9/11 in Dutch politics!

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(The Real News) It has never been this far:

9/11 in Dutch politics!

The Dutch Government has supported the war in Afghanistan, based on the assumption that 9/11 was executed by 19 terrorist out of Afghanistan.

The Bush-regime has had the most profit by 9/11.

There's a lot of evidence that the American government lied. Based on that, the decisions made by the Dutch goverment were wrong.

On the 22th of November Dutch people can vote for a new parliament. (And an open and good debate about the lies of 9/11)

Jan van Aken.


New bloody Sunday: 1 GI, 151 Iraqis Killed; 136 Iraqis Wounded

Does this lunacy have any end in sight??? http://antiwar.com/updates/?articleid=10041

Also: At Least 700 Iraqis Die in 8 Days of Unrelenting Violence!!! http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/4346829.html

I'm from Holland and guess

I'm from Holland and guess what my vote's gonna be...

Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?

In 1968, Robert Kennedy seemed likely to follow his brother, John, into the White House. Then, on June 6, he was assassinated - apparently by a lone gunman. But Shane O'Sullivan says he has evidence implicating three CIA agents in the murder

Shane O'Sullivan
London Guardian
Monday, November 20, 2006

At first, it seems an open-and-shut case. On June 5 1968, Robert Kennedy wins the California Democratic primary and is set to challenge Richard Nixon for the White House. After midnight, he finishes his victory speech at the Ambassador hotel in Los Angeles and is shaking hands with kitchen staff in a crowded pantry when 24-year-old Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan steps down from a tray-stacker with a "sick, villainous smile" on his face and starts firing at Kennedy with an eight-shot revolver.

But the autopsy report suggests Sirhan could not have fired the shots that killed Kennedy. Witnesses place Sirhan's gun several feet in front of Kennedy, but the fatal bullet is fired from one inch behind. And more bullet-holes are found in the pantry than Sirhan's gun can hold, suggesting a second gunman is involved. Sirhan's notebooks show a bizarre series of "automatic writing" - "RFK must die RFK must be killed - Robert F Kennedy must be assassinated before 5 June 68" - and even under hypnosis, he has never been able to remember shooting Kennedy. He recalls "being led into a dark place by a girl who wanted coffee", then being choked by an angry mob. Defence psychiatrists conclude he was in a trance at the time of the shooting and leading psychiatrists suggest he may have be a hypnotically programmed assassin.

Sounds like the classic novel & movie The Manchurian Candidate

I suppose someone could be brainwashed/programmed to committ murder, especially if they were mentally weak to begin with.

thats how they always are.

thats how they always are. look at all the "lone nut assassissins" throughout history. Oswald, Sirhan,Hinckley etc. they all have that in common, being mentally weak or handicapped in some way. Sirhan had a "vacant" look in his eyes for that very reason. thats why he remembers nothing of that day. he doesnt know why he killed him. he just knows he did(along with at least 2 other gunmen based on the placement and number of bullet holes. this is science fact). Oswald himself said he was a patsy and POP the next day hes dead. this isnt fantasy here, the CIA has a history of success in the area of mental manipulation. i only wish it was science fiction/tom clancy shit but sadly its very real.

spy trying to expose Russian inside job gets poisoned.

Poisoned ex-spy 'slightly worse'
A former Russian KGB colonel living in Britain and poisoned by the toxic chemical thallium has returned to intensive care, doctors have said.
In a book, Blowing up Russia: Terror from Within, Mr Litvinenko alleged that agents of the KGB's successor, the Federal Security Service (FSB), co-ordinated the 1999 apartment block bombings in Russia that killed more than 300 people.

Russian officials blamed the explosions on Chechen separatists and in that year the Kremlin launched a new military offensive on Chechnya. (shades of 9/11-al qaeda,war on terror bullshit)


Man, these false-flag attacks are so damn sneaky & effective!

They are the perfect way to frame your enemies in heinous crimes they haven't committed!

We need to expose them along with 9/11 truth, to help stop these evil tactics!

Rep. Charles Rangel plans to reinstate the U.S. draft!

"There's no question in my mind that this President and this administration would never have invaded Iraq ... if, indeed, we had a draft and members of Congress and the administration thought that their kids from their communities would be placed in harm's way," Rangel said yesterday.


I heard this on the way to work this morning.... talk about road rage.... I'm pretty sure I called this guy every name in the book...

Where does logical thought enter into this arguement? What a naive fool! Any American who buys this logic should be the first to get their marching orders.

Just unleash the freakin Bird Flu and end this retardation

You missed Rangel's point. If the rich & the politicians kids

have to sign up for a draft, then it's not just the underclass being killed for oil.

No more "rich man's war, poor man's blood"!

and we all know that the

and we all know that the children of politicians... if they even get drafted.... never see any battles unless the choose to.


Remember that they also raised the eligibility age to what? ..... 41.... we could wage one hell of a killing spree on the world with a draft pool that large.

Up to 40-year-olds? That's better yet. How may 40-year-olds

are going to agree to go on a f*cking insane kill-or-be-killed spree for Exxon in the Middle East???

Yes, no deferments to hide in Ivy League college until the coast

is clear or any other of that elitist bullshit! If a U.S. war is worth fighting, then everyone fights, not just those joined the military due to economic needs!

i got Rangels point, but hes

i got Rangels point, but hes calling the wrong peoples bluffs here. he thinks what hes doing is going to stop war. maybe it will contribute to the end of the Iraq war, but as soon as we hit Iran his plan is going to backfire big time. this isnt the 60s.

case in point.

Cheney: Dem Win Won't Stop Iran Attack
New Yorker
Monday, November 20, 2006

A month before the November elections, Vice-President Dick Cheney was sitting in on a national-security discussion at the Executive Office Building. The talk took a political turn: what if the Democrats won both the Senate and the House? How would that affect policy toward Iran, which is believed to be on the verge of becoming a nuclear power? At that point, according to someone familiar with the discussion, Cheney began reminiscing about his job as a lineman, in the early nineteen-sixties, for a power company in Wyoming. Copper wire was expensive, and the linemen were instructed to return all unused pieces three feet or longer. No one wanted to deal with the paperwork that resulted, Cheney said, so he and his colleagues found a solution: putting “shorteners” on the wire—that is, cutting it into short pieces and tossing the leftovers at the end of the workday. If the Democrats won on November 7th, the Vice-President said, that victory would not stop the Administration from pursuing a military option with Iran. The White House would put “shorteners” on any legislative restrictions, Cheney said, and thus stop Congress from getting in its way.


Right on. They're trying to

Right on. They're trying to jam up the war machine with "innocent pawns" to try and stop it.

Don't buy Rangels' B.S.

Or anyone else's in D.C.


The NWO will definitely implement a draft of ANY 18-26 year olds, rich or poor. This is horrible legislation. Beyond that we don't want rich kids going to war, or ANY kids going to war.

Say No to Rangel!!

Their is more to Rangel's plan that meets the eye

Do you know what a huge backlash a draft would create? The war would end much sooner than later. That's a good thing.

And BTW, I don't want any more armies of mercenaries nor Haliberton contractors doing the NeoCons dirty-work!

Rangel is a goddamned moron.

Rangel is a goddamned moron. he said something like -"i wanna renew the draft so politicians dont take us to war". as if they wouldnt take us to war if there was a draft. Rangel is naive as hell.

More than naive, the bill,

More than naive, the bill, if it's the same one I'm thinking of, contains provisions for a new "New Deal" era of MANDATORY civilian service, not just military, but civil, up to age 46 or so. That's communism.

I live in Holland .....

I live in Holland .....
I know that 9/11 was a hoax for more then a year now. But I'm still treated as a lunatic when i'm talking about it.... don't expect a revolution starting here....

Wow, I'm sorry to hear that. I though Dutch people were way more

open-minded than the average American. Please don't give up.

Perhaps you can show your friends "Loose Change" in the Dutch version, if they don't speak English.

lets hope so

lijst 14 will get my vote fore sure... even the people around me are voting lijst 14... lets jope we can get in the parliament and start the discussion on the level it is needed to be discussed...
the week before 911 2006 we had lots of media attention... but when it was over... the attention was over again...
hopefully lijst 14 can get something going!!!