"Marketing" the Truth! and Passive Activism?

After watching John Conner's video from UCSD I had a few ideas that may help in DVD distribution.

Marketing research shows that people are generally skeptical of things that are given away for free. Either they presume the item is junk or they are wary of some sort of hidden catch. One idea might be for activists to station themselves on a campus and offer "FREE DVD WITH SURVEY". This will create an opportunity to get responses from students, speak to them one-on-one and hand out DVDs. And, because people will feel like they did something in exchange for the DVD, this may resolve some of the "free stuff must be junk" mentality.

The style in which John Conner is presenting the truth is attention getting, but it is also loud and aggressive. A more passive presentation might enable a different group of activists to participate in distrubution and it might also welcome people who are quietly, curious about 911 information.

Everyone who knows the truth is an activist, but each of us must find our own unique style and method of spreading information.

Keep-up the good work John!

great post great ideas

this may resolve some of the "free stuff must be junk" mentality.

excellent analysis... along the lines of the blog i just sent into the ether... hope it comes out!


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Another excellent 9/11 Activism Idea

Really great to see so many different, innovative activism ideas on this site lately....and people carrying them out like John Connors, Ruth who confronted that politician, and Jon Gold today in Philly (are you filming that Jon?)....

All this dynamic, grassroots activism is really inspiring and is causing a snowball effect...c'mon people, let's see what can be done!....do it, film it, and post it.....

How come I think there is hope ?

You know, I haven't been at this very long but I think I'll keep trying and doing my best to find the truth.

Sometimes I get discouraged by some of the negativity from what I will call the Stoppers. You know the ones that I mean.

But there are other times when I think I have joined a winning movement and that there is an end in sight.
I was in high school when JFK was shot. If the Warren Commission wasn't permitted to get away with the one shooter "magic bullet" theory they might not have done 9/11. But the government was different then right ? Pardon my sarcasm.
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.