BBC Newsnight Report on the CIA Assassination of Bobby Kennedy

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Report begins around 15 mins into the broadcast;

The Plot to Kill Robert

^ Cheers dude. It's just so

^ Cheers dude. It's just so blatantly fucked up if you think about it because you've got JFK, Malcolm X, MLK and then RFK all within like months of each other. It was such an obvious campaign to knock out the powerful voices of dissent IMO. And then a bit later there was John Lennon, his assassin might have just been a nutcase but who knows, he definitely did Nixon a favour either way;

The U.S. vs John Lennon

yeah, its too bad Emilio

yeah, its too bad Emilio Estevez punked out and stuck to the "official version" of the killing in his movie. i was looking forward to that movie, but not so much now that i know its no Oliver Stone-JFK type stuff.