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please make a post about my website,

the site is redesigned with a great new video intro, and i now feel that it is far and away the best site desgined towards educating people about the basic facts of 9/11. The fact that has an edgey design, will make it appealing to internet audiences who will explore a well designed site. It is the first link on the scholars for 9/11 truth's website, (under the beginner section), yet i feel that many people still do not know about this site. The other website linking on is 911proof. I think that my site should be used as a central resource for the 9/11 Truth Movement, because i have links all the other good sites, all the movies, videos, and properly cited information. If we get people talking about this site, and spamming everywhere they go when they talk about 9/11, then this site could really take hold over the internet. This movement has failed to come up with a central site to send people to learn about 9/11. 9/11 blogger is great for news, is great for looking at new research and stuff, but what site is good to just educate people? i think has become the central site (south park thought so at least) but in my opinion, that site totally sucks balls. It's got some good stuff in there, but if you go to that site not knowing anything about 9/11, you wouldn't know where to start. they sell all sorts of stuff and ask for donations. On my site, everything is totally free, there's no adds, i don't make any money from it. I don't have any alternative interests into supporting one movie over another, or anything like that. This site could make a difference. Also, even people who have been looking into 9/11 for a long time, will find stuff on my site that they havn't seen before. I now have a list of 35 full movies to watch off google video. I'm trying to put all the evidence i can find up on the site, but it's difficult to do it by myself. If people start sending in information that is cited with references, then the site will soon have all the information that is needed to show people that 9/11 was an inside job. So please, let's make a site that we can all support and start getting the word out.

looks good.. you may want to

looks good.. you may want to cut down the size of your flash movie though.. it takes upwards of a minute even on cable/dsl, so any modem users (yes they still do exist in large areas) would never see it (unless they waited 5-10 minutes).

keep up the hard work!

I agree with the first reply.

Reduce the size of the opening flash movie.

Really nice site. Agree

Really nice site. Agree with reducing movie size.

More to add.

You gotta add under "other" that several wargames were going on during the attacks, that a guy who wired $100,000 to Atta was on Capitol Hill on the morning of 9/11, and that Sibel Edmonds, a whistleblower who likely knows about the financing, is being gagged.

good call... i've been

good call... i've been meaning to add stuff about the war games... i'll put that stuff on my to do list... if anyone wants to help me out, by finding putting all the information together with sources, that'd be wicked, otherwise, i'll try and get around to doing it myself.

very well made site, but...

no Dancing Israelis? People LOVE the Dancing Israelis. And the fact that the FBI admitted that there were "tie-ins" with the busted Israeli spy ring and 9/11, but that that was classified information.

Even LIHOPPERS point out how odd it is that in several cases the alleged hijackers lived suspiciously near Israeli agents.

Anyway, those are my two cents, but clearly you have a kick ass site nonetheless--great intro music, btw.


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Well done. Thumbs up for not

Well done. Thumbs up for not using the american flag and the statue of liberty in the design. I hate those cliches.

Suggestions: make the links and the text different colors. Now they're the same color and the users have to figure out what is text and what is a link. Also, make visited links another color so that users don't have to remember where they've been...

For more documentaries & videos & movies:

good call... i'll talk to my

good call... i'll talk to my design guy about that and see what he thinks. ya, i've been to that site before, is that your site? i used that to get a bunch of the movies i already have, but there'e s bunch of new ones up there, so i'll have a good time going through some of those... it's crazy how google video doesn't sensor too much... like, what's MallRats doing on google video>??

thanks for all the comments guys, i've got my work cut out for me

Yeah, it's my site. Yup,

Yeah, it's my site. Yup, google video is hosting many new and old movies and documentaries. Sometimes they are taken off immediately and sometimes they left online... it's strange.