False Flag Attack on NBC's "The Office"

I finally got around to watching last week's episode of NBC's "The Office" last night, and was surprised to see a blatant false flag attack prominently featured in the script.
It is Episode 8 from Season 3, and is called "The Merger". If you want to watch it, it is available for purchase from the Apple iTunes Store for $1.99.

Hopefully those that are not fans of the show will be able to appreciate this review.

This particular episode is all about the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper absorbing the employees of the now closed Stamford branch. Michael, the boss
of the Scranton branch, is doing his best to welcome his new employees and make them "feel like a part of the family".

Nothing seems to go his way (as usual) so near the end of the episode he resorts to a false flag attack to bring everyone together.

The scene starts with him running in from the parking lot frantically telling everyone that someone let all of the air out of everyone's car tires.

All of the employees go out to the parking lot, and, sure enough, the only car that still has air in the tires is Michael's car, because he was behind the whole thing.
Instead of letting the air out of Michael's car tires, the "perps" left a hate note on his car that says "You guys suck. You will never be able to come together as one
and avenge us because you guys suck." Michael blames the attack on a company called "Vance Refrigeration" and says all of the employees need to go steal their
refrigerators, repeatedly saying "This is egregious!"

The employees immediately see through the ruse and go back inside. Michael can't believe they didn't buy it and starts telling them that they are playing right into the
perpetrators' hands, as if the supposed perpetrators left the air in Michael's tires to throw them off. In the end, Bob Vance offers to come over and fill up everyone's tires
with his air compressor.

Maybe I'm reading too much into this (my girlfriend certainly thinks so), but I think the writers of the show were trying to send a subtle message. The parts that
really got me, though, were the note that talks about everyone "coming together as one" to avenge the attack, and Michael's odd comment about getting together
and stealing their refrigerators in retaliation, as if that would help anything.

What do you guys think? Were the writers trying to send a subtle message about false flag terrorism?

It;s possible

It is possible, but then again, it follows simple pattern of logic so it is probably nothing,then again it is art and you may interpret it as you like.. :) .I would only call it false flag if it was war related though.

Not related;

Here;s a sheeple thought : they would never do something that I wouldn't believe they would do and therefore wouldn't begin to question at all. Because I would totally do nothing to them. :)

here's the torrent

The last (3rd) Season of Deadwood...

....struck me as a parable of New World Order resource grabbing, using false-flag terrorism, etc. The symbol of Big Money power, Hearst, even put a garish hole in a tall building and left it there....

did you happen to see last

did you happen to see last season of 24? the president working with terrorists to stage attacks and blame on others. the presidents chief of staff couldnt have sounded more like a PNAC stooge saying things like "i am a true patriot! i had to do this, the resources in the middle east,we needed a reason,blah blah", ends justify the means type stuff. it was pretty blatant really. youtube had a clip at one point that was called "24-false flag". i cant find it rioght now though......

Very interesting.

I disagree that it has to be about "war" to justify the "false flag" description. This was metaphor or analogy. It does sound like the "false flag attack" meme is percolating through popular culture, and that's a very good thing.

The Office kicks serious

The Office kicks serious ass. the american version. i really dont like british humor for the most part.

That's funny

'cause I can't even watch the American version, having seen the British one. Although I'll probably try to see this one.

seriously? did you at least

seriously? did you at least give it a chance? its really the only comedy i find funny at this point(not counting cartoons. Simpsons never get old.) on network tv. i miss Arrested Development.

I was really excited about it when it came out

but I watched the first two episodes and it really turned me off. I'm willing to give it another try... for the sake of 9/11 Truth!

You should watch this one.

You should watch this one. The first time I watched it I got this really weird feeling inside, like it was painfully obvious what the writers' inspiration was for the scene. Afterwards, I really tried to take a step back and see if that's really what it was, or if I just saw that because I am a "conspiracist" (as Popular Mechanics would call me). I went ahead and wrote this blog about it because I really think the scene was purposefully put in there to make a point about false flag attacks. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

Scooby Dooby Doo.... where are you?

Did you guys see the episode of Scooby-Doo where they captured that scary demon ghost who was haunting the amusement park.... and then they pulled the mask off and it was old man Silverstein.... who was trying to cash in on his "Paranormal" insurance policy?

And he would have pulled it off too.....if it weren't for them darn kids and their talking dog

you ever get weird captcha validations?

mine this time is "jajmes"..... weird