschle, Leahy is at least still trying.

ELITE WORDS turn into actions

When a member of the elite SAYS SOMETHING

... it has consequences.

Therefore the bird-dogging TOGETHER WITH DOCUMENTATION is invaluable.

While we are still able to confront our elites ... lets do it!

The twentieth century has been characterized by three developments of great political importance: the growth of democracy, the growth of corporate power, and the growth of corporate propaganda as a means of protecting corporate power against democracy''.

Alex Carey, Taking the Risk out of Democracy: Propaganda in the US and Australia

Congress must spend more time reading bills

They should be forced to read through the Military Commisions Act, the Patriot Act, torture bill, and tell us Americans to our face that these are the actions of a moral and concientous nation.That the Democrats would just rubber stamp the Republicans' wacko bills by claiming ,in some cases, that they just didn't have or were given much time to read them is a poor excuse and a extreme lack of representation responsibility.
And many Americans should take back the government just as written in the Constitution, unfortunately many don't have the nerve, just as many don't think they will even make a difference at all because the system is corrupted to the core. Along with those who have not much knowledge of what the Constitution says. Kudos to Ruth for being an example of what it means to speak to representatives about their responsibility to the people and this nation.