Political Action Group: Support Our March For Truth


 I have had many interesting responses to our Denver to DC walk for truth. Many, have given their opinions of why it will not work but few have listed alternatives for what sort of action would be effective. Biblically, what we are doing is symbolic. I am selling my business, been kicked out of school, and preparing to endure months of hardship with my family in order to demonstrate that this nation is in danger. Yet many of you have been correct. Without a unified effort our walk will be futile.

To those who desire to be critical without their own plan of action I would encourage you to get out in your own communities and be active. Call your Representatives; keep this issue in the face of the congress. We need political action now. A large sector of the American populace understands that there is merit in our cause. Yet, they need leaders to put that information into legitimate action. We need to assault the propaganda wall in every city and state. We need voices out on the street corner. We need men and women not only to run for congress, but to continue to work with the Senators and Representatives.

At the same time those who desire to run out of the mouth about insane things which cannot be substantiated should be ignored. We need to stop attempting to establish ourselves in positions of authority and power and begin to work in unison. We have yet to get one volunteer to help us organize in the states we are walking through. This leads me to believe either no one really desires to act, or we truly are off the mark in our message and not as many people are awake as we try and convince

Please think about the impact we could have. This symbolic march could be a catalyst for change. Imagine thousands and hundreds of thousands joining us along the way and participating in their own symbolic protest. The larger the numbers we can achieve  the greater the opportunity to stop catering to each other and truly place this movement in the face of the public. I know many of you have worked very hard to be lights in a dark age. Yet, before long there may be another attack, and then all of our work will be pushed into the background. Let's make these next two years, prior to the next election, the most impacting yet by solidifying our efforts. Let’s vow to work day and night in order to get a new Congressional Investigation. Yet this will take greater effort and organization on all of our parts. A few points to consider:

 1. Regardless of the full truth we need to begin to place in the faces of the public reasonable doubt without rampant speculation about who did it, missiles, military planes, the CIA using dummy planes, and other issues of like nature. This movement needs to write a charter of the most damning and questionable events which can be backed by research and
evidence. Understand the average person doesn't even understand that the US government IS capable of killing its own citizens, and most would rather not know. We have to appeal to people’s sense of justice and not demonizing the government. We have to get allies in the media and congress.
  2. We need an official Political Action Group that would be dedicated to local and national actions. Not protest, but city council charters, legislation, referendums, etc. I realize this board and 9/11 truth.org have boards and committees but for the most part they have been information sources. We need hardcore politics. We need attorneys and others who can continue to bring this issue into the legal public sphere.

   3. We need more symbolic actions. All of this must be done in the spirit of love for those who are blind to the truth. We need to build more allies. If we vocally continue to attack the press and anyone else who disagrees with the information it will build a wall. I encourage everyone, even if you do not agree with our religious stance to support our march across the country either financially, logistically, or walking with us. It is solidarity that will get things done not infighting, mockery, and pontification. It must be a unity in diversity. We all must be willing to make sacrifices, hold certain opinions to ourselves, compromise with each other in order to see some political progress.

I encourage people to contact me who are interested in forming a PAC. We also need volunteers to help make our walk powerful. This is a historic time. We can make history But it is going to take effort. I pray our American aversion to suffering will not make us choose comfort over truth. I pray history will not reflect that the American people created another Nazi Germany because those who knew the truth talked rather than acted. God be with us.

Brother Raymond

Nah, I don't believe it > I

Nah, I don't believe it

> I am selling my business,
> been kicked out of school,
> and preparing to endure months of hardship

unlikely ...

> with my family

why cause pain for the kids?

You see, the average US joe sixpack is looking at you and thinks:


Maybe Palestinians or other brown people.. THEY do not value life as much as WE Americans do. Maybe Chinese or other pre-capitalist Neanderthals...

If this is really an American, he is either nuts (and therefore his cause is null and void) or he is suicidal.


  • Americans do not walk. Its like torture!!
  • Amercians DO NOT TORTURE.

There was this US guy who laid on train-tracks in protest to weapons shipments .. and got his legs cut off... See, just a nutter. Now he can't even walk and torture himself, even if he wanted to.

I see only one escape from this dilemma.

We have to do it the American way:

DRIVE TO WASHINGTON.. and block the roads with massive traffic... hit the gas-pedal hard, and pollute the city until the stench approximates the stench of the 911 inside job.

I hereby call upon every 911 truther to DRIVE TO THE CAPITOL when the 110th Congress convenes on January 3, 2007 and make sure you get some low-octane petroleum or diesel vehicles.

The american way is VIOLENCE, pure and simple.

Lets use the most violent BUT LEGAL things and put them to good use.


They kill 50,000 Americans every year. THAT SHOULD BE A WET-BLOODY GUT-SPILLING MESSAGE!!!

Gonzales Blasts Surveillance Critics

Attorney General Gonzales Takes Up Attack on Ruling Against Warrantless Surveillance

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales contended Saturday that some critics of the Bush administration's warrantless surveillance program were defining freedom in a way that poses a "grave threat" to U.S. security.

Do you see even the smallest signs of humility or contrition by any of the Bush cabal? I sure don't.