Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth - 12/16/2006

Join the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth

On December 16th, the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party we come together as American Patriots, and Citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to demand the Truth of the events of 9/11. We reject the Kean Commission's failure to address the numerous, critically important outstanding questions of 9/11. The Commission's failure deliberately obscures the truth of 9-11-01. In addition The Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee Investigation - itself was held in secret - with poor access to official documents - was then heavily redacted and censored. The Kean commission's "evidence" was built on classified reports, while whistle blowers' testimony was never entered, family steering committee questions were ignored and Commission Director Zelikow's conflicts of interest were not addressed.

For these and many more reasons, we cast this book of DECEIT into the Boston Harbor. Join us in carrying out our patriotic duty to REJECT THE TYRANNY OF LIES AND OMISIONS. We deem this work to be TREASON INK!: The 9/11 "Omission" Report is not worthy of respect, not worthy of the founding ideals of our nation and therefore it should be drowned in the mighty sea of Truth!

Join us for the Boston Tea Party for 9/11 Truth!

Saturday, December 16th, 2006
Gather at 11:30AM Sam Adams Park
12 noon — Proclamation, addresses
1:50 pm — Parade to Boston Harbor
3:30PM — press conference
Dumping of the 9/11 Commission Report

- Thanks everyone who sent this in!

Hey anyone, what happened

Hey anyone, what happened to the new pentagon tape that was going to be released? The

The planned release date of this video is December 21, 2006. The reason given is that the FBI is moving its FOIA function to Winchester, Virginia and its video equipment is currently being reassembled there. This is the reason given.

Wow, that must be some

Wow, that must be some special tape, innit? Can only be doctored--I mean released--on it's own special spooky video equipment.

Yeah, we buy this. Sure.

Arrogant bastards.


project day lily/9/11 truth

learned this based on garth nicolsons research, hes a phd in molecular biology and treated and investigated gulf war syndrome. He found high rates of a bacteria called mycoplasma probably from contaminated vaccines. he has peer reviewed papers proving this at

hes written a book , project day lily (google it if you want) on how a rogue network of criminals delibrately spread it through the population causing a a slow emerging epidemic of "chronic fatigue syndrome" gulf war illness, lupus, aids etc

at the 1990 aids conference the co discoverer of aids said mycoplasmas are the real cause of aids, not hiv. ( Dr.luc montagieur ) he was ignored as usual by the media

All my life i belived hiv was this deadly virus until i saw this video which is free on google video.

it brought up many good points, like hiv only infects 1 out 1000 t cells, when injected in monkeys the monkeys are fine, when monkeys are injected w/ mycoplasma they die within a year.....what causes aids?......many different things depending on your circumstances ,azt , The most toxic drug ever, mycoplasma, drug use, it depends i guess. thats just my theory. look into it and decide for yourself, thanks

Declaration of Independence

My friend, The Voice (see my blog for previous guest entries) wrote a song that starts out:

Its party time
We've got the tea
Time for peaceful revolution

They want us to fight for their profitability
But I won't kill for Chevron (or Halliburton)

They say we need more troops and bombs
'Cause we've got to stop the bad guys

They cook intelligence and fly false flags
But we've caught on to The Big Lie

I'll post the whole thing at

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Who's "we", you and your friends at the pentagon?

You probably don't belive in hell... but you will belive it...

.... while you will be burning there for eternity.
have fun as long as you can.... you will get what you deserve.

all they got left

Yeah, we all know you go to hell for asking questions!
Skeptical?! TO HELL WITH YOU!!!
Damn, you know we're winning when they start saying we're going to hell. It's all they have left!
"you're a nutjob!"
"you hate jews!"
"errr...God hates you! You're going to Hell!"

haha its all they got left!!!

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what is the truth?

I don't understand your points anyway. You have nothing to say or contribute. If youd, write something we can understand, kthxbi

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actually i know of 10 structural engineers who are neutral to 9/11 Truth who believe that it was a controlled demolition 100%.
You lose again.
But I suppose they are evil structural engineers who are manipulating the truth, right?

Show "No you don't. If you did," by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

So, by your logic, if it's

So, by your logic, if it's releveant to the debate and I say I know 10 of x-type of person, I can prove that by what? Rattleing their names? Doesn't that just prove I can think up 10 random names on cue?

But while your here, since you sound so knowledgable about structural engineering and all--I taking this as a reference to the collapse of WTC 1,2 &7--could you please show us where, in the NIST report, that it explains the mechanism for total,simultaneous structural failure that would be required to cause these massive buildings to collapse so quickly?

I asked someone this about a week ago and they never gave an answer or link... as if they were here JUST to start trouble.

You're not here to start trouble, are you?

Show "No one lies like the" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

Catch that?

(edited for taste)

Ezra says-"Because if I

Ezra says-"Because if I don't... who will?". you must not have too much faith in your government if you feel like you have an obligation to "stand for the truth". whats your motivation Ezra? honestly. what do you get out of this? need a friend buddy? maybe a hobby? what do you HONESTLY get out of being here? can you answer that simple question? is that too much to ask?

You realize, chum, that a)

You realize, chum, that a) you didnt answer my question and b) you dont have to be here to STAND FOR THE TRUTH.(dramatic music).

Let me walk you through this: If we truthers are all wrong--nothing bad will happen. We"ll just be another wacky fringe group. No harm, no foul.

But if the official story is wrong and we"re right, that means criminals are getting away with murder and will probably murder again. Harm, foul.

So, if we"re wrong and we talk about it, and no one challenges us, NO ONE ELSE WILL DIE AS A RESULT. So, no, you don"t NEED to be here.

But if we"re right and we dont talk about it, MORE PEOPLE MAY DIE AS A RESULT.

This is basic risk\ benefit. If we"re wrong, no one dies, but if we"re right we have ALOT of work ahead.

So stop using "THE TRUTH" as an excuse to come here and cause trouble.

And, since you didnt answer the NIST question, I can only assume you ARE here to cause trouble, sunshine.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

Col. Sparks, I'll share a rhetorical foxhole with you anytime

Thanks for asking the question and saving me the time.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Nobody can refute this

How the WTC towers were demolished

Just try, disinfoman. LOL!

Hey buddy, where'd you go?

Hey buddy, where'd you go? Now that we've got some names, you're not done, are you? That's what I love about gov't shills...confront them with something they don't like, and they simply leave. We actually have the ability to confront, deal with, analyze, and be objective about things we find erroneous.

The mistake idiots like this make is thinking that we WANT to beleive that the gov't perpetrated this attack. I personally would love to beleive that some crazy Muslims funded by Osama bin Laden blew up the twin towers. It would make living in this country a lot easier. However, as we all know, this movement is incredible because when one actually does the slightest bit of real research, the facts themselves jump off the page. It takes work to be a truther. It also takes a willingness to have one's own idea of what it means to be an American challenged. I used to be a Bush supporter - I waited eagerly for the bombing of both Afghanistan and Iraq. I beleived that evil Islamists really wanted to kill us because they hated our American way of life. The truth, however, has set me free. Fools like this poster are simply unwilling to come out of their cozy worldview and admit that the U.S., just like every other major power in history, is fully capable of abusing its own people to further a given agenda. Pathetic national/ethno-centricism. Oh well, he seems to be gone now.

I'll be there on the 16th. Let's bring some digital cameras in case BPD decides theey aren't happy with us. Also, to any fellow Boston-area students out there - start to blanket your campuses...I'll be distributing event information and 9/11 kits around Northeastern until the 16th. Good luck everyone, I'll see you there.

Show "All you need is evidence. Get real, come back down to Earth" by Anonymous (not verified)

To put it simply, you're a

To put it simply, you're a god damn moron. No proof? That is fucking laughable. WTC7 - not hit by a plane, not really on fire, collapses at free-fall speed; Norman Mineta's sworn testimony about Cheney and the Pentagon plane; Warnings given to SF Mayor and Isrealis working in NY; the fact that NO steel framed strucutre has EVER collapsed due to fire before 9.11.01...the list goes on and on, and I certainly don't need to rattle off more points on a site like this.

Keep diluding yourself you gov't-loving pig. To make logical arguments or try to use actual fact on your side would be understandable, but your assertions are both baseless and idiotic. THE ONLY REASON THIS MOVEMENT EXISTS IS THAT THE PROOF OF GOVT INVOLVEMENT IS SO EXPLICICT.

Get off this site, go pray to a carboard cutout of W, then re-examine the real reasons you disagree with us - YOU ARE TO SCARED OR PROUD TO ALLOW FOR THE POSSIBILITY THAT "YOUR" COUNTRY WOULD DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS. Grow up and do some actual research before you fill this site with crap again.

Show "Where\'s your proof?" by Anonymous (not verified)

I smell desperation setting in!

Comments such as these make me smile. Because if this is the level of counterargument that the remaining adherents to the offical lie are using, then the growing numbers of people that I talk to in the streets are not going to hesitate before accepting the reality that we are revealing to them.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


Show "You have already admitted your desperation, RT" by Anonymous (not verified)

So You Negative ratio pointers Anon and Ezra...

So where is your truth? Lets see... it sits on the side of deception and coverups...and the eradication of civil rights. Now can you prove that' s not true? Perhaps you all want more extreme torture methods, while the Patriot Act remains on the law books,and to keep imagining that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq prior to the pre-emptive strike in 2003.
Oh yeah, there are weapons of mass destruction there now with all that depleted uranium We used.
You call us twoofers,so that must mean you are on the side of the wiars.

Main Vein

If these insurgents and terrorists are so sophisticated and so dilligent in their cause why have they not attacked our main vein.....

Remember in the first Gulf War.... all of the burning oil wells.... Why have they not attacked a single oil well? I mean if they wanted to hit all us freedom loving Americans where it hurts.

Who's really pushing the buttons?.... who really controls Iraq's oil?

So you're calling me a

So you're calling me a liar?
I could just name 10 names.
I'm saying i know PERSONALLY 10 Structural Engineers who just live in my area who don't even care about 9/11 truth. (Well, actually, a few of them are on my side, I admit.) But most of them are totally neutral. And it's not's more like 8. But STILL!
I also know of a few that I've heard speak who I don't know personally who totally know about 9/11 being an inside job.

Now for each structural engineer YOU give me, I'll counter with one that believes its a controlled demolition.

Go ahead, lets start!

Jörg Schneider and Hugo

Jörg Schneider and Hugo Bachmann (both professors emeritus of structural design and engineering in switzerland), as well as Jeff King (MIT educated structural engineer). Go see what THEY have to say about building 7.

Show "Jeff King isn't any kind of" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

Poor Ignorant Ezra

You mean this Jeff King?

I can see why you are in such total denial of the facts when you are incapable of comprehending something as simple as this.

Sadly far too many Americans are every bit as ignorant as you.

Got a name; good move.

Got a name; good move.

Cass. is itching to go through the Sesame street roster. Dangerous times to be an anonymous troll.

Now work on getting a brain, love.

Or, better yet, LEAVE.


Don't you understand that stupid is as stupid does?

Dear Government,

I would rather go against an intelligent shrill than a retarded shril.


Dear Government:

Suck eggs.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.


What are you talking about?

It's an expression....

.. but dumbed-down if I have to explain it. However I will for the sake of our younger readers.

"Go suck eggs": "Go away you ninny dim-wit, and do something equally idiotic (what the U.S. government is doing now) but maybe less harmful to others".

I was voicing support to the Anon poster who first wrote the "Dear Government:".

Get it? Cool.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Ezra Taft Benson:

"living in a sweatsuit, fed by others, and incapable of recognizing others or speaking coherently"

No wonder you are of fan of his! Though, he'd probably be ashamed to know the likes of you are representing his name.

Attacking a sick dying old

Attacking a sick dying old man is exactly what I'd expect from someone
who supports the "right" of afghan men to beat thier wives and daughters
to death for the "crime" of learning to read.

I'm also a huge Ronald Reagan fan and his waning years were no bed
of roses either. But men did great things in thier lives and deserve to be
remembered for them.

The sad fact for you, is that Benson would never tolerate americans siding
with an enemy who has sworn to destroy his religion and spread lies on
that enemys behalf while america is at war.

President Benson may have passed on, but I know he is on my side still
and always will be.

Because I believe in the truth.

What a great idea...

I'd go if I could, this is exactly the right kind of spirit I think, having a celebration of being free from the lie, very inspirational stuff, particularly with the historical overtones.

Yeah, me too. I'm stuck on

Yeah, me too. I'm stuck on the wrong coast--though you never know. Things could liven up.

We are considering doing a Tea Party in SF, are you interested?

On the water, Aquatic Park perhaps, the 16th is a Saturday, it should be big fun.

If we do something it will be posted at the Northern California 911 Truth Alliance site and I will post it here, too.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Be well.

Thanks for the invite, chum,

Thanks for the invite, chum, but no can do. I'm in Portland, Or, AND in the middle desperately making ends meet.(I'm a working artist, among other things).

The only activism I can commit to is my Hundred Day letter campaign -every day, starting probaly next month, I send Pelosi a letter until impeachment proceedings start. No, I don't expect a direct response, but I do know how word of mouth works--if it goes on long enough someone might talk to someone else about this nut that keeps writing(snail mail writing, not email) EVERYDAY, calling for impeachment.

Anyway, still working out the bugs in that before I commit. You go on, DO YOUR TEA PARTY. Seriously. I'll be checking your site for posts.

Have fun.

"Bugger this; I want a better world."

I'm interested

Let's decide soon though, so we can spread the word.

I'm promoting the hell out of the Boston one. 

Now that's rich...

I love it!

-Chris Rose

BuzzFlash Trash

Apologies for being off-topic:

Here is a new comment from the losers at BuzzFlash:

"Vote on Stories on! Update: The Leader of the Cultists who are trying to hijack (you can tell who they are by their redundant, unrelenting complaints about in the comments section, their gang voting on stories, their mark down of legitimate stories, and their referrals to their sub-cult leader's website and other cult sites) actually called the editor of on a Sunday morning at home to verbally assault him for banning him from the site! We've got some real kooks here. We don't know this guy personally from Adam -- and he calls the editor out of the blue at home on a Sunday to try and intimidate him (twice, we might add)! They are obsessed with unraveling 9/11 as the key to "enlightenment" about the "new world order," believe that Israel was behind 9/11 (Jews control the world banking system is the subtext for them), and have many other obsessions that are LaRouchian in nature. (Did you know the CIA Killed Bobby Kennedy? Well, THEY Know) We have taken the step of starting to zap their articles -- and next we will remove them if they continue to write repetitive attacks on the site in the comments. Thus far, thanks to your help, they are failing to achieve their goal of taking over through accumulating strong voting power. Please go over and vote on sane stories. is close to being a great success, but the LaRouchies continue to come back, after continuously threatening to leave. It's like swatting flies in a barn filled with cow manure."

"Jews" were not behind 911

"Jews" were not behind 911 (you need to update your shrill). The Israeli government works for America, yes, but "Jews"? No!

The prince in Saudi Arabia yes maybe. We all know George Bush Incorporated is Saudi's bitch.

(Did you know the CIA Killed

(Did you know the CIA Killed Bobby Kennedy? Well, THEY Know)

yes, anyone with half a brain can come to that conclusion:

Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy?
In 1968, Robert Kennedy seemed likely to follow his brother, John, into the White House. Then, on June 6, he was assassinated - apparently by a lone gunman. But Shane O'Sullivan says he has evidence implicating three CIA agents in the murder

Shane O'Sullivan
London Guardian
Monday, November 20, 2006

the London Gurdian isnt

the London Gurdian isnt exactly some fringe website, its Englands second biggest paper.

CIA killed...

JFK, JFKjr., Bobby Kennedy, Mel Carnahan, Paul Wellstone...good democrats are hard to find because they end up 6 feet under. Obama needs to watch his tail.

Excellent idea! I will

Excellent idea! I will definitely be there. It's the best time to spread the word around while everyone's christmas shopping in boston. There's usually a mob around that time of the year.

The only thing I'm concerned about is the big fines for toxic waste dumping in boston harbor.

BBC Newsnight Report on the

BBC Newsnight Report on the CIA Assassination of Bobby Kennedy

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

This draft talk is getting serious

Our volunteer military is in such a debilitated shape that we'll need to implement a draft very soon. No deferments for college boys, & age limits up to 41 years old this time. Better to start preparing for this now, we'll be deploying for the “final push” in Iraq, & onward to Iran in the near future.

Ohhhh Canadaaaaa

A draft may be the very thing that ends the war on terror. I think that's what they're pushing for with this bill.

Vancouver's quite mild.

Vancouver's quite mild. ;)

Good weed too.

Canada welcomes you!

But I would prefer you stayed home and made a difference. :)

Economy Blues

They are goig to need a reason to blame the faltering economy.... I thought they were going to put a woman in the White House then blame it on her but it seems that they can't wait that long.

That and it's a better way to round up all the younger "Truthers" without causing a big stir in the media.

You think a draft will awaken the people in this country?

"Citizens of the new United

"Citizens of the new United States inaugurated the Republic by struggling over the meanings of the Revolution. Many saw it as a past event, successful and wholly complete. Others could not understand why they did not feel free. The former groups thought it necessary to contain any leftover rebellious impulses, while the latter concluded that still more rebellion might in fact be required.

Post-Independence uprisings came quickly, and they often maintained revolu- tionary traditions of Indian disguise. In October 1791, for example, Hudson valley tenant farmers chased the Columbia County sheriff, Cornelius Hoge- boom, from a farm property being auctioned to pay rent that had fallen into arrears. A few days later, when Hogeboom made a second attempt to seize the land, "seventeen men painted and in Indian dress sallied forth from the barn, fired, and marched after them keeping up a constant firing." Sheriff Hogeboom assumed that the men only wished to frighten his party and so let one of the Indians ride up close. The masked man shot and killed him. Rebellion and riot over rents and manorial holdings in the Hudson valley continued for the next fifty years, providing Cooper with literary grist for The Redskin.

The Revolution had been the work of both educated elites and the often riot- prone groups of sailors, workers, and small farmers who had borne much of the military burden. In the rebellion's aftermath, intellectual and economic leaders tended to move easily from philosophizing and merchandising to practical governing. Artisans, mechanics, and farmers found the shift from oppositional rebel to sacrificing citizen more difficult. They had fought and died for a free- dom largely defined by repetitive assertions that the British Empire had unfairly restricted their personal and societal liberty. Many had rallied around Tammany, using Indian costume to claim unconstrained freedom as an essential American quality, a customary right inherent in the land itself. In the Republic, however, the line between personal freedom and anarchy proved to be extremely fine. Lacking access to the corridors of nascent government power, many people continued to view attempts-like that of Cornelius Hogeboom-to organize society, generate revenue, and rearticulate pre- and post-Revolution property status as hostile encroachments on a personal freedom conceived to be almost bounless...

The Revolution itself gave playing Indian even greater evocative power, for now the practice turned on an established history. In addition to its connotations of aboriginal freedom, Indianness might also evoke the Boston Tea Party, the Philadelphia patriots, and wartime military celebrations. When they donned their costumes, the injins who shot the sheriff sought legitimation in the collec- tive memory of the Revolution while, at the same time, suggesting that the true revolution was yet to come...

"Playing Indian"


That's when we need to impeach. If this administration thinks it is going to take more young boys and girls to stop the civil war it created out of lies and to make sure there is no breach in the multi-million/billion dollar contracts to the companies that are over there, it needs to think again. On the other hand, a draft may be a good may cause a civil war in this country and maybe Bush Corp. will actually see how much they are hated. Remember we are also dealing with baby-boomer babies...hippie parents who protested Vietnam. Now they are going to send their children to Iraq-Nam? I don't think so. People will storm the White House and oust Bush's ass before there is a draft. I personally would rather see a thousand more Iraqi's dead due to their own civil unrest than to see another innocent American child die trying to save Iraq. Bush Corp. needs to be brought to trial for the chaos they created for profit...and to quote Gore to The Hague in chains.

"I personally would rather

"I personally would rather see a thousand more Iraqi's dead due to their own civil unrest than to see another innocent American child die trying to save Iraq."

You stupid cunt. Sorry for the language but there's no other word to describe a sniveling little worm like yourself.

You'd "rather see a thousand more Iraqis dead" eh?

Newsflash dipshit: your country has already killed over 2 million Iraqis in the last decade. YOUR GOVERNMENT -- for which YOU are responsible -- put Saddam in power. YOUR GOVERNMENT said that half a million babes dead of starvation was cool (M. Albreight.)

Newsflash part deux: young morons who fly over to the desert and blow up babies are not "innocent".

You're the worst type of man (or whatever sub-species you are)

If there is any justice, if there is a hell, rest assured, you'll be there ;)

This is the height of

This is the height of barbarity.

I wouldn't think it possible except in a fascist society, which I guess Amerika now is.

I go over to your house, kill your wife and children, poison their descendents, and then when someone in the basement fires back, it's their fault.

They should preserve your brain in pickle-juice you prick.

trying to figure out

I'm trying to figure out what Draft Anon said that sounded so off, Danse?

The continuation of Iraq deaths, if only at the hands of Iraqis, would be a deeply unfortunate future.... but surely less reprehensible for the West and whatever remains of the American republic. No? We have no legitimate "business" there, and even less reason the have our boot upon their neck, "trying to build the peace". No?


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

We have no legitimate

We have no legitimate "business" there, and even less reason the have our boot upon their neck, "trying to build the peace". No?"

Of course. Obviously, that wasn't what I objected to. I objected to the implication that Iraqis are "savages" killing each other and that they should THANK the west for interceding.

Without the west, they'd all be dead by now - uh yeah.

Moreover, American lives are worth (one, in fact) far more than a million brown Iraqi savages.

That's the gist, and that's why I objected.


You are a stupid fuck Danse. Can't you read? Our government is destroying Iraq. They should be hung for what they did. BUT sending more innocent troops to defend Halliburton is not the answer. Iraq needed a civil war years before we were there. Sending more troops in to "maintain stability" is absolutely insane...and FUCK YOU AGAIN DANSE YOU STUPID FUCKING MORON! I pity these people in Iraq! I hate seeing their children murdered! I hate what we have done to these people! But sending OUR INNOCENT CHILDREN TO BUSH'S SLAUGHTER IN IRAQ SOLVES NOTHING! WE NEED AN IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWL OFTROOPS!

I guess I should add, in

I guess I should add, in closing, and by way of prologue, that many three headed babies will be born in Iraq in the years to come thanks to the gift of DU! I seem to recall, also, a young boy with a penis growing out of his head. You can use these "monsters" on television shows alongside Britney and Michael and P. Sajak. Hell, where there's devestation, there's opportunity.

With any luck, there will be a whole new generation of freaks to utilize for advertising purposees (!); and when the freaks die, we can milk them for precious chemicals to be used for soda pop cans.

Well done, Americans :)

sorry Erin, just depressed

sorry Erin, just depressed at the whole affair.

The quote "I'd rather" appears clearly. read it again.

Here you go Erin: "I

Here you go Erin:

"I personally would rather see a thousand more Iraqi's dead due to their own civil unrest"

Show "I understand your pain," by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

no need to bring up the "true" path of Allah.

I suspect "Christians", and "Jews" enjoy similar stats.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Show "According to the documentary" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

ah, the coward reveals his

ah, the coward reveals his true source of ignorance. blind, gullible racism. and of course fear. i know that muslims scare the shit out of you because you swallow all propaganda thats shoved down your throat, but i can assure you that most real muslims are really no more scary than your average christian zealot. turn off the Fox and CNN and crack a few history books, you dont have to stay brainwashed forever ya gullible little coward.

Tell me this isn't the ADL

Tell me this isn't the ADL workin' overtime. This is so fucking stupid.

By inserting anti-semitism into the debate you encourage anti-semitism. Do you realize that?

No, I don't suppose you do.

The real, shocking truth is that crime has no color or creed, no one actually cares if one of the perps is a Zionist -- again -- no one cares!

Yes, righteous people are opposed to Zionism, just as righteous people were opposed to Apartheid, but what do you expect?

This site is run by a Jewish person who happens to place humanity above silly tribal nonsense.

Believe it or not, most people have evolved beyond race. It happened, oh I don't know, about a hundred years ago.

No one is trying to blame "Jews"; ok, a few people are, but they do not represent the truth movement.

Take a good look around. I think you'll find that about 000.1 percent of truthers are "racist".

truth, freedom, and all that.

I understand your pain,

I understand your pain, Danse.

6 billion people on earth and only 1.2 billion pledge thier loyalty to Allah.""


Paranoid much?

Actually I'm rather secular, which isn't to say I'm a base materialist, but I pledge no allegience to any religion.

Wow, you're seriously disturbed.

You should check yourself into the nearest loony bin -- for the good of yourself as well as society.


Why do we even patronize this guy. He's obviously on here just to get us riled up.
Once he gets destroyed on one topic he jumps to another.
Notice how he's the only guy who ever disagrees with us?
He loves the attention.
Who cares about him...look at EVERY single one of his posts. I'd say about 5% have anything to do with 9/11 and the evidence. He's like Mancow and them, he just spouts off with anger cuz he's so mad his perfect world is being thrown out of whack.
He wants to think the enemy is a completely different person then him, hating women and living in caves plotting on how to kill Americans.
You think the people of Islam really want Americans DEAD? Maybe the millionaire, insane clerics that run the countries (that we put into place, might I add) but not the people.
It would be like saying Bush speaks for Americans.

Show "Someone who believes that" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)
Show "When you're not accusing me" by Ezra Taft Benson Fan (not verified)

Yeah sure. -Get a life!

"Killtown" is anti-Zionist, not anti-Jew. Otherwise, why would he be so highly regarded by the 911 Science & Justice Alliance, and absolutely all of the rest of us 'Jew-lovers' on Webfairy & Pup's original list?

Yesterday, I read some tidbit from Israel, where this dude is pleading for the public to support him in his call to reinstate the "Zionist" -cause. Naturally, most of us wouldn't have understood how passionately some feel about their ancestorial lineage. To their ears, what he was saying was, let's be faithful 'Israelites!' But I had to chuckle, because it also said "look at how ignorant I am, to much of the rest of humanity." He was complaining about how everyone is fleeing the 'red-zone.'

In-kind, BoyGeorge reiterated how we must now attack Iran, -for Peace in the middle-east. All of the American Jews that I know are peace-loving humanists. And are very dismayed by the current 'leadership' in Israel.

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KKKilltown is a holocaust

KKKilltown is a holocaust denier:

RicKKK Ratjer is mentioned prominently in this paper by Steven Jihadistan Jones on page 36:

RicKKK Ratjer gives his opinions on jews here:
(WARNING graphic bloody photos, extreme hate content)

"These were the words spoken by Jesus of Nazareth, who spent 3 years of his life warring against the leaders of what was at that time the Jewish agenda. When asked by his followers what the signs would be that would usher in the final battle between good and evil, he warned of the 'abomination of desolation' sitting in the 'holy place'. What could be more of an abomination than this creature known as the state of Israel and all the evil it has caused since its inception a century ago? What could be more of an affront to the goodness of God than that the evil, inhuman and vicious ideology known as Judaism take root in the land that was made holy by the life, death and resurrection of this innocent man named Jesus of Nazareth?"

- Scholars for Truth member, RicKKK Ratjer

Both Herr Ratjer and Herr KKKilltown are violent sociopaths who exhibit extreme
prejudice and hatred towards identifiable ethnic and religious minorities. Specifically
the jews.

And they ARE the truth about the "truth" movement.