Dems plans for 2007: Reinstitute the Draft

By Bob Dart, Cox Washington Bureau, Published on: 11/21/06

Washington —- "A leading member of the new Democratic majority in the House is calling for resuming the draft to spread the burden of military service across society —- a gap that Congress itself illustrates."

"When the Democrats take over Congress in January, Rangel said, he will introduce legislation to reinstate a draft for all young Americans".

See article here:

My prediction: Rangel introduces the draft, Pelosi counters with “national service”: a draft for everyone. Bad cop, good cop.

Protest the war? Hell no son, you’re going to fight in the war. I here Iran is beautiful in the springtime.

Reminds me of an old folk saying: “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining”

It may be worth noting that

It may be worth noting that Rangel made this same proposal a while back. The intention was to force a discussion on the war in Iraq, not to impose the draft..

His last bill on the draft was voted down 400 something to 2, and he voted against it himself.

Minus something massive --

Minus something massive -- like a nuclear or bio attack -- it would never work; even then, I don't think a great deal of Americans would be willing to put their lives on the line for the neocons.

This is the main lesson the "wise men" learned from Vietnam. Unless you want mass upheavel in the home country, stick to a volunteer army.

A second option is to allow prisoners to serve rather than go to jail, and to "contract out" military service to third world countries, immigrants and high-paying mercenaries a la blackwater.

Mercenaries amaze me. That there are apparently lots of people in this society willing to kill babies for shits, giggles and a little cash. If you think it's "natural" think again: anthropoligists have described tribes that "once had a war so horrible that one person died". The uncivilized Australian Aboriginees think violence is stupid.

Agree with you mostly. Will

Agree with you mostly.

Will add though, people who find being a mercenary "romantic"(I was one of these people) are mostly uniformed. All those merc magazines selling adventure never tell you what you have to do in this lifestyle; you think its fighting and, yes, killing, but "for a good cause". Like protecting people. Ha, ha, ha. And once you"re in...

No, I never did anything evil when I served, but you can feel the MASSIVE pressure to conform even in peace time--and in wartime, if that means torturing and raping prisoners, hello, Abu Graib.

This is the best non-pacifist argument against the draft--forcing people into hell, given time it WILL turn many --those who didnt have alot of reasources and options to begin with--into monsters. And those monsters will come back and do god knows what to their spouses and children.

Well, innit a cheerful thread here?

Are you willing to trust world peace to Mercenaries?

I've heard that the US has been paying Mercenaries for years. I understand the the "hijackers" were paid to play the "roles" of hijackers on 9/11/01.
Mohammed Atta received his payment from the head of the Pakistan secret police and the the head of the Pakistan Secret Police had breakfast with someone in the US CIA on 9/11/01.

Pakistani ISI Director General Mahmoud Ahmad had breakfast

on 9/11/01 with Senator Bob Graham and Rep. Porter Goss, the Chairmen of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees. Goss is also VP Cheney's godson.

It was reported in India and then confimed by the FBI that Gen. Ahmad ordered Saeed Sheikh to wire transfer the $100,000 to Atta. Saeed Sheikh is said to have kidnapped and beheaded reporter Daniel Pearl, who was investigating the links between the ISI and al-Qaeda.

Gen. Ahmad was meeting with CIA and other U.S. intelligence officials on Sept.4-9. On Sept.9, in Afghanistan, the leader of the Afghan Northern Alliance, General Massood, was assassinated. General Massood was the only strong national Afghan leader opposed to both the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

Gen. Ahmad also met with Richard Armitage and Colin Powell at the State Dept. on Sept. 12-13.

On 9/13/01 Sen. Biden met with Gen. Ahmad.

It is interesting to note that NSC head Condoleezza Rice strongly denied meeting with the ISI head in a press conference on Sept. 16 and that the official WH transcript of that press conference omits Gen. Ahmad's name.

There are literally thousands of very interesting facts regarding the events of 9/11/01 if one is willing to look.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I agree with you, but

I do think Rangel is part of a larger plan to pit "the draft" against "national service".
Look at what Pelosi had to say: "It's not about a draft. It's about shared sacrifice in our country"

What does that mean?

Look at what Pelosi had to

Look at what Pelosi had to say: "It's not about a draft. It's about shared sacrifice in our country"

I admit that's very creepy. Surely these nuts aren't so delusional as to think the average American will suit up and fly over to Iran? surely they haven't forgetten the Trilateral Commission's recommendations? To never again awaken the sleeping dragon and risk the spirit of fire and democracy such as took place in the 60's?

Do they WANT revolt? Are they itching to try out their new less-than-lethal weapons on the home population? Do they think there are enough drooling zombies to fall in line?

I just don't see it. I think it's a bluff: a lame attempt by demorats to take a contrary position to Repugs by outflanking them to the right rather than enacting the people's will (anything but!)

I agree on the positioning.

 And with "Surely these nuts aren't so delusional as to think the average American will suit up and fly over to Iran?"

However, they will need soldiers. A draft will be to difficult to sell. This is why they will push for "national service". Military service will be an "option".
"See, it's not a draft, you have a choice".


They may not need as many

They may not need as many soldiers as we think. The neocons have been itching to break the nuke taboo. And with the new generation of low fallout fussion bombs that becomes more "sellable", in some quarters.

Still, its six of one and half a dozen of the other for the modern warmonger: do we risk domestic revolt with a draft or do we risk a hundred years of sanctions from the rest of the western world for nuking towel-heads in caves?

Decisions, decisions...

It means that if this

It means that if this country is to go to WAR then every adult should be willing to give their lives for our country, not just those that want a career in the military (and I'm sure 90% of them would want my job if they had the choice). The problem with this country, especially after 9/11, is the "don't worry - keep shopping - the government will take care of it" mentality.

Rangle is right in that the average US citizen doesn't care anymore about sending troops oversees then it does whether the budget is balanced or not.

Put a draft in place and people will start caring. Maybe they will even read the newspaper that's in Walmart while their buying their 50th DVD and 4th T.V.

"It means that if this

"It means that if this country is to go to WAR then every adult should be willing to give their lives for our country"

YOU give your life for your country.

"More dreadful even than the destruction, in my opinion, is the humiliating slavery into which war plunges the individual. Is it not a terrible thing to be forced by the community to do things which every individual regards as abominable crimes?"

- Einstein

What in God's name would possess you to think that anyone should give their lives for a bunch of degenerate plutocrats? To put money in Haliburton's pocket? Based on some nebulous notion of state?

You've been brainwashed into thinking you OWE something to the vampires at the top, the bloodsuckers who send other people's children off to die. Well, off you go then. But in a free society people should not have to kill and be killed for the disgusting power plays of politicians.

If you think otherwise you're nothing more than a fascist.

I could be wrong...

but are you two talking past each other?


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

I was wondering that myself.

I was wondering that myself. That"s often the case when I agree with most of what both are saying. Danse, it looks like they"re saying if there was a draft many people distracted by Britney and Kev, or whatever would get their priorities straightened right quick if they realized they or their spouse\child could be sent off to have their arms and legs blown off.

I dont think they were saying they SHOULD get their arms and legs blown off. Then, I too could be wrong.

One does wonder what it will take to get said people to stop voting against their self-interest.

"Bugger this; I want abetter world."

How very sweet :::0

How very sweet :::0

spelling: "here" should be "hear"

my bad.

It means....

Tax increases.

Mr. Gault,

you write well. There is fire in them there words.

New norwegian Documentary

New norwegian Documentary about the MEDIA in the Iraq war:

The media, as you know are in the hands of the Very Very Rich ...

half dozen media conglomerates are sitting on the windpipe of the first amendment

A good example in a small scale:

Heard of the riots in tonga? You may be interested to know that it was a false flag operation of sorts.

The lazy scum of the local business-elite had a plan. They knew the people want more democracy. And it seems inevitable that they get it, UNLESS ..

the can be shown that these "people" are dangerous and greedy (unlike the business elite, of course) and they "cannot handle" democracy.

The provocators demand a vote in parliament, (which cannot go wrong for the elites, since it is rigged)... and that vote is refused for formal reasons. Now the riots are started with copious amounts of free beer and agant provocateurs smashing windows... of the competition. The shops of the hard-working chinese are looted, people are killed and mamed.

Foreign (white anglo-american capitlaist) armed military are flown in ""to help" keep "order" ....

The old trick ... Business interests walk over dead bodies, and the people are easily misled thanks to a totally one-sided press and Radio/TV (business owned)

Business is good again.

The rich like to always know how much money they have:

Therefore, we must stop the excess of MULTIPLE ABSENTEE OWNERSHIP.

And to stop perps escaping to justice-free-zones ...

Capitalism is bad for your mind. Business florishes when you deceive. Honest, hard work, is also rewarded, but dishonest monstrous crimes are protected, because their uncovering could BRING DOWN THE SYSTEM.

Nice post U2.

Nice post U2.

Yes, good, intel. You can

Yes, good, intel. You can never be too aware of what the bastards are capable of.

In My opinion..Rangel is stupid

Sure, put out a bill to create debate and then later vote against it. Nothing like giving the Repugs some cannon fodder to make John McCain a more presentable presidential candidate...And later on for John Kerry to put his foot in his mouth.
Rangel is now saying lets do it...for debate? I don't care if Pelosi says you have a choice..These people are dumbasses...or more specifically, they are not interested in 9/11 truth, because all they are doing is perpetuating the corporate profits, they are not interested in our peoples lives, they are just trying to water the truth down by using the false war on terrorism to sacrfice more citizens.
I did not vote for anyone that was a Republican just to see the status quo, I voted non-Republican to see some justice.

That Draft Just Won't Blow Away

Despite Democratic disinterest, plans are carefully laid for re-introduction of conscription absent one catalyzing event!

3 cheers for the diet

3 cheers for the diet republicans!
oops i mean the democrats - the bastards, which one are they again - heads or tails?