ATS 9/11 Conspiracy Survey Results

Thanks to Tim for sending this in: conducted a survey of its members and visitors, asking their opinions of several generalized statements related to the possibility of conspiracies related to the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001. WIth the largest active conspiracy theory discussion board, and over 80,000 daily visitors, represents an interesting slice of "Internet opinion". The survey is by no means a scientific study of general opinions related to 9/11 conspiracies, but a few interesting conclusions have emerged.

We asked our members and guests a series of eight questions that progressively advanced from somewhat mild ideas of a 9/11-related conspiracy, to full-fledged deep conspiracies. As of July 8th, 1,650 respondents have completed the survey, with a near equal mix of regular discussion board members, and unregistered visitors.

Question One: General Conspiracy?

Our first question asked, "Do you believe there are one or more conspiracies related to the events of 9/11/2001?" Three quarters of all respondents indicated they do indeed feel there is some level of conspiracy. The remaining respondents were evenly split between uncertain and believing there are no conspiracies. While at first glance, the large number of respondents believing in conspiracies may seen appropriate for a "conspiracy theory" website, we are somewhat surprised at the relatively small percentage indicating "no". Given the broad reach of, and the high visibility of some "debunking" members, we expected the "no" response to be higher.

Question Two: What Conspiracy?

Our second question asked, "Do you believe the events of 9/11/2001 where perpetrated solely by extremist terrorists?" While 61% of all respondents indicated "no", the typical response of those who follow conspiracy speculation, 21% indicated "yes". This may seem somewhat at odds with the first question. Typical conspiracy theories regarding the 9/11 attacks involve parties other than the "official story" terrorists showcased in the news media. Our next question might explain the nature of the surprising response to second question.

Question Three: A Mild Scandal or Cover-Up?

Our third question asked, "Do you believe persons within the United States government, or government agencies, are covering up foreknowledge of the terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001?" Among all possible conspiracy theories related to 9/11, this most basic of cover-up theories has been the generally "palatable" for many people, and is reflected in the response. Representing our highest score of all questions, 79% of all respondents feel the specific terrorist attacks were anticipated within the U.S. government. Only 9% of all respondents feel that this cover-up theory is unlikely.

Question Four: A Deeper Conspiracy?

Our fourth question asked, "Do you believe persons within the United States government, or government agencies, played any role in aiding, organizing, training, or equipping the terrorist groups and/or individuals who attacked on 9/11/2001?" As we delve into the possibility of deeper conspiracies, the responses reflect a lesser certainty. A common theme among many deeper conspiracy theories is the possibility that the terrorists or terrorist groups were "sponsored" with the objective of initiating the attacks on 9/11. At 58%, more than half of all respondents feel this is a likely common thread related to 9/11 conspiracy theories. The respondents answering "no" and "not certain" are nearly equally split with 22% and 20% respectively.

Question Five: A Deep Government Plot?

Our fifth question asked, "Do you believe persons within the United States government, or government agencies, had direct involvement in making the attacks of 9/11/2001 appear to have been perpetrated by extremist terrorists?" Continuing to move into deeper and more intense conspiracy territory, the responses indicate a slight decrease in certainty. The idea that covert government groups carried out the attacks of 9/11 and positioned evidence to point to extremist Islamic terrorists is not uncommon in many "conspiracy theory circles". However, it represents attributes of the more extreme conspiracy speculations. A smaller slice of respondents indicated "not certain", and the "no" responses increased to 26%. However, the majority believe this may be true as 56% responded "yes" to this concept.

Question Six: The Unthinkable?

Our sixth question asked, "Do you believe persons within the United States government, or government agencies, organized a controlled demolition of the World Trade Center buildings (including WTC7) in concert with the passenger airline collisions?" Because of the nature of the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, a popular theory among the most intense conspiracies involves the possibility of a pre-planned controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers. While this theory is supported by an amazing number of websites with a staggering degree of detail, exactly half of all respondents agree with this extreme theory.

Question Seven: Deep Conspiracies and Deep Deception?

Our seventh question asked, "Do you believe persons within the United States government, or government agencies, organized a missile strike on the Pentagon and fabricated evidence to make it appear as though a 757 struck the building?" The responses to this question surprised us more than any other. Perhaps the most visible, most discussed, and most examined conspiracy theory surrounding 9/11 is the concept that a cruise missile (or other munition) caused the damage at the Pentagon. However, the responses to this question represents a startling statistical dead heat, with no conclusive answer.

Question Eight: Is The Conspiracy Still Under Way?

Our eighth and final question asked, "Do you believe persons within the United States government, or government agencies, are planning future events designed to appear as terrorist attacks?" The most popular reoccurring idea among all conspiracy theories related to 9/11, from mild to extreme, is that the events support the need for a war economy, culture of government secrecy, and the rise of the "police state" in response to the "war on terrorism". An extension of these theories is the need for a continued enemy in the form of terrorism and future staged terrorist threats or attacks. More than half of all respondents agree while only 21% disagree with the idea that orchestrated terrorist events will occur in the future.

Preliminary Conclusions

While these questions represent only general ideas and are asked of visitors to a conspiracy theory website, we can safely conclude the following statement:
"A majority of the survey respondents believe in a moderate degree of conspiratorial complicity from cover-up to direct involvement by factions within the United States Government, or government agencies, in the terrorist attacks of 9/11."

Certainly, such a statement is not a surprise. However, on the surface many of the more popular discussion threads on appear to involve a more balanced outlook, or in some cases, a degree of "conspiracy debunking". While the tone of some discussions may seem as though deep conspiracies are not generally supported, it's clear that this survey indicates a deep belief in a serious conspiracy by the members and visitors of

Funny thing is, even if you

Funny thing is, even if you buy the official lie hook line and sinker, people should still vote Yes to question #1 regarding whether or not the events of 9/11 were a conspiracy.  By definition, 9/11 was a conspiracy regardless of who pulled it off.

That just shows you to what extent that people have been brainwashed...

My first thought exactly

but I guess a lot of ATS people believe Mohammed Atta was a lone nut.

the real 9/11

learned this based on garth nicolsons research, hes a phd in molecular biology and treated and investigated gulf war syndrome. He found high rates of a bacteria called mycoplasma probably from contaminated vaccines. he has peer reviewed papers proving this at

hes written a book , project day lily (google it if you want) on how a rogue network of criminals delibrately spread it through the population causing a a slow emerging epidemic of "chronic fatigue syndrome" gulf war illness, lupus, aids etc

at the 1990 aids conference the co discoverer of aids said mycoplasmas are the real cause of aids, not hiv. ( Dr.luc montagieur ) he was ignored as usual by the media

All my life i belived hiv was this deadly virus until i saw this video which is free on google video.

it brought up many good points, like hiv only infects 1 out 1000 t cells, when injected in monkeys the monkeys are fine, when monkeys are injected w/ mycoplasma they die within a year.....what causes aids?......many different things depending on your circumstances ,azt , The most toxic drug ever, mycoplasma, drug use, it depends i guess. thats just my theory. look into it and decide for yourself, thanks

It's ATS not JREF...

So why isnt it 100% fail to believe the official story?

I find it HILLARIOUS people are more willing to believe elvis is alive, the moonlanding was fake, and UFO Art Bell Coast to Coast garbage than the fact there is a massive coverup of 9/11.

The last sentence is particularly interesting

"While the tone of some discussions may seem as though deep conspiracies are not generally supported, it's clear that this survey indicates a deep belief in a serious conspiracy by the members and visitors of"

Kind of like the DailyKos phenomenon, except ATS has made it official for themselves. I wonder if the ATS people will think about what this means. It could be that they have a lot of loudmouth OV apologists -- but equally significant would be the idea that there's peer-pressure keeping people quiet. Maybe now that that they've seen reality in pie chart form, more of them will come out as Truthers.

I think it's incredible that half of them fully buy into CD.

Survey - Spanking Buzzflash

The timing couldn't be any better... Buzzflash Goes Apeshit!!!
The guy who runs "Buzzflash" recently put up a page where his readers can post articles and others can rate them up or down. Almost immediately, 9/11 related stories went to the top with many more "buzzes" (votes) than any other subject by far. Now he's complaining it's a "conspiracy" to take over his site. And he's selectively deleting 9/11 Truth related stories as soon as he becomes aware of them. And, to top it all off, he's begging his readers to go to the page and vote on what's left. See this headline on the main "Buzzflash" page below from Wed. AM 11/22/06 He's been going off like this for 2 days running now...
"Cast your vote on the news of the moment at! Vote on the Stories You Like Best. Submit Them Too. ( is Still Under Attack by People Who Believe the Mossad is Responsible for 9/11 (And, In Their Minds, is Also Related to Columbine), the CIA Killed RFK and JFK, Jewish Bankers Run the World, and So On. Most of Them Follow a Strategy Laid Out by a Guy who Spams .Net with a Link to His Own Website. Their Goal is to Post Both Crackpot and Legitimate Stories (the Latter to Build up Enough Voting Power to Hijack the Content of .net.) We Will Not Let This Happen, We Can Assure You. We Know Who They Are, and We Will be Keeping Them Off the Site as Best We Can. But, Alas, You Can't Swat the Flies Fast Enough.)"
Throughout the previous day, the headlines also included a rant that the Truth movement was somehow being run by the followers of Lyndon LaRouche, but that has now dissappeared.

I think it's interesting how

I think it's interesting how when the questions refer to CD of WTC or the total operation people are far more willing to see the various nefarious possibilities, but when it comes to a question about something specific--the Pentagon, they back off into uncertainty.

The other questions reflect known or expected corrupted interests in international politics--to put it more plainly, you can still believe the US is "good" while having these suspicions.

But the Pentagon--whether missle or smaller plane(personally I think a drone plane with ordinance)--only elements with access to the US military industrial complex had the means and opportunity to pull that off.

I would suspect any questions reguarding Flight 93 would get simular responses to the Pentagon question.

Whatever suspiscions people have, they still have a psychological need to see the US as a 'good guy'.

Well, the question was "Do

Well, the question was "Do you believe persons within the United States government, or government agencies, organized a missile strike on the Pentagon...?".

That doesn't cover a smaller plane or a drone, so the question was too restrictive. I think a better question would have been

"Do you believe persons within the United States government, or government agencies, organized a missile or military plane strike on the Pentagon...?".

Point. It IS all about how

Point. It IS all about how you ask the questions.

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ATS Has a Very Active TRUTH Message Board

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. M Gandhi

Survey Please

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U.S. Military Taunts Iraqi Kids With Water

There are the types of garbage we have in our all-volunteer military: (Note their red-neck accents.)

Interesting document re:

Interesting document re: possibility of planes crashing into WTC. Anticipates a collision at 600 mph.

U.N.: 3,709 Iraqis [civilians] killed in October!!!

While the Democrats stall & stall, the slaughter continues: